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Printed Paper bag making machine
200+ Sets/month
We ensures on-time delivery of your printed paper bag machine. We work round the clock to complete the task on-time.
48 Hours Non-stop Run
The fully automatic printed paper bag making machine brings huge profits by working non-stop for 48 hours.
30 Years Life Span
Your investments are safe with MTED. You can efficiently work with your printed paper bag making machine for 30 years.
Function Customized
Set the paper bag dimensions, printing speed, and production speed of your choice – thanks to the PLC and HMI control panels.

MTED: Your Premier Manufacturer of Printed Paper Bag Making Machine

Since the past 26 years, MTED is serving the world with high-grade printed paper bags. Eye-catching patterns with beautiful colors help you to serve variable customers.

Printed paper bags are more like a mobile billboard that promotes the brand wherever it goes. It serves as a free-of-cost branding tool.

Our happy customers globally prefer purchasing printed paper bag making machines. You can contact our customer services team for more details and get your customized machine right away!

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  • Paper Bag Making Machine With Printing Manufacturer
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We Work Across All Industries

Printed paper bags are a need for all industries. Retail, food, or pharmaceutical whichever industry you want to serve, printed paper bag making machine is an all-rounder. Make the world colorful with your printed paper bags!

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Paper Bag Making Machine With Printing Manufacturing Process
Designed for Your Bag

Get a machine of your dreams. Talk to MTED’s engineers, give your requirements, and get a customized printed paper bag making machine. We can also provide you with multiple printing plates to serve different clients simultaneously. The size, type, speed, and printing features, everything is customizable.

Paper Bag Making Machine With Printing Manufacturing Process
Material Quality Inspection

Your printed paper bag making machine is manufactured up to international safety standards. The specialist team of engineers inspects the quality of raw material, assembly of components, and functioning at every step. Your safety and investments are our priority. Trust MTED, we will always provide you with high-grade machines.

Paper Bag Making Machine With Printing Manufacturing Process
Assembly Workmanship

Highly qualified engineers hire a trained technician and give him the engineering schematics. According to these drawings the technician then assembles your printed paper bag making machine. Keeping in mind the need for innovations, the technician may ask for changes. All the components are hand-assembled precisely.

Paper Bag Making Machine With Printing Manufacturing Process
Electric Engineering

The electrical engineers work side by side with the mechanical engineering team. The precise and automatic functioning of your printed paper bag making machine is possible because of the adequate connections and proper wiring. You can also consult the engineers for any guidance with the help of an installed VPN system.

Paper Bag Making Machine With Printing Manufacturing Process
Spare Parts Management

You can get spare parts for your printed paper bag making machine – thanks to the advanced ERP’s inventory system. Each component of your printed paper bag making machine is marked with a specific identification mark. Whenever you need a spare part these numbers act as tracking IDs and make tracking easy for MTED.

Paper Bag Making Machine With Printing Manufacturing Process
Factory Test

After the assembly of each component and precise electrical connection the technician hands over the machine to the specific engineers. In the factory workshop, thorough testing of about one week occurs. The engineers inspect all aspects of your printed paper bag making machine. After the approval, your machine is ready to dispatch.

Paper Bag Making Machine With Printing Certificates

Paper Bag Making Machine With Printing Partners

Printed Paper Bag Making Machine – The Complete FAQ Guide

In this growing world of business, the need and demand for paper bags are also increasing.

Industries look for charming, eye-catching, and beautiful paper bags that can garner customers.

For this purpose, the printed paper bags have been proved a hallmark in the business market.

Stack holders are looking forward to having more stylish and updated paper bags.

In this article, you’ll explore everything about the printed paper bags and printed paper bag making machines.

1. How Does a Printed Paper Bag Making Machine Work?

In order to make fashionable and demanding printed paper bags, MTED provides you the most advanced printed paper bag making machines.

Your printed paper bag making machine is equipped with flexo printers.

MTED produces flexo printers in both inline and stand-alone configurations.

Inline flexo printers are installed in several machines and it is a fully automatic system.

Printed Paper Bag Making Machine

Printed Paper Bag Making Machine

Units for Printed Paper Bag Making Machine

Each printing paper bag making machine comprises the following pieces for the printing services.

  • Cylinder for printing
  • Impression cylinder for plates
  • Roller made of anilox
  • Doctor’s blade made of rubber
  • Tray for ink

MTED uses ink (flexographic) that is water-soluble.

It is because this ink aids in the production of environmentally friendly printed paper bags.

The inking roll transports ink to the anilox rollers during the printing process.

The cells in contact with the anilox roller collect ink as it rotates, and any surface surplus is cleaned as the roller passes beneath the doctor blade.

The ink is transferred when the anilox’s surface comes into touch with the raised portions of the printing plates mounted on the plate cylinder as it revolves.

The picture is subsequently transferred to the substrate by rotating the printing plate.

The printed paper web then moves further to form a paper bag.

2. What Is the Classification of Printed Paper Bag Making Machines?

In order to meet the desires and requirements of the clients, MTED classifies the printed paper bag making machines into two categories.

Square bottom

RZFD-330/450 is a square bottom paper bag making machine with inline printing unit.

It makes both medium and large size paper bags.

It has high productivity and makes 220 paper bags per minute.

It is an ideal and suitable square bottom paper bag making machine with flexo printing because it takes less time to operate. Moreover,  it has a high rate of making paper bags in a minute.

Sharp Bottom

MTED also manufactures sharp bottom paper bag making machines embedded with inline flexo printers. These are also known as V-bottom paper bag making machines.

MTED makes two models for making sharp bottom paper bags.


This machine is capable of producing little V-bottom paper bags. It also comes with the option of installing an inline printing device.

It is a small machine that can produce 350 V-bottom paper bags every minute.

You may make flat and satchel paper bags with or without side gussets using flat and satchel printed paper bag making machines.


You can create medium and large V-bottom paper bags using this machine.

The bags can be made with or without a side gusset, as well as with or without printing.

You can also add an inline die-cut plastic window making unit.

Customers are attracted to stylish die-cut or strip windows in greater numbers than normal.

Sharp Bottom Paper Bags

Sharp Bottom Printed Paper Bags

3. How Can I Make Plastic Windows with My Printed Paper Bag Making Machine?

MTED manufactures RZFD-330W paper bag making machine with printing and inline plastic windows.

It is an absolute marvel and you can make different die-cut plastic windows in your printed paper bags.

The machine is more user-friendly, productive, and stable. It can make a variety of paper bags, including snack bags, bread bags, dried fruit bags, and so on.

It is a high-speed and completely automatic paper bag making machine.

It’s a machine that can assist you in providing paper bags with plastic windows to your customers.

You may also print stunning designs and brand information on the paper bags using an inline flexo printer.

4. What Are the Different Types of Handles a Printed Paper Bag Making Machine Create?

Paper bags with handles are easy to carry around and they also add to the beauty of the paper bags.

The retail companies mostly use the printed paper bags with handles.

These handles have different shapes, forms, and varieties. The different types of handles of printed paper bags are as follows:

  • D-cut Handles
  • Flat Handles
  • Twisted Handles

Let me elaborate on these handle types for you.

D-Cut Handles

D-cut handle printed paper bag

D-Cut Handle Printed Paper Bag

MTED, keeping in pace with the emerging trends, manufactures the machines that make D-cut handles.

This machine has a touch screen control and is fully automatic.

It can produce up to 300 printed paper bags with handles just in one minute.

You can make unique and aspiring printed paper bags with this machine.

Moreover, it has 2 years of warranty and CE certified.

Twisted Handles

printed paper bag with twisted handle

Printed Twisted Handle Paper Bags

MTED manufactures twisted handles making machine that produces paper bags with twisted handles.

It can operate automatically and makes paper bags with a wide range of sizes.

You can carry heavy weight objects in these printed paper bags with handles without the fear of tearing.

The hot-melt glue is used to paste these handles on the paper bags.

You can make 180 printed paper bags with twisted handles with this machine.

Flat Handles

Flat Handle Printed Paper Bag

Printed Flat Handle Printed Paper Bag

You can also make flat handle paper bags with flat handles paper bag making machine.

This machine uses roll feeding to make paper bags and paper bag handles.

It is fully automatic and makes 180 bags per minute without handles and up to 110 bags per minute with handles.

It is an ideal machine to fulfill your desire of making printed paper bags with unique flat handles.

5. What Are the Advantages of Printed Paper Bags?

The demand for printed paper bags is rapidly increasing because of their great advantages.

  • The MTED printed paper bag making machine promotes the brand of your company.
  • These are not only used for packaging but also have an eco-friendly nature which increases their demand among the retailers.
  • The printed paper bags are recyclable and due to this property, people are greatly moving from plastic bags towards paper bags.
  • The increase in demand for paper bags increases the profit in the business.
  • Paper bags with printed logos of the brands become attractive for the people and they visit the respective stores.
  • They retain the properties of the products placed in them.
  • Moreover, they can be used to lift heavy-weight products.

eye mark registration of printed paper bag making machine

6. What Is the Production Speed of a Printed Paper Bag Making Machine?

MTED ensures to manufacture the machines that have high productivity and high speed.

Your printed paper bag making machine with high speed consumes less time that results in more production of the paper bags.

It lets you grow your business at less cost and time.

The speed of every paper bag making machine differs. For instance, a regular printing paper bag making machine makes up to 180 printed paper bags per minute.

This number can vary when paper bags are made with handles.

The number of paper bags, when manufactured with handles, reaches 110 paper bags per minute which is also ideal to achieve.

7. How Does a Printed Paper Bag Making Machine Work Automatically?

HMI auto control of printed paper bag making machine

All the printed paper bag making machines are fully automatic such as RZFD-330/450, RZFD-330D, RZFD-330W, and other models.

Once the paper roll is inserted into the machines, it automatically makes the paper tube according to the bag width.

The paper tube then passes through the sharp cutters. The cutters cut the paper tube according to the predetermined paper bag length.

If the paper bags are made with handles, then the handles are attached to the paper web before the formation of the paper tube.

The glue used in this process is hot melted or water-soluble because these are environmentally friendly.

In this way, the whole process carries out automatically.

Furthermore, the printed paper bag making machines are installed with bag counting system.

You don’t have to count the bags manually, rather the MTED printed paper bag making machine will perform this task for you.

You can set the quantity of the bags to be counted by the machines. The machine then makes and counts the desired number of bags for you.

After the automatic counting, the printed paper bags are accumulated automatically on the accumulating table.

8. What Are the Exemplary Features of a Printed Paper Bag Making Machine?

There are a lot of features present in the MTED printed paper bag making machines. These include:


MTED uses the type of ink that is soluble in the water.

It is because this ink helps in making eco-friendly printed paper bags.

These are also less costly and you don’t need to spend a heavy amount of money for making printed paper bags, which ultimately adds to your business profit.

Ink for Printing Paper Ba

Water Soluble Ink for Printing Paper Bags


MTED’s flexo printing machine is a low-cost printing machine that offers higher productivity and consumes lesser time.

It is equipped with ceramic anilox roller and doctor blade for cutting and rolling the paper.


The flexo printers can print the paper bags in different colors depending upon your choice.

By having this versatility, it can meet all your requirements.

These are mainly available in two colors, four color, and six color printing machines.

Printing Width

The width of printing is greatly dependent on the type of machine you choose.

Different models such as RZFD-190 offer a 200mm width of printing. Similarly, other models such as RZFD-330 and RZFD-450 offer 330mm and 450mm printing widths, respectively.

Other Features

The features a flexo printer possesses are:

  • PLC and HMI control panel
  • EPC control
  • Printing speed 5-100 m/min
  • Print registration ≤ ±0.15mm
  • Ceramic anilox roller
  • Ink circulation pump
  • Chamber doctor blade
  • High productivity
  • Sleeve type plate cylinder
  • Auto web guide
  • Hydraulic web lifting
  • Back-to-back rewinding
  • Jam detection sensors

9. Can I Make Heavy-Duty Printed Paper Bags?

Heavy-Duty Printed Paper Bags

Heavy-Duty Printed Paper Bags

Yes, you can surely make heavy-duty printed paper bags.

MTED realizes the delicacies of holding heavy-weighted products.

To cope with this challenge, MTED manufactures a multi-wall paper bag making machine that has several layers which ultimately strengthens the paper bags.

These bags are referred to as a “heavy-duty paper bags”.

You can insert plain kraft paper or printed kraft paper in the machine as it is equipped with inline flexo printers.

This machine can print your paper bag in 1 – 8 variant colors.

However, if you want to use pre-printed paper for the manufacturing of heavy-duty printed paper bags, you can use the roll to roll flexo printed machine.

With the help of these bags, you can lift the weight up to 10 kilograms.

Weights of up to 20 kg can be carried in paper bags with multiple walls.

These paper bags are ideal for storing rice, flour, sugar, powdered chemicals, and a variety of other products.

Transporting chemicals and solvents from one location to another is made easier with heavy-duty printed paper bags.

You can conveniently print the details of the products packed inside for various companies.

10. What Is a Laminated Printed Paper Bag?

The use of leak-proof or water-resistant paper bags is gradually increasing in the growing world of food, drinks, and other economic enterprises.

MTED uses cutting-edge technology to create laminated paper bags that are oil and water-resistant to fulfill your current needs.

The laminated bags are made with aluminum or plastic inline within the paper bag. By doing this, you can have a leak-proof paper bag and you can take several other uses out of this bag.

These bags have a larger volume and carrying capacity.

It makes food bags that are used for a variety of purposes.

  • To transport medicines in hospitals
  • To transport oil-containing products

laminated printed paper bag making machine

Laminated Printed Paper Bag

11.  What Are the Applications of Printed Paper Bags?

With a single MTED paper bag making machine you can make paper bags for a lot of other industries.

This reduces your cost and boosts your business of making paper bags.

Your printed paper bags have a wide range of applications which are as under.


Different grocery industries have different brand names and the printed paper bags are their biggest aid.

The products are packed into the printed paper bags with plastic windows which also gather the attention of the customer.

People are more attracted to unique printing styles and varieties and this is where the printed paper bags of all kinds are used.

printed grocery paper bags

Grocery Paper Bags


It is the biggest industry that uses printed paper bags in a larger amount.

The retailers focus on the marketing tools to promote their products and they have their big hands on the printed paper bags.

Printed paper bags are the most cost-effective way to market clothing, jewelry, and watch brands.


Wholesalers also use printed paper bags as they are less costly and increase the sale of their products.

Moreover, due to their capacity of holding heavyweight or bulky products, the printed paper bags are much popular among the wholesalers.

Moreover, wholesalers may order you in bulk amount to manufacture printed paper bags. Retailers and grocers usually contact wholesalers to deliver paper bags to their facility.

Printed Paper Bag Making Machine with handle

Printed Paper Shopping Bag Making Machine


There are different designers in the market who seek the aid of printed paper bags for promotional causes.

The paper bags with the designer’s name printed on them helps the designer in the marketing and people get attracted to see through their products.


Pharmaceutical companies use laminated, single, and double-layered paper bags because their products need to be protected from high temperature.

The MTED printed paper bags of all kinds do not affect the products within rather they serve to retain their properties.

A printed paper bag with the company name, tagline, address, and other details can help people to find a particular pharmaceutical store.


In bakeries, the printed paper bags are widely used to pack bread, meat, buns, and biscuits.

The laminated paper bags are used to preserve the products for a long time, and die-cut plastic window bags reveal the inner product, and people can easily find them and see the quality, such as rice, barley, etc.

All these bags are printed with the product name, ingredients, and company name so that people can choose the products of their favorite brand.

printed bakery paper bags

Printed Paper Bags for Bakeries


The use of printed paper bags among the distributers is also increasing.

They distribute the products in their respective brand or company names printed on them.

12.  What Is the Difference between Inline and Stand-Alone Flexo Printers?

Inline and stand-alone flexo printers are the most commonly used printers in the machines.

You can avail both the facilities at MTED manufacturing firm.

The differences between these two printers are as follows:

  • The inline flexo printers are equipped or installed within the paper bag making machine while the stand-alone printers can work on their own.
  • The price of stand-alone printers is much higher than those of inline printers.
  • The stand-alone printer is capable of making more printing material than the inline printer.
  • Inline printers are used to print paper bags only while, on the other hand, the stand-alone printers can print other materials like plastic films and non-woven fabric.
  • The paper bag making machines with inline printers possess a more compact design than stand-alone unit.
  • In a printed paper bag making machine with an inline flexo printer the manufacturing process is faster. On the contrary, with stand alone machine you need to print the paper roll separately before making the paper bag.

13.  What Raw Material Is Required to Create Printed Paper Bags?

MTED uses paper roll for manufacturing the printed paper bag.

The printed paper bag making machine also uses different varieties of papers such as:

  • White kraft paper
  • Brown kraft paper
  • Silicon paper
  • Laminated paper
  • Coated paper and cardboard papers
  • Newsprint papers
  • Offset papers

Kraft paper is broadly used in the retail, food, and pharmaceutical industries.

However, laminated papers are used to preserve the food for long terms, and it is also used to carry oil-based products.

All the papers have defining properties but the newsprint, offset, and coated papers give the best printing results.

To keep up with the demands of the customers, MTED also uses non-woven fabric and plastic film such as PVC, PE, and CPP as raw materials for its printed paper bag making machines.

Other raw material includes:

  • Ink
  • Hot-melted Glue
  • Water-soluble glue

inline printer of Printed paper bag making machine

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