Stack Type Flexo Printing Machine (6 Colour)

  • PLC and HMI control
  • Capacity 5-100m/min
  • Print Registration ≤ ±0.15mm
  • Chamber Doctor Blade
  • Ceramic Anilox Roll
  • Ink Circulation Pump
  • Back to Back Rewinding

MTED - Your Best Stack Type Flexo Printing Machine (6 Colour)

MTED RZYS-6 is a stack type flexo printing machine with six colors. It’s suitable for roll to roll printing of kraft paper, laminated paper, non woven fabric, a plastic film such as PVC, PE, OPP, CPP, etc.

The machine adopts flexible photosensitive resin plates and rubber plates as the base material, and transfer the liquid ink through anilox rollers to the printed material. It’s an ideal printing press for food, industrial and retail shopping industries.

Max printing material width800mm1000mm1200mm1300mm
Max printing width760mm960mm1160mm1260mm
Printing length228-1000mm228-1000mm228-1000mm228-1000mm
Printing speed5-100m/min5-100m/min5-100m/min5-100m/min
Registration precision≤ ±0.15mm≤ ±0.15mm≤ ±0.15mm≤ ±0.15mm
Plate thickness2.28mm2.28mm2.28mm2.28mm
Max unwinding diameter1500mm1500mm1500mm1500mm
Max rewinding diameter1500mm1500mm1500mm1500mm
Dimensions8200 x 1900 x 2800mm8200 x 2100 x 2800mm8200 x 2300 x 2800mm8200 x 2400 x 2800mm
  • PLC and HMI control
  • High productivity
  • Precise printing
  • Chamber doctor blade
  • Ceramic anilox roll
  • Ink circulation pump
  • Plate cylinder (sleeve type)
  • Auto web guide
  • Auto tension control
  • Hydraulic web lifting
  • Automatic stop in case of a web break
  • Back to back rewinding


Your MTED RZYS-6 stack type flexo printing machine has one year’s warranty time. Should your MTED RZYS-6 machine has any defect in the machine material or workmanship during the warranty time, MTED will arrange to replace your original part with a new identical part.  The warranty starts from the time when the machine is shipped from our facility.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Six Color Flexo Printing Machine

1. What Materials Can the MTED RZYS-6 Print On?

The MTED RZYS-6 is versatile, capable of printing on kraft paper, laminated paper, non-woven fabric, and plastic films such as PVC, PE, OPP, and CPP.

2. How Many Colors Can It Print Simultaneously?

The machine is designed to print up to six colors at once, allowing for vibrant and varied designs.

3. What Type of Plates Does the Machine Use for Printing?

The machine utilizes flexible photosensitive resin plates and rubber plates as the base material for printing.

Resin Plate on the Printing Cylinder

Resin Plate on the Printing Cylinder

4. How Do I maintain the Machine for Optimal Performance?

Regular cleaning of the plates and anilox rollers, combined with periodic maintenance checks as outlined in the user manual, will ensure consistent performance.

5. Is There a Warranty for the Machine?

Yes, the MTED RZYS-6 comes with a one-year warranty, covering any defects in material or workmanship from the time it’s shipped from our facility.

6. Can I See the Machine in Action Before Purchasing?

Certainly! We offer demonstrations at our facility, or you can view video demonstrations on our website.

7. What If I Need Parts or Repairs After the Warranty Period?

We provide ongoing support and have a range of original parts available for purchase. Our technical team is also on hand for repairs and consultations.

8. How Does the Machine Handle Ink Distribution?

The MTED RZYS-6 uses anilox rollers to transfer liquid ink, ensuring even distribution and high-quality prints.

Anilox Roller Specifications of flexo printing machine

Anilox Roller Specifications

9. Can I Customize or Upgrade the Machine in the Future?

Yes, the machine is designed with modularity in mind, allowing for future customizations or upgrades based on your evolving needs.

10. How Does the Machine’s Noise Level Compare to Industry Standards?

The MTED RZYS-6 is designed for a quiet operation, adhering to industry noise standards to ensure a comfortable working environment.

11. Does the Machine Use a Doctor Chamber Blade System?

Doctor Chamber Blade System of flexo printing machine

Yes, the six color flexo printing machine uses a doctor chamber blade system.

Ink is pumped into a closed doctor blade chamber, where it is then transferred to the anilox roller. The anilox roller applies the ink evenly across the surface of the resin plate mounted on the print cylinder, which carries the desired pattern to be printed.

Finally, the pattern is transferred onto the paper. This system prevents ink splashing during high-speed printing, ensuring stable and consistent print quality.


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