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Established since 1995, MTED (Wenzhou Ruizhi Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.) has become recognized as the premier supplier of paper bag making machine, flexo printing machine and related auxiliary equipment in China. At MTED, we care more about how our customers could make the right investment and generate positive revenue.

With 20+ years lifetime machine service, your money is safe with us. For any type of paper bag design, we have the industry knowledge and expertise to understand and meet your requirements.

You just spend your precious time booming your paper bag business. And for the production related tasks, let MTED do the heavy lifting!

Our People Make the Difference

Raw Material Inspection
Each single piece of part is selected for your machine and each is traceable with specific coding number.
Precision Assembly
Each MTED machine is assembled by one professional technician throughout the whole manufacturing process.
Internal Test
Each MTED machine will undergo a series of strict internal acceptance tests before inviting customers for approval.
At MTED, quality is assured by our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and persistent pursuit of precision. You can run the machine 48hours with no stop. Each machine enjoys two years’ warranty time and lifelong maintenance & service support.
Your paper bag machine is hand-assembled, configured and tested all according to your requirements. All these steps are completed in MTED facility. Each technician who build the machine is responsible for the overall manufacturing and quality control process.
Our commitment to innovation keeps your paper bag business up to date. At MTED, over 20% personnel are engineers. Besides mechanical engineers, we also have our own technical engineers who design and update our software system continuously. The engineering team keeps growing by building study-industry cooperation with nearby universities.
Service Support
At MTED, the people who design, build and test the machine support it. We provides you hands-on training in our training facility and also onsite installation and set-up in your facility. Our engineering staff is also available on the phone in person or by remote VPN connection.

Our Machines Serve Around You

Made in China, Certified up to International Standards
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