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Eco Friendly Paper Bag Making Machine
2 Years Warranty
Every eco friendly machine at MTED enjoys a two-year warranty time. The warranty strengthens your valuable relationship with us.
20+ Sets/month
We ensure efficient production of more than 20 sets of eco friendly paper bag making machines per month to provide on-time deliveries.
48 Hours Non-stop Run
High-grade components are installed in your eco friendly paper bag making machine to facilitate you with the maximum working hours.
30 Years Life Span
One-time investment and enjoy relaxation for the next 30 years. Spare parts availability and maintenance services are an added advantage to it.

All Types of Eco Friendly Paper Bag Making Machines to Boom Your Business

You can conveniently get an eco friendly paper bag making machine to make square bottom or V-bottom paper bags from MTED. Being more creative, you may add printing units, handle-making units, and die-cut plastic window units to satisfy the needs of diversified clients and industries.

MTED: Your Premier Eco Friendly Paper Bag Making Machine Manufacturer in China

MTED is a trusted name for the past 26 years. We are serving globally with our fully automatic and high-speed eco-friendly paper bag making machines.

MTED is a one-stop solution provider for all your requirements. Talk to our highly qualified engineers, reveal your dreams, and make the paper bags of your choice for decades.

Customer services and after-sales packages are the value-added services MTED provides you. We ensure that you are getting the best, innovative, and up-to-date solutions at competitive prices at MTED!

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Select Your Industry Below, and See How We Can Help

With your eco friendly paper bag making machine, you can serve diversified industries. From a grocer to a departmental store, from a pharmacist to a top-class clothing brand, everyone prefers paper bags. Hurry up, make a selection. The world is waiting for your creative and trendy paper bags!

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Designed for Your Bag
Big or small in size, kraft or laminated paper material, with or without printing, MTED experts are here to design the most suitable paper bag making machine according to your specific paper bags and functions. The design can be illustrated in pdf or CAD format.
Paper Bag Making Machine - Manufacturing Process 2
Material Quality Inspection
MTED strictly controls the quality of your paper bag making machine in every link according to ISO9001: 2015 quality management system. We take records of every inspection result to ensure that all test results of your paper bag production machines can be traced.
Paper Bag Making Machine - Manufacturing Process 3

Assembly & Craftsmanship

Each paper bag making machine is hand-assembled in MTED. One highly-skilled and passion-driven technician takes charge of one paper bag making machine from the assembling to test running. Craftsmanship is at every stage on the workshop floor of MTED.

Paper Bag Making Machine - Manufacturing Process 4
Electric Engineering

MTED is equipped with a highly educated in-house electric engineering team. We design and upgrade machine software specifically according to each machine’s functions with the biggest flexibility. You are free from any electrical after-sales worries by reaching out to our engineers whenever you want wherever you are.

Paper Bag Making Machine - Manufacturing Process 5

Spare Parts Management

At MTED, all spare parts on your paper bag making machinery are managed by modern ERP’s inventory system. Each spare parts are marked with a specified identification number for tracking convenience. In this way,  you can get spare parts of machine history back to 20 years ago easily.

Paper Bag Making Machine - Manufacturing Process 6

Factory Test

Each paper bag making machine undergoes the factory internal test before delivery. This test includes both mechanical and electrical tests. Each testing step is recorded on sign-off documentation. In this way, we keep track of your paper bag making machine’s full test process in the scheduled timeline.

Certificates -Paper Bag Making Machine

Partners -Paper Bag Making Machine

Square Bottom Eco Friendly Paper Bag Making Machine

Flat and Satchel Eco Friendly Paper Bag Making Machine (650bags/min)

Eco Friendly Paper Bag Making Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide (Updated in 2023)

The main reason why the whole world is diverting from plastic bags to paper bags is the eco-friendly nature of the raw material used.

The cellulose fiber extracted from the wood and used in making paper is an ever-growing natural resource.

Other raw materials used in paper bag production are also eco-friendly, like water-based ink and starch-based glue.

Let’s move further to know about the specifications, types, and features of an eco-friendly paper bag making machine.

1.     What Is an Eco-Friendly Paper Bag Making Machine?

MTED manufactures eco friendly paper bag making machine that provides you with high-quality paper bags.

These paper bags are unique because you can make them in variable ways. You can make them from printed or plain paper, with or without a handle, with or without plastic windows, and varying sizes.

MTED’s eco friendly paper bag making machine is a fully automatic machine that facilitates quick and reliable working.

The whole paper bag procedure from raw material feeding to final bag accumulation is fully automatic. All you need to do is provide the necessary data in the control panel, adjust the clamps and rollers, and leave the rest on the machine.

MTED’s eco friendly paper bag making machine is available with several inline units (on demand).

For example, you can add a high-grade flexo printer with your eco friendly paper bag making machine.

Printed Eco-Friendly Paper Bags

Printed Eco-Friendly Paper Bags

You can make square bottom or sharp bottom paper bags with die-cut plastic windows. The die-cut plastic window unit can create variable-sized die-cuts.

Moreover, you can attach twisted or flat handles with your eco friendly paper bags by adding an inline handle making unit to the machine.

By adding various features and making versatile paper bags, you can satisfy multiple clients from different industries.

It leads to our next question.

2.     How Are Eco-Friendly Paper Bags Serving the Retail Industry?

Retailers from all over the world demand eco-friendly paper bags. The reasons behind the increasing demand are:


The primary reason for switching from plastic bags to paper bags is the ‘Go Green’ concept. Like every nature-loving person, retailers want to save the world from hazardous materials.

Therefore, they prefer using paper bags. The recyclable, reusable, and bio-degradable properties make the paper bag a chosen one.

So, paper bags serve the retail industry by minimizing the negative effect on nature and making the world a better place to live.

Eco Friendly Paper Bag Making Machine With flat handle

Eco-Friendly Paper Bag Machine With Flat Handle

Trendy Looks

A woman coming out of a shopping mall with a stylish and attractive paper bag in her hand looks modish and trendy.

Colorful paper bags attract attention immediately. Many women visit a specific shop only because of the trendy paper bags they use for packaging.

In this way, trendy paper bags help to get more foot traffic to your client’s store.


Eco friendly paper bags with handles make it convenient for the customer to carry the belonging comfortably.

Whether it is a D-cut handle, twisted, or flat handle, it increases the utility and beauty of the bag.

Wider Space

Square bottom eco friendly paper bags provide your client a broader space to pack things. For example, if your client is a pet food or fertilizer retailer, you can make square bottom paper bags for them.

These bags not only provide more space but can also carry weight up to 10kgs. You can make double-layered square bottom paper bags to make them more reliable and robust as an added benefit.

Mobile Billboards

One of the beneficial services of the eco friendly paper bag to the retail industry is marketing. You can print logos, brand names, and contact details on the paper bag.

A buyer with a printed paper bag in his hand helps in the promotion of the brand name. Wherever he goes, he takes the brand name with him.

So, it is a marketing agent for the retailers.

Branded Paper Bags

Branded Paper Bags

Gift Packs

Wrapping the gifts in beautiful sheets and decorating the boxes is old-fashioned now. You can put the gift in a creatively designed paper bag.

Retailers like jewelers or gift shop runners stock colorful paper bags in their shops. Customers love to put in the gift for their loved ones in eye-catching paper bags.

3.     What Is the Use of Eco-Friendly Paper Bags in the Food and Pharmaceutical Industry?

Many sectors of the food industry, like bakeries, departmental stores, grocery stores, and restaurants, prefer using paper bags.

The eco-friendly and recyclable kraft paper keeps the food fresh for longer. Packing fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat is safer in paper bags than in plastic bags.

Restaurants use variable-sized paper bags for serving food. For example, fast food chains use small-sized V-bottom paper bags to serve French fries, nuggets, and hotshots.

Large-sized square bottom paper bags are suitable for home delivery and takeaway services. Moreover, in bakeries, laminated paper bags pack bread, bun, cookies, and rolls.

Full lamination increases the shelf life of edibles.

Similarly, pharmaceutical industries use heavy-duty paper bags to transport or store powdered chemicals.

You can also store bottles containing solvents in poly-lined paper bags. Moreover, in pharmacies, small-sized medicine paper bags are used to pack medicines.

Medicine Paper Bags

Medicine Paper Bags

4.     What Are the Advantages of a Fully Automatic Eco-Friendly Paper Bag Making Machine?

Paper bag making machines are classified into manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic. MTED manufactures fully automatic paper bag making machines.

There are numerous advantages of fully automatic machines. These are:

  • You need less workforce to manage the paper bag production process.
  • Fully automatic machines consume less energy.
  • The production speed is faster is fully automatic machines.
  • Unlike humans, a fully automatic machine can work non-stop for 48 hours. Hence providing you more benefits and a fast ROI.
  • You can get better product quality with 100% accuracy.
  • Consistent working, quick changeovers, and quick feedbacks are possible with fully automatic machines.
  • These machines can handle variable products. For example, it can handle heavy or delicate material with the same efficiency.

Small Paper Bags

Small Paper Bags

5.     Can I Make Square Bottom Eco-Friendly Paper Bags?

MTED facilitates you with an incredible range of square bottom paper bags. Here are various models with their specifications.


It is a compact, eco-friendly paper bag making machine that can produce small paper bags. It can create 30 – 260 paper bags in a minute.

You can purchase this machine with or without an inline printing unit. The weight of this machine is 6000kg. It can increase with added (optional) inline units.

It is the best choice to produce small and medium-sized square bottom eco friendly paper bags.


These two models are specifically designed to create medium and large-sized square bottom paper bags.

It can produce a maximum of 220 paper bags in a minute. You can cater to multiple industries with the high-quality paper bags made by this model.

You can add an inline printing unit, die-cut plastic unit, or handle-making unit as per your choice.


Here shows the D-cut handle on your square bottom paper bag. These two models are ideal for making medium and large-sized paper bags with D-cut handles (patch handles).

Besides the D-shape, you can get variable-shaped die-cutters to make patch handles. The production speed of this machine ranges from 30 – 220bags/min.


in the name stands for Window. It is a compact designed machine for making square bottom paper bags with die-cut plastic windows.

A 0.02 – 0.035mm thick plastic film is used to glue as the inner liner. Variable-shapes die-cutters can be used to make creative paper bags with windows.

The production speed of this machine ranges from 30 – 150 paper bags per minute. These bags are popular among food retailers.

A see-through plastic window makes the edibles visible yet making the paper bag trendy.

Eco-Friendly Paper Bag with a Plastic Window

Eco-Friendly Paper Bag with a Plastic Window

6.     What Are Eco-Friendly V-Bottom Paper Bags?

MTED provides you yet another fantastic solution for eco friendly paper bags. You can make sharp bottoms, also known as V-bottom paper bags.

Unlike square bottom paper bags, these bags don’t have a bottom gusset. However, you can make a v-bottom paper bag with or without a side gusset.

These bags are most commonly used in bakeries, pharmacies, and serving small food items in fast-food restaurants.

The various models MTED manufactures for you are:


It’s a flat and satchel paper bag making machine specified for small and medium-sized paper bags.

You can get this machine with or without an inline flexo printing unit. RZJD-250J is a compact machine that weighs only 4500kg.

You can conveniently install it in your workplace and get the best out of it.


It is a state-of-the-art machine by MTED. You can make medium and large-sized V-bottom paper bags with it.

Its maximum production rate is 650bags/min that is quite an impressive figure. You can use plain/printed paper or can get an inline printing unit with your RZJD-350J.

You can also add (optional) an inline die-cut plastic window unit to make attractive and trendy paper bags.

V-Bottom Paper Bags

V-Bottom Paper Bags

7.     How Can I Print with My Eco-Friendly Paper Bag Making Machine?

There are two ways to print eco friendly paper bags. The first one is to have a paper bag making machine with an inline printing unit.

The second option is to buy a stand-alone printing machine to work along your eco friendly paper bag making machine.

You can choose the option according to your budget and requirement. Inline printers cost you less as compared to stand-alone flexo printers.

However, stand-alone units are the best option if most clients are inclined towards printer paper bags.

Stand-alone units can keep printing even when the paper bag making machine is at rest. So, in such situations, stand-alone printers are more suitable.

Flexo printers can print up to eight colors. These printers are capable of printing efficiently, lengths ranging from 228 – 1000mm.

The paper roll widths that a flexo printer can conveniently print as 1000mm, 1200mm, and 1300mm.

Flexible photosensitive resin plates and rubber plates form the base material. The circulated ink pump provides a calculated amount of ink.

The ceramic anilox rollers spread the ink evenly on the paper. The whole printing process is fully automatic. You can get 5 – 100 meters of paper printed in one minute.

Printed Paper Bags

Printed Paper Bags

8.     Are Paper Bags with Plastic Windows Eco-Friendly?

Paper bags with lined plastic or foil papers are recyclable only when they are correctly assembled.

By assembling I mean, the way plastic and papers are put together. Some paper bag making machines fuse the two materials that make it impossible to recycle the bag.

MTED’s paper bag making machines don’t fuse the two materials. The plastic roll for the plastic windows unwinds from a separate unwinder.

The glue guns apply the adhesive on the paper web. The plastic unwinder unwinds the plastic film to stick to the paper web.

Yes, as simple as you just read. No fusion is required.

The advantage of keeping things simple is that the recycling companies can conveniently separate the plastic from the paper bag. After that, they can put the two in their respective recycling machines.

It makes paper bags with plastic windows eco-friendly.

Eco Friendly Paper Bag Making Machine with Die Cut Window

Paper Bags with Die-Cut Plastic Windows 

9.     How to Make Eco-Friendly Paper Carry Bags?

Besides square bottom, V-bottom paper bags, printing, and die-cut plastic windows, MTED offers another impressive feature.

You can make paper carry bags with your eco friendly paper bag making machine. By paper carry bag, we mean paper bags with handles.

There are three types of handles you can attach to the paper bags.

  • Flat handles
  • Twisted handles
  • D-cut handles

MTED provides you eco friendly paper bag making machines with inline handle-making units. Or, you can have stand-alone handle making and handle pasting machines.

To support the handle making unit, two auxiliary machines are beneficial:

How to Make

Narrow paper rolls are used to make twisted handles. For making twisted handles, the paper is twisted into a rope.

A separate small-sized compact rope-making unit helps to make the rope. The rope is then wound at high speed by a rope rewinding machine.

The machine ensures that the rope is free of any knots. It is then used for making twisted handles.

Similarly, a narrow paper roll is used to make flat handles. These handles are attached to the paper web before the tube formation.

The D-cut handle (patch handle) making procedure is a bit different. A paper patch is attached to the paper web.

After side gluing, tube forming, bottom gluing, and bottom forming, the die-cutters cut the patch according to the predetermined size and shape.

The raw material you use to make handles is the same paper as you are using to make paper bags. So, it is eco-friendly and reliable.

Paper Bags with Twisted Handles

Paper Bags with Twisted Handles

10.  What Are the Different Sides of an Eco-Friendly Paper Bag Making Machine?

Let me give you a little introduction to your eco friendly paper bag making machine. It is a compact machine that is safe and easy to operate.

For a better understanding, let me tell you the names and functions of the various sides of your machine.

Head End

The head end is the area where the finished bag is dispensed and accumulated.

Material End

As the name suggests, this is the area where you put the raw material – the paper roll.

Power Side

It is a rare part of the machine containing the electrical cabinet and power supplies. It is also called the drive side.

Operating Side

It is the side where the control panel is installed. It is the primary side where the operator feeds in all the necessary data, and the machine starts working according to it.

Eco Friendly Paper Bag Making Machine Sides

11.  What Are the General Precautions to Take While Working with My Eco Friendly Paper Bag Making Machine?

Besides all the safety measures and precautions, the first and the essential factor is that you must always have a fully trained operator for your machine.

If you don’t have an experienced or trained operator, MTED can train your operator about installation and operation.

Other preventive measures are:

  • You must install all the safety devices, signs, and covers properly.
  • Never try to clean the machine (put your hand in) while working.
  • Before maintenance, ensure the power supply is cut off.
  • After maintenance, make sure no tools are left on the machine.
  • Do not put items on the machine.
  • Never operate the machine when opened or if it is damaged.
  • Always work according to the rated speed. Exceeding the speed may cause damage.
  • Always keep the machine clean and in an accessible place.

12.  How Does the Paper Web Remain Stretched and Aligned?

When the paper roll unwinds, it is a common thought how come the paper web doesn’t lose or slack. To make same looking error-free paper bags, the paper web needs to be tensed and straight.

MTED installs various systems to keep the paper web stretched. These include:

  • Automatic tension control system
  • Automatic correction system
  • Tractioning roller
  • Rubber friction wheels

Automatic Tension Control System

An automatic system used to regulate the web handling during the change is the machine’s speed.

Tension sensors are installed to sense the correct tension according to the predetermined level. This system can control the pressure of variable materials like plastic films, paper, foil, rubber, and fabric.

Automatic Correction System

It is an automatic system that helps to detect loose or limp paper web. It corrects the slack part automatically to avoid material wastage by folded corners.

Tractioning Roller

MTED has got a powerful traction system installed in each eco friendly paper bag making machine.

The tractioning roller is a reliable way to keep the paper web straight and stretched. It is compatible with the changing speed of the machine.

Rubber Friction Wheels

These wheels help to maintain a constant material tension.

eco friendly paper bag making machine Tube tractioning

13.  How the Eco Friendly Paper Bag Making Machine Folds the Web Into a Paper Tube?

The stretched paper web unwinds from the paper roll and folds into a paper tube within a fraction of seconds.


Forming plates, paper wheels, and pull rollers help fold the paper web into the pre-determined size of the paper tube.

I want to mention here that the width of the paper roll is according to the width of the paper bag. You don’t need to cut the sides of your paper roll to attain the desired bag’s width.

For this reason, the size of the forming template is determined by the width of the paper bag. When you want to change the paper width, you must select the correct sized forming template.

MTED provides you with a manual guide to adjust the appropriate setting for a wrinkle-free tube formation.

An adequately aligned forming template is necessary to form an error-free paper tube.

A steel forming plate is installed to fold the paper web. Paper wheels help to fold the paper tube properly. These wheels also press the paper firmly to stick the side seam of the paper tube.

Steel Forming Plate

Steel Forming Plate

14.  How Is the Gusset Formed?

The side edge discs of the forming template make the side gussets. When the paper web enters the tube forming unit, the forming plate folds the paper web according to the paper bag width.

At the same time, the side edge discs fold the paper in the opposite direction without causing any mark.

You must adequately check disc alignment and its distance between the forming stencils to attain accurate side gussets.

The bottom gusset is formed in the bottom forming unit.

Gusset Forming Discs

Gusset Forming Discs

15.  How to Adjust the Length and Width of Eco-Friendly Paper Bags?

The option to adjust the paper bag length is given in the control panel. You can feed variable sizes according to your requirement, and the cutters will adjust the rotating speed accordingly.

On the other hand, the width of the paper bag is controlled by adjusting the forming template (clip disc) in the tube forming unit.

With the change in the forming template, don’t forget to change the side edge discs positioning. Otherwise, the side gussets will be dislocated.

You can change the size of the forming template by adjusting the screws. A complete guide is given with your eco friendly paper bag making machine so that you can adjust the screws, wheels, and plates according to your required sizes.

16.  What Is the Function of Friction Wheels in an Eco Friendly Paper Bag Making Machine?

The friction wheels help to:

  • Maintain material tension
  • Pull the material inward
  • Press the folds

These wheels provide the required grip on the paper tube. Throughout the paper bag making procedure, the friction wheels help to straighten the material.

The wheels help make the web stretched, pull the paper out of the discharge unit, feed the paper in the tube forming unit, and take it to the tube cutters.

The pressure wheels press the folds firmly. They help to seal the side seam and make the side gussets smoothly squeezed.

Adjusting the Friction Wheels

Adjusting the Friction Wheels

17.  What Are the Various Sensors Installed In The Eco-Friendly Paper Bag Making Machine?

The automatic functioning of the eco friendly paper bag making machine is possible due to the high-quality sensors MTED installs.

Various sensors are used in the roll fed eco friendly paper bag making machines. Like:

Jam Detection Device

Your safety is our priority. Jam detectors are essential devices that our engineers install precisely in each machine.

The detectors have an automatic alarming system. The alarm system turns on when the sensors detect any jam, a misfeed, or dislocated paper web.

It is very helpful in preventing the production of damaged paper bags and saves you from raw material wastage.

Photocell System

A photocell system is a low power and easy-to-use sensors. They work by detecting light. The amount of light that hits the sensor determines its functioning.

These sensors are helpful throughout the paper bag manufacturing procedure.

Color Eye Mark

The color eye mark sensors work along with the photocell system. It helps the machine detect when to cut and when to fold the paper tube.

The machine folds, cuts, forms, and releases automatically – thanks to the color eye mark sensors.

Ultrasonic Sensors

Thanks to advanced technology. The sound waves play their part without having a vision. The ultrasonic sensors detect the edges of the paper web and paper tube.

Accurate measurements, smooth edges, good cuts, and aligned corners are all due to the ultrasonic sensors installed in your eco friendly paper bag making machine.

Web Edge Sensor of Eco Friendly Paper Bag Making Machine

Servo System

Servo-driven systems are state-of-the-art technology. Compared to standard machines, servo-driven machines offer many advantages with proper motion control systems.

It’s an easy-to-understand system. The faults and drive messages are shown on the HMI automatically.

Controlling the motion in a paper bag making machine has never been so easy without the servo system.

18. What Materials Are Recommended for Optimal Eco-friendly Paper Bag Production?

The push for sustainable and eco-friendly products has led to significant innovations in the materials used for paper bag production.

For a paper bag to be truly eco-friendly, its raw materials should have minimal impact on the environment, both in terms of their production and their disposal. Here’s a detailed look at the recommended materials:

1. Recycled Paper: One of the most common and effective materials is recycled paper. By reusing paper products, we reduce the demand for virgin paper, which in turn reduces the need for tree logging. Bags made from recycled paper often have a slightly rougher texture but are just as durable.


2. Organic Paper: This is paper sourced from organic farms that don’t use synthetic pesticides or herbicides. While the production process is similar to conventional paper, the source materials are more environmentally friendly.

3. Kraft Paper: Derived from the Kraft process, this type of paper is robust and durable. When sourced from sustainable forests or recycled materials, it’s an excellent choice for eco-friendly bags.

4. Tree-free Paper: Made from agricultural residues like sugarcane bagasse, wheat straw, or bamboo, this type of paper doesn’t rely on trees. It’s a sustainable alternative and often has a unique texture and appearance.

5. FSC-Certified Paper: The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certifies paper sources that are managed sustainably, ensuring that the trees harvested are replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally.

FSC-Certified Paper

6. Biodegradable Additives: While pure paper is already biodegradable, certain additives can speed up the decomposition process. These are especially beneficial if the paper has a thin plastic lining for added strength or waterproofing.

7. Vegetable-based Inks: For printed paper bags, it’s essential to use inks that don’t harm the environment. Vegetable-based inks are sustainable and don’t release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere.

8. Water-based Adhesives: Traditional adhesives can contain harmful solvents. Opting for water-based adhesives ensures the bag remains eco-friendly throughout its lifecycle.

Water-based Adhesives

9. Starch-based Plastics: For bags that require a bit of plastic, starch-based options, derived from corn or potatoes, can be biodegradable and less harmful than conventional plastics.

10. Hemp: While not as common, hemp is a strong and eco-friendly material for paper production. It grows quickly, requires little water, and is naturally resistant to pests, reducing the need for chemicals.

In conclusion, while the choice of material depends on the specific requirements of the bag (such as its intended use, durability needs, and aesthetic preferences), the above materials are recommended for producing eco-friendly paper bags that align with sustainable and environmentally-conscious goals.

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