Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine With Printing

  • Servotech Design
  • CE Certified
  • Eye Mark Registration
  • Inline Printer 2/4/6 Colors
  • Italy SELECTRA EPC System
  • Auto Web Tension Control

MTED: Your Expert on Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine

MTED RZFD-330/450 square bottom paper bag making machine with printing is a great combination of paper bag making unit and flexo printing unit.

It is your perfect choice for making medium and large size square bottom paper bags.  

The machine features servo control, compact design, and high productivity with max 220bags/min.

Thanks to its compact dimensions and fast changeover design, it’s well-suited for a variety of applications from food, medical to retail, industrial sectors.

No matter plain paper or printed paper, it can work out perfectly with its advanced Servotech design and photocell registration configuration.

Bag length270-530mm270-530mm
Bag width120-330mm260-450mm
Bottom width60-180mm80-180mm
Paper web width380-1050mm660-1230mm
Paper roll diameter1200mm1200mm
Printing speed5-100m/min5-100m/min
Registration precision≤ ±0.15mm≤ ±0.15mm
Footprint12500 x 3700 x 1900mm12500 x 3800 x 1900mm
  • PLC and HMI Control
  • Germany REXROTH Servo Control
  • Germany SICK Photocell Registration
  • Italy SELECTRA EPC System
  • Unwinder Unit With Hydraulic Lifting
  • Servo Adjustable Tube Length
  • Confirm with CE Certificate
  • Fast Format Changeover
  • Compact Footprint
  • Auto Web Tension Control
  • AC-conditioned Electrical Cabinet
  • Servo-drivenDrawroll
  • Servo-driven bottom Closing
  • EnclosedGlue PumpUnit
  • Controlled Thumb Notch
  • Automatic Centralized Lubrication
  • Accumulator Bag Delivery



Your MTED RZFD-330/450 square bottom paper bag making machine is backed up with two years’ warranty time. Should your RZFD-330/450 machine has any defect in the machine material or workmanship during the warranty time, MTED will arrange to replace your original part with a new identical part.  The warranty starts from the time when the machine is shipped from our facility.


RZFD-330/450 Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine With Printing: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

1. What is the Length of the RZFD-330 Machine Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine?

The length of the RZFD-330 machine varies depending on its configuration. Without a printing unit, the machine measures about 10 meters in length. With a 4-color printing unit, the length extends to approximately 13.2 meters.

layout of RZFD-330 square bottom paper bag making machine with 4 color printing

These measurements are for the standard machine. If a customer has custom requirements that involve adding additional machine stations, the length may vary accordingly.

2. How are Different Patterns Printed onto Paper Bags?

To print different patterns onto paper bags, custom resin plates are required.

These plates are attached to the printing cylinder of the machine. The process starts with ink being pumped into a closed doctor blade chamber. From there, the ink is transferred to the anilox roller, which then applies the ink to the resin plate on the printing cylinder (this plate carries the specific pattern needed by the customer).

printing design of paper bag machine

printing design of paper bag machine

Finally, the inked pattern is transferred from the resin plate to the paper, creating the printed paper bag. This method allows for precise and high-quality printing of various designs directly onto the bags.

3. What is the Delivery Time for the Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine with Printing?

container loading of paper bag making machine with printing

The delivery time for the machine ranges from 30 to 60 days. The specific timeframe depends on the detailed requirements of the production order and the scheduling in the workshop.

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