Paper Bag Making Machine With Flat Handle

  • Servotech Design
  • CE Certified
  • Fast Changeover
  • Photocell Registration
  • Air Conditioned Electrical Cabinet
  • Automatic Centralized Lubrication
  • Optional Inline Flexo Printing 2/4/6 Colors

MTED: Your Expert on Paper Bag Making Machine With Handle

This machine is designed to manufacture square bottom paper bags with flat handles.  

It is fully automatic from paper roll loading, flat handle making, flat handle application to tube forming, tube cutting, bottom forming, and final bag delivery.  

Well-suited for a complete range of bag sizes and paper material, it’s an optimal choice for your paper carry bag manufacturing business.

I. Bag Body Part
Cutting length270-530mm270-530mm380-760mm
Cutting length
(With Handle)
Bag width120-330mm200-450mm220-450mm
Bag width
(With Handle)
Bottom width60-180mm80-180mm80-200mm
Bottom width
(With Handle)
Paper web width380-1050mm590-1300mm620-1350mm
Paper web width
(With Handle)
(With Handle)
Paper roll diameter1300mm1300mm1300mm
II. Handle Part
Patch length152mm152/190mm152/190mm
Patch width45-50mm45-50mm45-50mm
Handle height90mm90mm90mm
Handle width45-50mm45-50mm45-50mm
Handle space78mm78/84mm78/84mm
Patch paper web width80-100mm80-100mm80-100mm
Patch paper web diameter1200mm1200mm1200mm
III. Machine General Specification
Design speed30-200bags/mn30-180bags/mn30-150bags/mn
Production speed
(Without Handle)
Production speed
(With Handle)
Footprint15000 x 6000 x 2700mm
  • Unwinder unit with hydraulic lifting
  • Servo adjustable tube length
  • Air-conditioned electrical cabinet
  • SICK photocell registration
  • Flat handle making unit
  • Handle application unit
  • Automatic tension control
  • Italy SELECTRA EPC web guide control
  • Servo-driven drawroll
  • Automatic centralized lubrication
  • Servo-driven bottom closing
  • Glue pasting unit
  • Accumulator delivery
  • Optional inline flexo printing unit


RZFD-330F_450FA_450FB Paper Shopping Bag Making Machine With Flat Handle Layout


Your RZFD-330F/450FA/450FB paper bag making machine with a flat handle has two years’ warranty time. Should your MTED machine has any defect in the machine material or workmanship during the warranty time, MTED will arrange to replace your original part with a new identical part.  The warranty starts from the time when the machine is shipped from our facility.


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