High Speed Twisted Paper Rope Making Machine


  • Small and Light Weight
  • Minimized Running Cost
  • Rope Diameter Adjustable
  • Double Rope Rolls Production

MTED - Your Best Twisted Paper Rope Making Machine

RZZS-20M high speed twisted paper rope making machine is generally used to work with twisted handle making machine and paper bag making machine.

It can quickly produce twisted paper rope, thus providing raw material for twisted handle making machine.

The machine takes narrow web paper as raw material and twists it into ropes through the machine shaft’s high-speed rotation. The twisted paper ropes will then be stored in the form of rope roll.

You can adjust the diameter of the paper rope to meet your specific production needs. Two rolls of paper rope can are produced on one machine at the same time to significantly increase productivity.

Paper roll core diameter76mm (3’’)
Max paper roll diameter450mm
Paper web width20-100mm
Paper thickness15-60gsm
Paper rope diameter2.5-6mm
Rope roll core diameter76mm (3’’)
Max rope roll diameter250mm
Max rope roll width300mm
Production speed30-50m/min
Power220V, single-phase, 1.5kw
Dimensions1380 x 1210 x 800mm


  • Small and light weight, easily portable for your manufacturing convenience
  • Minimized running cost, with low power consumption and labor cost
  • Rope diameter adjustable from 2.5 to 6mm to meet all your needs
  • High efficiency with double rope rolls production at the same time
  • Easy to use and maintain, fast return on investment


Your MTED RZZS-20M high speed twisted paper rope making machine has one year’s warranty time. Should any defect in the machine material or workmanship during the warranty time, MTED will arrange to replace your original part with a new identical part.  The warranty starts from the time when the machine is shipped from our facilit


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