Flat and Satchel Paper Bag Making Machine With Printing

  • Servotech Design
  • CE Certified
  • Fast Changeover
  • Compact Footprint
  • Inline Printer 2/4/6 Colors
  • Air-conditioned Electrical Cabinet
  • Automatic Centralized Lubrication

MTED: Your Best Flat and Satchel Paper Bag Making Machine

MTED RZJD-250J flat and satchel paper bag making machine with printing is your perfect choice for making small and medium sizes flat and satchel paper bags (also called as V bottom bags).

RZJD-250J flat and satchel paper bag making machine are able to make paper bags up to 250mm in the width and 460mm in the cutting length. It’s well-suited for a variety of applications from food, medical to retail, industrial sectors.

It can be equipped with an inline flexo printer,  window unit, die-cut window unit, and more as optional choices.

The most popular selection of paper material includes kraft paper, grease-proof paper, coated machine, laminated paper, etc.

RZJD-250J is suitable for making paper bags with or without gusset, with max gusset 120mm easily adjustable on a machine. And no matter plain paper or printed paper, it can work out perfectly with its advanced Servotech design and photocell registration configuration.

Cutting length110-460mm
Bag width70-250mm
Paper web width100-780mm
Film web width50-200mm
Film thickness0.012-0.05mm (OPP、PET)
Printing speed5-100m/min
Registration precision≤ ±0.15mm
Top speed350bags/mn
Footprint9600 x 3000 x 2800mm
  • PLC and HMI control
  • Unwinder Unit by Hydraulic Lifting
  • Perforation Unit
  • Tube Forming Unit
  • Germany SICK Photocell Registration
  • Automatic Tension Control
  • Italy SELECTRA EPC Guide
  • Servo-drivenDrawroll
  • Servo-driven separation Unit
  • Glue Pasting Unit
  • Bottom Folding Unit
  • Bag Delivery Table
  • Air-conditionedElectricalCabinet



Your MTED RZJD-250J flat and satchel paper bag making and printing machine have two years’ warranty time. Should your RZJD-250J machine has any defect in the machine material or workmanship during the warranty time, MTED will arrange to replace your original part with a new identical part. The warranty starts from the time when the machine is shipped from our facility.



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