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paper bag making and printing machine
200+ Sets/year
Excessive raw material and efficient team work result in mass production. MTED satisfies clients by manufacturing over 200 machines annually.
48 Hours Non-stop Run
Enjoy a fast ROI and loads of profit with the effortless work of your fully automatic machine. It can work for you round the clock for up to 48 hours.
30 Years Life Span
It’s a one-time investment that brings you the satisfaction for decades. You can enjoy the fruitful functioning of your paper bag making machine for ages.
Function Customized
Whether it is about an inline unit or an innovative component, ask for your desired customizations and serve the world with unique printed paper bags.

MTED: Your Premier Manufacturer of Paper Bag Making and Printing Machine

Since 1995, MTED is serving worldwide. The hard-working team and highly qualified engineers made it possible for MTED to grow and serve the world.

You can get paper bag making and printing machines to create block bottom, V-bottom, laminated, 2-ply, or with handles paper bags.

The precise printing of MTED’s flexo printers provides you, makes your customers happy and contended.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your paper bag making and printing machine right now and start creating printed paper bags of your unique style!

  • Paper Bag Making Machine With Printing Manufacturer
  • Paper Bag Making Machine With Printing Manufacturer
  • Paper-Bag-Making-and Printing Machine Manufacturer

We Work Across All Industries

You are not bound with a specific industry with MTED’s paper bag making and printing machine. Serve the grocers, retailers, pharmacists, industrialists, and bakers. MTED’s versatile paper bag making and printing machines fulfil demands of every industry!

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Paper Bag Making Machine With Printing Manufacturing Process
Designed for Your Bag

Your paper bag making and printing machine is specifically designed for your desired paper bag. All the functions and components are chosen to fulfill your requirements. You can conveniently add or remove a function by talking to MTED’s engineers. Your machine’s designs are available in PDF and CAD formats.

Paper Bag Making Machine With Printing Manufacturing Process
Material Quality Inspection

Quality is never compromised when it comes to your paper bag making and printing machine’s production. From gathering raw material to final factory testing, at every step, MTED’s QA/QC team inspects the quality of the machine’s production. We ensure to manufacture your machine up to international safety standards.

Paper Bag Making Machine With Printing Manufacturing Process
Assembly Workmanship

An experienced technician is assigned to assemble your paper bag making and printing machine. The engineering schematics are provided to the technician. He hand assembles the machine accordingly. However, MTED always gives room to innovations, incase, the technician requires any, to make your machine up-to-date.

Paper Bag Making Machine With Printing Manufacturing Process
Electric Engineering

Along with the mechanical assemblies, the electrical engineers work side by side. The fully automatic function of your paper bag making and printing machine is possible because of the installed sensitive electrical systems. Servotech system, EPC system, HMI, PLC control, and adequate wiring make the automatic functioning of your machine possible.

Paper Bag Making Machine With Printing Manufacturing Process
Spare Parts Management

The spare parts for your paper bag making and printing machine are available even after many years.

How? Thanks to the unique identification marks. The ERP’s inventory system enables MTED to manage the spare parts and find a component with similar identification marks conveniently whenever you need them.

Paper Bag Making Machine With Printing Manufacturing Process
Factory Test

After the assembly is completed, the machine is taken over by the engineers. A thorough factory test of almost a week is conducted. Each component and its functioning are monitored to ensure smooth running at your facility. You can also verify the machine’s functioning by visiting MTED at the time of factory testing.

Paper Bag Making Machine With Printing Certificates

Paper Bag Making Machine With Printing Partners

MTED Paper Bag Making and Printing Machine – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

You can get paper bags in variable colors and prints.


MTED presents, state-of-the-art, paper bag making and printing machine.

It is a unique machine that can provide you with printed paper bags. Let’s dive into the write-up to know more about this specific machine.

1.     What Are the Advantages of Paper Bag Making and Printing Machines?

It is a common thought that why shall I buy a paper bag making machine with printer?

Let’s see how a paper bag making and printing machine is beneficial for you.

Increased Productivity

A paper bag making machine with an inline printing unit helps you to increase the production rate. You can print up to 100 meters/min.

Its compact design saves your time by printing back-to-back rollers efficiently.

High Efficiency

MTED’s paper bag making and printing machines are highly efficient and work for 48 hours non-stop.

You can create bulk orders and enjoy high profits with the speedy working of your paper bag making and printing machine.

Printed Paper Bags

Printed Paper Bags

All-in-One Solution

It is a machine that provides you multiple functions in one machine. Besides printing, you can also add an inline plastic window unit and handle making unit with it.

Relaxed Factory Lead Time

With a high-speed paper bag making and printing machine you can enjoy your work. The machine achieves the target number of paper bags in no time. You can conveniently give rest to your workers and machines as well.

Cost-Effective & Computerized

Having a stand-alone printing machine may cost you more than a paper bag making machine with an inline printing unit.

Its fully automatic and computerized system is easy to operate and gives you precise results.

Market Compatible

As compared to plain paper bags, printed paper bags have more market demand. So, this machine makes you more compatible with the trending market demands.

Trendy Printed Paper Bags

Trendy Printed Paper Bags

Variety in Product

You can make variable designs with different color combinations.

How about symmetrical designs or printed dialogues from a famous movie or novel?

Or, customized prints according to your client’s demand?

In this way, you can satisfy multiple customers, and provide them a variety of paper bags.


Your paper bag making and printing machine ensures accuracy in all aspects. It is a fully automatic machine that manufactures identical paper bags with precise printing.

It is due to the installed advance servo control system that controls the movement of all the components of your paper bag making machine.

printed paper bag making machine with handle

Printed Paper Bags Machine with Handles

2.     Can a Paper Bag Making and Printing Machine Create Box Bottom Paper Bags?

It is a versatile machine that can create variable-sized and styled paper bags. The machine models that are specified for creating box bottom paper bags are:

Let’s see the technical specification of all three machines:

Bag Length

  • 190 – 370mm in RZFD-190. It is specified for making small-sized paper bags.
  • 270 – 530mm in RZFD-330/450. These two machines can make medium and large-sized block bottom paper bags.

Bag Width

  • (RZFD-190) 80 – 200mm
  • (RZFD-330) 120 – 330
  • (RZFD-450) 260 – 450mm

Bottom Width

  • In RZFD-190 it varies between 50 – 105mm
  • In RZFD-330/450 it ranges between 60 – 180mm

square bottom paper bag making and printing machine

Square Bottom Paper Bag Making and Printing Machine

Production Speed

  • RZFD-190 manufactures 30 – 240bags/min
  • RZFD-330/450 can create 30 – 220bags/min

Printing Speed

  • Printing speed ranges between 5 – 100m/min in all three models.

3.     How to Make Flat and Satchel Paper Bags with Paper Bag Making and Printing Machine?

MTED manufactures two standard paper bag making machines that produce flat and satchel paper bags. These are:

  • RZJD-250J for making small-sized paper bags
  • RZJD-350J ideal for medium and large-sized paper bags

These are fully-automatic machines that work according to the following pattern:

Paper roll unwinding » paper web making » paper tube formation » cutting » bottom gluing » automatic counting » final accumulation

You can make sharp bottom paper bags with or without gusset. Adding plastic windows to your flat and satchel paper bag makes your paper bag trendy.

V-Bottom Printed Paper Bags

V-Bottom Printed Paper Bags

Here are the technical specifications of MTED’s sharp bottom paper bag making and printing machines:

Technical SpecificationRZJD-250JRZJD-350J
Bag length110 – 460mm165 – 715mm
Bag width70 – 250mm70 – 350mm
Gusset width20 – 120mm20 – 120mm
Production rate350bags/min650bags/min
Printing speed5 – 100m/min5 – 100m/min

4.     What Other Inline Functions Does a Paper Bag Making and Printing Machine Support?

You can add other inline units with your paper bag making and printing machine. Like:

  • Plastic window making unit
  • Handle making and pasting unit

For example, RZFD-330/450W is an ideal machine to create square bottom paper bags with die-cut plastic windows.

The sharp cutters cut the desired shape of the window on the paper web. A narrow plastic film unwinds, automatic gluing system applies glue on the paper, and the plastic film gets attached to the paper web.

You can make variable shapes and sizes with the die-cutters.

Printed Paper Bags with Plastic Windows

Printed Paper Bags with Plastic Windows

Similarly, RZFD-330TF/450TFA/450TFB is an exemplary machine that can create and attach flat and twisted handles with your paper bags.

RZFD-330/450D is a paper bag making and printing machine with die-cut handles also called patch handles. You can ask for custom die-cutters for your patch handle making unit.

Printed Paper Bags with Twisted Handles

Printed Paper Bags with Twisted Handles

5.     What Are the Specific Features of a Paper Bag Making and Printing Machine?

MTED gathers high-grade components from the world’s best brands. These components feature high-speed and fully automatic paper bag making and printing machines.

Let’s see some of the exemplary features:

  • Hydraulic lifting
  • Adjustable tube length (Servo controlled)
  • Adjustable paper bag width (forming plates)
  • PLC and HMI control
  • Touch screen control
  • Inline printing unit
  • Fully air-conditioned electrical cabinet
  • EPC control
  • Servo driven bottom closing
  • D-cut handle unit (optional)
  • Twisted and flat handle making and pasting unit (optional)
  • Plastic window making unit (optional)
  • Automatic gluing system
  • Automatic counting
  • Finished paper accumulating table
  • Ceramics anilox rollers
  • Flexible photosensitive resin and rubber plates
  • Ink circulation pump

6.     How Does Printing Take Place in Paper Bag Making and Printing Machine?

MTED installs flexo printing units in paper bag making and printing machines. High-speed flexo printers give you precise printing results quickly.

Printing process occurs before paper bag formation. The paper web passes through the anilox ceramic rollers help to spread the flexographic ink on the paper web.

The printers have flexible photosensitive resin and rubber plates at the base to support the rollers to spread the ink evenly on the paper web.

The controlled and synchronized movement of the paper web is due to the synchronous belts.

It passes through a distance to ensure that the ink on the paper is completely dried before forming the paper tube.

The paper bag making and printing machine prints up to 100m/min. you can get variable printing plates in order to print logos and designs for multiple customers.

paper bag making and printing machine eye mark registration

7.     How to Set the Bag’s Dimensions on Paper Bag Making and Printing Machine?

It is a fully automatic machine that has an HMI and PLC control system. You can conveniently feed the data in the control panel. Like:

  • Paper bag length
  • Number of paper bags per minute
  • Number of paper bags in each set (accumulated on the accumulating table)
  • Printing speed
  • Traction and friction control

The width of the paper bag is set on the forming unit. The width of side gussets and paper bag width is set by the forming plates in the forming unit.

You can adjust the width conveniently by adjusting the nuts according to the instructions mentioned in the user’s manual.

Variable-Sized Printed Paper Bags

Variable-Sized Printed Paper Bags

8.     Which Industries Benefit from the Paper Bag Making and Printing Machines?

Paper bags are beneficial for every industry that requires packaging. For example:

  • Retail
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food
  • Industrial

Retailers like, shoe dealers, clothing brands, jewelry suppliers, gift shops, and many more prefer packing their products in stylish paper bags.

Retail Industry

Retail is the largest of all industries. Brands prefer custom-sized paper bags for their products. For example, bags for T-shirts, shoes boxes, small jewelry packs, custom gift bags, or printed shopping bags for perfumes.

The popularity of paper bags is increasing day by day due to their eco-friendly nature. The beautiful paper bags you make out of durable kraft paper are reusable.

retail shopping paper bag making and printing machine

Retail Shopping Paper Bag Making and Printing Machine

Pharmaceutical Industry

In pharmacies and pharmaceutical factories paper bags are commonly used. Pharmacies utilize small-sized flat and satchel paper bags to serve medicines or square bottom paper bags to carry syrups.

In pharmaceutical factories heavy-duty paper bags are utilized to pack powdered chemicals or solvents.

Kraft paper can hold up to 10kg weight. Heavy-duty paper bags have double or triple-layered kraft paper that makes the bag even more robust.

Chemicals are packed in bags, labeled, and transported from one place to another.

Laminated paper bags are also famous in the pharmaceutical industry. The water-resistant paper bag is useful to be used as a sickness bag or bags for holding contaminations.

Medicine Paper Bag

Medicine Paper Bag

Food Industry

Printed paper bags are popularly used in the food industry. Bakeries, hotels, restaurants, and supermarkets pack the edibles in paper bags.

In bakeries, food paper bags are used for packing bread, buns, patties, and cookies. Paper bags with inner plastic liner are helpful to keep the breads fresh for longer.

Hotels and restaurants utilize paper bags for food delivery and takeaway services. Similarly, food packed in paper bags tends to have a longer shelf life when it comes to packed edibles in the supermarket.

Food Paper Bag

Food Paper Bag

Industrial Sector

Like all other sectors, the industrial sector also prefers using paper bags for packaging various products. Industrial paper bags are eco-friendly and resistant to tear and wear.

Advantages of Printed Paper Bags

Let’s sum up the numerous advantages of printed paper bags here:

  • Printed paper bags help to promote the brand’s name.
  • The contact information printed on the paper bags helps the customers to contact the dealer conveniently.
  • Attractive colors and stylish prints attract customer’s attention.
  • You can suggest the customers make a signature style for their brand by creating unique custom paper bags.
  • Printing gives you flexibility in designing. You can create millions of designs by playing with lines and colors.

Brand Promoter

Brand Promoter

9.     How to Find an Authentic Paper Bag Making and Printing Machine Manufacturer in China?

Paper bag making is a profitable business only when you have got a high-speed and reliable paper bag making and printing machine.

Finding an authentic paper bag making machine manufacturer and supplies is a nut to crack. However, by following certain ways you can find an appropriate manufacturer for your business.

These ways are:

  • Search online
  • International trade shows
  • Industrial clusters
  • Wholesale markets

Search Online

The easiest way to search for an authentic paper bag making machine manufacturer is to browse the web.

You can write the keywords in the search pane like square bottom paper bag making machine, bread paper bag making machine, or eco-friendly paper bag making machine and you will get hundreds of related search results.

Visit the top websites and compare the raw material they use, the manufacturing process they follow, and the types of machines they offer.

Web Browsing

Web Browsing

By comparing the prices, lead time, and products you can conveniently choose the best manufacturer for your business.

Yahoo, Bing, and Google are among the best web browsing websites.

Another way to search online is to visit social media websites. Developed companies manage their social media web pages and keep their customers informed about their latest products and services.

International Trade Shows

Every year, in China and many developed countries, international exhibitions and trade shows are conducted.

Manufacturers from all over the world participate in these fairs and showcase their machines and products.

Visiting a trade fair is a wise choice to search for an authentic manufacturer and supplier. You can compare the prices and quality of machines by multiple manufacturers.

Industrial Clusters

The most authentic way is to go to China and visit the industries by yourself. The eastern and southeastern coastal areas of China are known for their industrial clusters.

Zhejiang Province is one of them. You can find many electromechanical industries here. It is recommended to plan a visit, talk to the manufacturers about the visit, arrange the meeting, and see the manufacturing process.

You can visit multiple provinces, cities, and factories. It will help you to pick the best one.

 Zhejiang Province, China

Zhejiang Province, China

Wholesale Markets

You can also visit the wholesale markets of China to compare paper bag making machines (and the printed paper bags) by different manufacturers.

10.  What Are the Different Ways to Approach Paper Bag Making and Printing Manufacturer?

Once you have chosen a manufacturer and supplier for your business, you can adopt different ways to contact them. Like:

  • Pay a personal visit
  • Ask a third (trusted) party
  • Order online

Pay a Personal Visit

It is recommended to visit the factory, by yourself, before placing an order. Watching the manufacturing process, communicating with the staff, and revealing your demands to the engineers are the added advantages of a one-to-one meeting.

It becomes convenient for the engineers, to design your custom paper bag making and printing machine, due to a personal meeting.

You can also negotiate about the cost and lead time.

Ask a Third (Trusted) Party

If (due to some reason) you cannot visit China, you can ask a third party to meet the engineers on your behalf.

Your trusted partner (or team) may ask relative questions and convey your demands to the technical staff.

You can trust MTED. We’ll provide you with the same high-grade machines whether it’s you or someone on your behalf.

Order Online

International flights are banned nowadays due to the pandemic. You can, still, import paper bag making and printing machines from China.


On the official websites, you can select the machines and get the quotation right away from the customer services team.

Or, you can contact us on phone, through email, or ask for an online meeting.

Online Business Meetings

Online Business Meetings

11.  Is It Better to Buy a Paper Bag Making and Printing Machine from a Manufacturer or a Trading Company?

A manufacturing company is different than a trading company.


A manufacturing company designs, manufactures, and supplies paper bag making and printing machines on its own.

On the contrary, a trading company buys the machines from variable manufacturers and supplies them to different countries.

So let’s see what are the differences in purchasing from both the companies?

  • An authentic paper bag making and printing machine manufacturer facilitates you with up to 20% rebate as compared to trading companies.
  • A trading company takes more delivery time. In comparison, manufacturing companies supply the machines to your facility as soon as the machine gets ready.
  • Dealing with manufacturing companies has fewer chances of misunderstanding. On the other hand, many mediators are involved while dealing with a trading company. It may end up in misunderstandings and misconceptions.
  • When you reveal your ideas to the manufacturing company, your idea is secure. Moreover, you’ll get a unique machine according to your choice. In contrast, revealing your idea to a trading company is not secure. Your idea might steal as many companies are involved while dealing with a trading company.
  • Direct dealing with a manufacturer strengthens your relationship with them. It results in extra benefits from the supplier.
  • The customer service of a manufacturing company is better than a trading company.

12.  What Are the After-Sales Services MTED Provides for Paper Bag Making and Printing Machine?

MTED facilitates our customers with not only quality products but also provides you with efficient after-sales services. Like:

Operational & Installation Guidance

On your demand, MTED can facilitate you with operational and installation guidance. You can send your operator to MTED’s facility to get installation and operational training.

Or, if you want, an engineer may visit your facility for proper installation of your paper bag making and printing machine.


MTED’s machines enjoy a 2-year warranty period. In case, you find a damaged part or malfunctioning of a component you can contact our after-sales services team.

We ensure you to provide with an identical component and repair the damage within no time.

Spare Parts Provision

All the machine components are marked with a unique tracking number. MTED provides you with spare parts even after decades.

The identification marks serve as the tracking IDs and help MTED to find an identical spare part for your machine.

Whenever you need a spare part contact MTED and get a new component right away. It is recommended to use the same brand’s spare parts to keep the machine working efficiently.

Maintenance Services

MTED provides you lifelong maintenance services. On your demand, MTED’s engineers or technical staff can visit your facility and provide maintenance services.

paper bag making machine maintenance services

Maintenance Service

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