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All Types of Fully Automatic Paper Carry Bag Making Machines to Rocket Your Business

MTED is a one-stop solution for all types of fully automatic paper carry bag making machines. You can make square bottom, printed, with plastic window, and laminated paper carry bags to satisfy your client’s needs.

MTED: Your Premier Fully Automatic Paper Carry Bag Making Machine Manufacturer

It goes back to 1995 when a small industry originated in the city of Wenzhou, China. With time and untiring hard work, MTED became one of the leading automatic paper carry bag making machine manufacturers in China.

You can choose your desired machine from a wide variety and serve multiple industries. You can also get auxiliary machinery to support your paper bag making business.

Contact our sales and services team to provide you a solution right now!

  • Paper Carry Bag Making Machine Manufacturer
  • Paper Carry Bag Making Machine Manufacturer
  • Fully Automatic Paper Carry Bag Making Machine manufacturer

Industries We Serve

Retail, food, pharmaceutical, and industrial sectors, you name it and we have ultimate solutions for all the industries. With your versatile paper bags you can satisfy clients from multiple sectors.

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Paper Bag Making Machine - Manufacturing Process 1
Designed for Your Bag
Your automatic paper carry bag making machine is specifically designed for your custom paper bags. MTED manufactures function customized machines. You can make a wide variety of paper bags with a single machine. Innovations are made according to your desires and business requirements.
Paper Bag Making Machine - Manufacturing Process 2
Precision in Every Part
Throughout the manufacturing process, a qualified team of quality controllers works efficiently. From raw material gathering to final testing, each component and its functioning is examined carefully. To check the high-grade components and their precise working are among MTED’s priorities.
Paper Bag Making Machine - Manufacturing Process 3

Assembly & Craftsmanship

For the precise assembly of each component, a trained technician is assigned to your fully automatic paper carry bag making machine. In the premises of the factory workshop, the technician hand assembles each component according to the provided engineering schematics.

Paper Bag Making Machine - Manufacturing Process 4
Electric Engineering

The automatic functioning of your machine is possible due to the precise installation of sensors and electrical wiring. The ServoTech system, eye mark system, ultrasonic sensors, and jam detectors are installed properly to make automatic functioning possible. Also, get connected with the VPN facility.

Paper Bag Making Machine - Manufacturing Process 5

Spare Parts Management

MTED stands with you even after decades. It is because of the efficient after-sales services program. You can get spare parts for your fully automatic paper carry bag making machine whenever you need them. MTED tracks the component you need with the help of ERP’s inventory software

Paper Bag Making Machine - Manufacturing Process 6

Factory Test

After the precise assembly and inspection of each component, your fully automatic paper carry bag making machine is then tested for its final functioning. Engineers start, run, and check your machine in every aspect. The engineers ensure that the machine will work properly once you install it in your facility.

Paper Carry Bag Making Machine Certificates

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Fully Automatic Paper Carry Bag Making Machine: The Complete FAQ Guide

Today, spending money on the paper carry bag making machine is a fortune.

It is because these machines are trending worldwide due to their fully-automatic system.

MTED especially works for manufacturing fully automatic paper carry bag making machine that offers no manual aid.

Let me tell you about the details regarding the growing business of automatic paper bag making machines.

1. What Is a Fully Automatic Paper Carry Bag Making Machine?

A fully automatic paper carry bag making machine is the machine that makes carry bags with various paper materials.

You’ll be thinking that why is there any need to make paper carry bags?

While the answer is that the globe has a threat of environmental pollution.

The paper bags which MTED manufactures are eco-friendly and recyclable and do not cause a threat to wildlife as well.

It’s a completely automatic paper bag making machine that works quickly and efficiently.

Purchasing a paper bag production machine is the first step towards success if you plan to start a paper product business.

Fully Automatic Paper Carry Bag Making Machine

Fully Automatic Paper Carry Bag Making Machine

This machine allows you to serve your customers with a variety of paper bag shapes, including square bottoms, sharp bottoms, and so on.

You can use an inline printer to create a variety of designs on the bags to attract customers.

The machine creates bags out of kraft paper, which is then used by a variety of retailers, pharmaceutical firms, and other food franchises.

Depending on the machine arrangement, these paper bags can be created in a variety of colors, forms, and sizes.

Also, the fully automatic paper bag making machines consume less energy than the machines which make plastic paper bags.

Moreover, your fully automatic paper carry bag making machine operates on its own. It means that it rolls the paper, cuts it, folds, and attaches it together with glue automatically.

2. How Does a Semi-Automatic Machine Different Than a Fully Automatic Paper Carry Bag Making Machine?

Your automatic paper carry bag is a lot different and good than the semi-automatic machine. The differences are as under.

  • The MTED fully automatic machine performs the following functions such as cutting, folding, sealing, gathering and gluing on its own.
  • On the other hand, the semi-automatic machines need an external force to carry out some functions such as placing the paper into the folding machine and handling the cutters.
  • Your fully automatic machine works at a higher speed than that of a semi-automatic machine. This feature gives you the edge to buy the fully automatic paper carry bags making machine as it will enhance your work rate.
  • The fully automatic machines have the tendency to detect any faults by themselves. This machine can collect accurate data and has the feature of presetting the bag making quantity.
  • The semi-automatic machines are not easily portable while the fully automatic paper carry bag making machine is easily portable and consumes less space.

3. How Is Paper Carry Bag Beneficial for Variable Industries?

Paper carry bags are highly in demand among various industries. The benefits of paper carry bags in different industries are as under.

Food Sector

  • Your paper carry bags are used in the food sector to produce medium and large-size paper bags for restaurant, takeout, and other food-related reasons.

Food Paper Carry Bags

Food Paper Carry Bags

  • The fully automatic paper carry bag making machines can also produce single and double-layer paper bags.
  • Keeping grains, rice, and flour in a supermarket’s inventory has never been easier until the invention of paper bags. The durable and oil-resistant paper bags are also popular in bakeries.

Pharmaceutical Industries

  • Another industry that uses paper carry bags is pharmacy.
  • Typically, white and brown kraft paper is used to safeguard pharmaceutical products. Because, the paper bags are printable, the product name or brand name can be printed on them.
  • Furthermore, the paper carry bags are environmentally benign and aid in the preservation of product qualities.
  • Medicines are kept in little paper bags, whereas waste is kept in paper bags with plastic liners.

Retail Industries

  • Retail paper bags come in two varieties. Those with handles and those without handles.
  • For handled retail paper bags, MTED offers flat handled paper bag production machines, twisted handles paper bag machines, and D-cut handle paper bag machines.
  • MTED offers equipment for making paper coffee bags, grocery-style SOS bags, and shopping bags for advertising brands, among other things.
  • The square bottom paper bags are suitable for the retail industry since they can handle greater weight than regular paper bags.
  • They also act as a marketing representative.
  • For example, if a passer-by sees your brand name printed on a paper bag, he might be interested in paying you a visit.

4. How Does a Fully Automatic Paper Carry Bag Making Machine Create Paper Carry Bags?

Your fully automatic paper carry bag making machine creates paper bags in the following way.

Creation of Paper Carry Bags

Creation of Paper Carry Bags

HMI Control Panel

To begin, the operator enters all of the relevant information into the control panel, including the dimensions of the paper bag and the working speed.

Paper Roll Unwinding

The procedure begins at the material’s end. The paper roll is carried by a hydraulic shaft in the unwinding unit.

The paper roll mechanically unwinds, generating a stretched and aligned web of paper.

Paper Web Formation

Unwinding the paper roll creates a stretched and straight paper web. The web tension control sensors are controlled by the EPC system.

These sensors assist in detecting the proper paper tension based on a specified scale.

The paper web tension is maintained at varying speeds using tractioning rollers and friction wheels.

Side Gluing

Gluing guns are used to apply water-based glue to the paper web’s side. The glue guns spray a precise amount of glue to adhere to the paper firmly and form a paper tube.

Paper Tube Formation

The paper web is then fed into the tube-forming machine. A forming plate and forming template are used to fold the paper web in this unit.

The breadth of the paper bag is determined by the forming template. Side gussets are formed by folding the sides inward with the side edge discs.

Friction wheels and pull rollers keep the paper tube stretched and aligned while pressing the folds firmly.

The pressure also aids in the sealing of the side seams.

Tube Cutting

The paper tube enters the cutting unit after leaving the tube forming unit. It comprises a sharp knife that cuts the brown paper tube according to the set bag length.

Bottom Formation

The bottom-forming equipment receives the cylinder-shaped paper bags. The mechanical fingers assist in the opening of the paper bag’s bottom.

The bottom is covered in glue. The bottom folding unit folds the paper and adequately seals the bottom.

Bag Counting

The paper carry bags are prepared at this point. The equipment then counts the bags in a bag counting unit automatically.

Accumulating Table

The counted paper carry bags are then discharged in specified groups by the machine. For example, the operator programmes the control panel to release 25 bags in a group.

The machine will discharge 25 bags, then pause for a brief moment before releasing the following set of 25 bags.

5. Can I Print Paper Carry Bags?

Yes, you can surely print paper carry bags.

The need and demand for printed paper carry bags are developing in this ever-expanding commercial environment.

Industries are looking for enticing, eye-catching, and stylish paper bags to attract clients.

Printed paper bags have proven to be a landmark in the business sector for this reason.

MTED provides you with the most advanced printed paper bag production machines in order to create attractive and demanding printed paper bags.

Printed fully automatic Paper Carry Bag Making Machine with handle

Printed Carry Bags Making Machine

Flexo printers are equipped in your printed paper bag making machine.

Flexo printers from MTED are available in both inline and stand-alone versions.

It is a completely automated system with inline flexo printers deployed in numerous machines.

Each printing paper bag machine consists of the following equipment for the printing services.

  • Cylinder for printing
  • Impression cylinder for plates
  • Roller made of anilox
  • Doctor’s blade made of rubber
  • Tray for ink

6. How Many Types of Handles Can I Make with My Fully Automatic Paper Carry Bag Making Machine?

MTED does not limit itself to the production of a single type of paper carry bag handle; rather, it provides you with a wide range of paper bag handles that can help you increase your profit.

Stand-alone and inline units are used to make your handle-making machines.

Because of their grip and high demand, all businesses favor paper carry bags with handles.

MTED provides a variety of handles for the machines, including flat handles, twisted handles, and die-cut handles.

Let me tell you the specifications of each form of handle loop.

Die-Cut Handles

D-cut handles are another name for these handles, which are a fantastic creation of paper bag making machines with handles.

D-cut handles are frequently used in a variety of businesses, including grocery shops, takeout, food, and beverages.

They feature a D-shaped shape within the paper sheet, indicating that there is no additional loop, as there is with the other handle loops.

RZFD-330D is a completely automatic machine with D-cut handle production equipment fitted.

It can produce up to 250 bags every minute, demonstrating the machine’s efficiency.

Technical Data

  • Gusset range from 60 to 220mm
  • Bag width varies from 120 to 450mm
  • The bag cutting length ranges from 270-760mm
  • Paper web width ranges from380 to 1350mm
  • The paper roll diameter is 1300mm
  • It can produce 30/180 bags per minute without handle and 30/130 bags per minute with handle


The features of the D-cut handle paper bag making machine are

  • Optional inline printing unit
  • Controlled thumb notch
  • Servo-driven bottom closing
  • Italy SELECTRA EPC control
  • Automatic tension control
  • Enclosed glue pasting unit
  • Servo adjustable tube length
  • Unwinder unit with hydraulic lifter

Twisted Handles

MTED has specifically created the twisted paper bag handles to keep up with the rising variety in the production of paper bag handles.

The twisted handles are attached with handle loops in the paper bag production machine.

Paper Carry Bags with Twisted Handles

Paper Carry Bags with Twisted Handles

RZFD-330T/450TA/450TB is a fully automatic paper bag making machine having an inline twisted handle making and pasting unit.

It can make roughly 220 paper bags in a minute.

The machine works by feeding paper rolls into it and then gluing them together.

It automatically produces a paper bag with twisted handles.

Technical Data

  • Patch length 152 – 190 mm
  • Patch width 40 -50 mm
  • Rope Diameter 4 – 5 mm

Furthermore, it a CE-Certified machine with a fully automatic system along with auto-centralized lubrication system.

Flat Handles

Due to their unusual shape, flat handles are also in high demand.

The loop on these handles is wider than the loop on twisted handles.

RZFD-330F/450FA/450FB is a flat-handle paper bag making machine.

The machine comes with an inline handle and a plastic unit.

The machine uses four thin web roll papers as a raw material. The loops created by these rollers have flat grips.

The paper bags and handles are then glued together to create the finished product.

7. Can I Make Plastic Windows on Paper Carry Bags?

Paper bags with plastic panes are becoming increasingly popular.

MTED ensures that its personnel and equipment are up to date.

MTED has invented square bottom paper bag production machines that create plastic windows in the paper bags for this purpose.

Plastic windows come in two varieties.

  • Strip Plastic Window
  • Plastic window with a die-cut design

fully automatic paper carry bag making machine with plastic window

Paper Carry Bag Machine with Plastic Window

Die-Cut Plastic Window

To make a die-cut plastic window, MTED inserts special die-cutters into the square bottom paper bag machine.

These cutters are available in a range of sizes and shapes.

Simple geometrical forms, as well as some distinctive creative cuts, can be used to create contemporary paper bags.

The cutter cuts the desired shape from the paper before forming the tube.

The plastic film is adhered to the paper using an automatic adhesive process.

Strip Plastic Window

Paper bags with strip windows, on the other hand, can be used without being cut.

Plastic film is glued all the way around the front panel of the brown paper bag.

These paper bags are most commonly used in bakeries and for serving food.

RZFD-330W/450W  is a machine that makes plastic windows.

Temperature-controlled machines are used to connect the plastic film with the paper carry bags.

A specified temperature is applied to the plastic window in order for it to adhere to the paper.

8. What Is a Laminated Paper Carry Bag?

paper-bag-with-plastic-film lamination

Laminated Paper Carry Bags

In the emerging world of food, drinks, and other commercial operations, the use of leak-proof or water-resistant paper bags is gradually increasing.

To meet your current needs, MTED employs cutting-edge technology to make laminated paper bags that are oil and water-resistant.

Within the paper bag, laminated bags are constructed with aluminum or plastic lining. This will result in a leak-proof paper bag that may also be used for a variety of other purposes.

These bags offer a bigger carrying capacity and volume.

  • It produces a range of food bags for a number of uses.
  • In hospitals, to deliver medicines
  • To carry products containing oil

9. Is the Fully Automatic Paper Carry Bag Making Machine Roll Fed or Sheet Fed?

All the MTED’s fully automatic paper carry bag making machines are roll fed and work on their own.

A sheet-feeding paper bag producing machine uses manually fed sheets of paper in a high-end lithography process.

On the other hand, the roll feeding square bottom paper bag production machine is not operated manually.

Roll Fed Fully Automatic Paper Carry Bag Making Machine

Roll Fed Fully Automatic Paper Carry Bag Making Machine


For creating paper carry bags, the machine employs roll paper as a raw material.

The breadth is determined by the size of the paper bag you’re making.

The paper roll’s outer diameter is 1300mm, while the inner core diameter is 76mm.

The hydraulic system controls the loading and unloading of the paper roll on the shaft, and the electro-magnetic Power Brake is used to maintain web tension management.

It has a single feeding frame and an automatic glue system.

10. What are the Exemplary Features of Fully Automatic Paper Carry Bag Making Machine?

Your fully automatic paper carry bag making machine has some exemplary features which are as follows.

  • Unwinder unit with hydraulic lifting
  • Servo adjustable tube length
  • Air-conditioned electrical cabinet
  • SICK Photocell registration
  • Automatic tension control
  • Italy SELECTRA EPC web guide control
  • Servo-driven draw-roll
  • Auto twisted handle and flat handle making unit
  • Auto twisted handle and flat handle application unit
  • Servo-driven bottom closing
  • Glue pasting unit
  • Accumulator delivery
  • Suitable for both twisted and flat handles
  • Optional inline flexo printing 2/4/6 Colors

Gluing System of Roll Fed Fully Automatic Paper Carry Bag Making Machine with Flat Handle

11.What Are the Technical Specifications of Fully Automatic Paper Carry Bag Making Machine?

MTED paper bag making machines have technical specifications which include information on the dimensions of paper bags and the machine itself, such as bag length, paper roll width, bag width, paper thickness, and so on.

MTED manufactures a wide range of paper bag production machines based on your needs.

Machines that make simple or printed paper bags with or without handles, twisted or flat handles, and sharp bottom or square bottom paper bags.

Let me tell you the details about the technical facts of fully automatic paper carry bags for a better understanding.

Working Speed

In fully automatic v-bottom paper carry bag making machines, the standard bag production speed ranges from 350 to 650 bags per minute.

In square-bottom paper bag producing machines, the speed ranges from 30-240 bags per minute.


With MTED fully automatic paper carry bag machine, you can make bags in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Everything about the bag is adjustable and made to meet your needs, including the length, breadth, gusset, bag mouth height, bottom width, patch handle length, die-cut window dimensions, and rope/flat handle dimensions.

The length of a normal bag might range from 110mm to 715mm and width from 70 to 450mm depending upon your choice.

Printing Capacity

Your MTED machines have printing speeds range from 5-100m/min.

Printed Paper Carry Bags

Printed Paper Carry Bags

Raw Material

MTED provides you a variety of paper web widths, film web widths, and paper roll widths to choose from.

Moreover, the MTED paper bag production machine can handle paper thicknesses ranging from 35 to 150 gsm for flat and satchel paper bags, and 45 to 150 gsm for square bottom paper bags.

12. How Can I Change the Bag Dimensions on Fully Automatic Paper Carry Bag Making Machine?

MTED uses France SCHNEIDER HMI (Human Equipment Interface) to make it easier to run and manage the paper bag production machine.

The controller can easily modify the appropriate paper bag dimensions with the help of touch screen and PLC control.

You can use the servo motor to control the length of the paper carry bags.

You may adjust the bag length from the main screen. You may also change the machine’s speed from here.

The overall length of the paper tube is known as the format length.

The speed you enter and the actual pace at which the machine works are referred to as Speed Set and Actual Speed.

This touch-screen allows you to customize printing options, paper roll dimensions, and tension.

The forming plate must be changed to vary the breadth of the paper bag.

MTED will provide you with three sets of forming plates for free when you purchase a paper bag producing machine. The shaping plates are made to fit the size of your bags.

13. How Much Electricity Does a Fully Automatic Paper Carry Bag Making Machine Consume?

The air conditioner is built inside the independent electrical cabinet of the MTED fully automatic paper carry bag making machines.

This design ensures a contaminant-free atmosphere which also helps in preventing overheating of the electric components.

As a result, your MTED paper carry bag making machine operates more efficiently, uses low electricity for working, and gives your machine a longer time-span.

Remote VPN with Internet access is also supported by the MTED electrical cabinet.

Moreover, MTED’s online professionals can help you with any electrical or software issues with minimal downtime.

All of the manufacturing companies are struggling to create machines that use less energy.

MTED has created machines that are energy efficient.

A stable supply of electricity is required for the fully automatic paper carry bag making machine paper bag production machine.

It consumes up to 40 kilowatts of power.

The energy consumption of MTED machines is ideal. It consumes significantly less energy than heavy-duty production machines.

Trendy Paper Carry Bags

Trendy Paper Carry Bags

14. What Is the Price of a Fully Automatic Paper Carry Bag Making Machine?

The price of a fully automatic paper carry bag making machine varies depending on the company.

It also depends on whether you want to buy a single unit or a whole set.

The price of used and new machines is also different.

A roll feeding square bottom paper carry bag machine, on the other hand, costs 5465200/-.

A semi-automated roll feeding square bottom machine can cost anywhere between $10,000 and $200,000.

V bottom roll feeding machines range in price from $18,000 to $120,000.

A fully automated machine, on the other hand, costs between $150,000 and $1,500,000.

This cost can also differ from country to country.

Cost Effective fully automatic paper carry bag making machine

Cost-Effective Paper Carry Bags Machine

15. What Are the After-Sales Services MTED Provides for Fully Automatic Paper Carry Bag Making Machine?

MTED offers a two-year warranty thus eliminates any further buying risk for them.

It provides you with 20+ years of machine support for the rest of your life. The MTED engineers are accessible to service machines in other countries.

Your paper bag producing operator might benefit from our installation and training services (on demand).

MTED is always ready to assist you if any machine parts need to be upgraded or replaced.

MTED can also trace spare parts using our set identifying numbers on each component, even after many years.

In this way, MTED also manages to keep not only good machines but also good relations with the clients.

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