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2 Years Warranty
Your SOS paper bag making machine comes with a 2-year warranty to save you from the hassle accompanied by the after-sale troubles.
Run 48 Hours Non-stop
Your MTED machine can keep running for up to 48 hours. All you have to do now is lie back while your machine takes care of all the details.
30 Years Life Span
Your one-time investment on MTED SOS paper bag machine will pay off through the form of a lucrative business for the rest of the time.
Quick Changeover
The machine's changeover is assisted by servo control. For a multitude of bag sizes, your SOS paper bag making machine is a handy choice.

MTED: Your Premier SOS Paper Bag Making Machine Manufacturer

MTED, a major producer of paper bag making machines, was formed in 1995 in Rui’an, Zhejiang Province. MTED has been aided by a group of experienced specialists who are being trained on a constant basis since the company’s inception.

They work hard to keep a tension-free workplace environment and produce the best paper bag making machines on the marketplace.

Our online support is also available 24/7. Contact us anytime you have a complaint or a query, and our staff will respond as soon as possible.

  • 1- SOS Paper Bag Making Machine Manufacturer
  • 3- SOS Paper Bag Making Machine Manufacturer
  • SOS Paper Bag Making Machine

Explore The Industries We Serve

MTED is a one-stop manufacturer as it appeals to the specific needs of each industry’s programs and assistance. The company works with the food, pharmaceutical, and retail industries. So go ahead and invest in a SOS paper bag making machine to help your company expand!

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Automatic Paper Bag Making Machine Manufacturing Process
Designed for Your Bag
The MTED SOS paper bag making machine is tailored to your specific requirements. The machine is crafted with a great deal of effort and quality after a detailed review of your specifications and preferences. We customize the machine’s settings to meet your specific requirements. All of this is accomplished by focusing on the least total cost and maximum performance.
Automatic Paper Bag Making Machine Manufacturing Process
Quality Control
We promise that only the highest quality components are being used in the production of your SOS paper making machine. We do use top-of-the-line spare parts. Every component is assigned a unique serial number that can be mapped back to its source. The ultimate quality control of your SOS paper bag making machine makes a big contribution to your side.
Automatic Paper Bag Making Machine Manufacturing Process
Precision Assembly
MTED is aware of the importance of using cutting-edge production technologies. We hand-build precision component and install them at the factory. We either produce or source the components for your SOS paper bag making machine from our quite trusted partners. All of these items are combined together to create the structure of your SOS paper bag making machine.
Automatic Paper Bag Making Machine Manufacturing Process
Electric Engineering
We’re getting closer to completing the electrical engineering for your SOS paper bag making system on our own. As a consequence, MTED creates and incorporates all of your requirements into your system on its own. At whatever time you want, our specialists are ready to address your queries about your SOS paper bag making machine. In the case that you need assistance, the wireless VPN can also connect you to our experts.
Automatic Paper Bag Making Machine Manufacturing Process
Spare Parts Management
MTED has grown and changed over time. We use the most popular ERP program to keep track of the stock. The spare parts for your SOS paper bag making machine that were used during manufacturing are also stored in the warehouse. Every product is allocated with a unique serial number, irrespective of its size. It’s much simpler to keep a track of the spare parts you’ve utilized and get immediate answers to your queries.
Automatic Paper Bag Making Machine Manufacturing Process
Factory Test
Your SOS paper bag making machine is brought in for an internal inspection once it is mounted. Our technicians put your machine’s functionality to the test. This is how we check the system for any faults. Any repairs that are needed will be done there. We’ll put the machine to the test to determine whether it satisfies your specified requirements. It’ll then be ready to be shipped to your front door.

square bottom paper bag making machine Certificates

SOS Paper Bag Machine (For All Bag Sizes) (2021)

SOS Paper Bag Machine With Printing (Flour Bag)

SOS Paper Bag Machine With D Cut Window (2021)


square bottom paper bag making machine Partners

SOS Paper Bag Making Machine: The Definitive FAQ Guide

MTED is proud to introduce a unique SOS paper bag making machine. Using our vast industry expertise and knowledge, it is updated to make SOS paper bags from oil-proof paper, kraft paper, white paper, etc.

You can use these paper bags for confectionery, food, fully prepared clothing, groceries, and dry-cleaning materials. We’ve been working hard for many years to improve and refine our SOS paper bag making machine’s design. MTED makes sure that they always carry enhanced and more reliable production as well as consumer convenience.

MTED uses imposing quality and advanced material in the manufacture of these machines. This equipment is purchased from industry-certified suppliers to maintain the highest standards of efficiency and quality performance.

To know more about us, click here.

1.     What Is SOS Paper Bag Making Machine?

SOS paper bag making machine is a machine perfect for producing paper bags of different materials such as kraft paper, khaki paper, white paper, etc.

Figure 1: SOS Paper Bag Making Machine

SOS Paper Bag Making Machine

The majority of the lignin typically found in woods is separated from the fibers during the paper pulping process. It makes the kraft paper more robust and more flexible than regular paper.

The eco-friendly SOS paper bags are being introduced into the cross-industrial industry. These paper bags are popular due to their high stiffness, high tear resilience, and cost-effective production.

Since these SOS paper bags are readily biodegradable and reusable, they have a lower impact on the environment than plastic bags. SOS paper bags may also be designed to handle more weight or load than plastic bags.

You can manufacture variable-sized SOS paper bags with or without printing, with handles, or plastic windows with the help of this machine.

Check out how we manufacture paper bag making machines at MTED:


2.     Does the MTED SOS Paper Bag Making Machine Produce Printed Paper Bags?

We have an SOS paper bag making machine with inline and stand-alone flexo printers available to assist you.

These printers can print 5 – 100m/min. You can print in variable colors ranging from 1 – 8.

The non-toxic, eco-friendly flexographic ink is used for printing purposes.

The printing length and width vary in each SOS paper bag making machine. MTED may also facilitate you with multiple printing plates to print various designs for your clients.

NO matter whatever kind of paper you use to make your paper bags, the MTED SOS paper bag making machine would help you print whatever designs you want.

Not even any liquid would erase or distort the ink on the paper and will maintain its newness. MTED provides you with the best quality printed and water-resistant SOS paper bags in the market!

Printed SOS Paper Bags

Printed SOS Paper Bags

3.     What Is the Workflow of SOS Paper Bag Making Machine?

Initially, you’re supposed to load the paper unwinder with a paper roll of pre-calculated web dimensions. On the MTED SOS paper bag making machine, the web will be positioned sideward by the EPC method.

The paper then goes via side gluing, eye mark registration, tube forming, tube cutting, bottom opening, and bottom gluing.

After that, the SOS paper bags are counted automatically before being delivered to the finished paper bags accumulating table.

4.     Is SOS Paper Bag Making Machine Fully Automatic?

MTED’s SOS paper bag making machine has an improved automation system that allows for low labor interference from material loading to bag collection.

The MTED fully automatic SOS paper bag making machine adheres to leading foreign automation systems like TRIO, LENZE, REXROTH, etc. These components provide the most significant standard of automated systems in your SOS paper bag production process.

The production speed of the SOS paper bag making machine varies as some can produce a maximum of 260bags/min while few tend to do more. Plus, the automatic SOS paper bag making machine from MTED provides a wide variety of different bag sizes to set to fulfill various client’s requirements.

Watch our YouTube video for a better explanation:

5.     What Are the Main Features of SOS Paper Bag Making Machines?

The basic essential features of MTED SOS paper bag machine are:

  • PLC and HMI Control
  • Germany REXROTH Servo Control
  • Germany SICK Photocell Registration
  • Italy SELECTRA EPC System
  • Unwinder Unit with Hydraulic Lifting
  • Servo Adjustable Tube Length
  • Conform with CE Certificate
  • Fast Format Changeover
  • Compact Footprint
  • Auto Web Tension Control
  • AC-conditioned Electrical Cabinet
  • Servo-driven Draw roll
  • Servo-driven bottom Closing
  • Enclosed Glue Pump Unit
  • Controlled Thumb Notch
  • Accumulator Bag Delivery

6.     How to Compare Sheet-fed SOS Paper Bag Making Machine and Roll-Fed Paper Bag Making Machine?

The material loading method distinguishes the two styles of SOS paper bag making machines from each other.

When necessary, they also use cold liquid glue and hot melt glue, which are both eco-sustainable. On sheet-fed SOS paper bag making machine, art paper, white cardboard, laminated paper, and ivory board are commonly used, with a 120-350 GSM paper thickness.

The pace of a roll-fed paper bag making machine for flat and satchel paper bags ranges from 50 to over 1000 bags per minute, while the speed of a square bottom paper bag machine will reach up to 250 bags per minute.

Check out our YouTube video for further explanation:

7.     What Countries Have MTED SOS Paper Bag Making Machines Been Shipped to?

MTED provides their incredible machinery and equipment all around the world. Our clients have been happily dealing with us mainly on a global scale, including United States, Italy, Spain, France, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Mexico, Kenya, South Africa, Zambia, Cameroon, Tanzania, Rwanda, Egypt, Algeria, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Israel, Pakistan, etc.

worldwide shipping

Worldwide Shipping

8.     Does the MTED SOS Paper Bag Making Machine Have an Eye Mark Registration System?

Yes, indeed.

The Germany SICK eye mark registration device is included in every MTED SOS paper bag making machine. With an accurate estimation of the paper tube cut-off, you could use plain or pre-printed paper on the system.

eye mark registration

Eye Mark Registration

9.     How to Lubricate the MTED SOS Paper Bag Making Machine?

The MTED SOS paper bag making machine uses a centralized lubrication system to ensure that all main gears are lubricated regularly.

Lubrication of SOS paper bag making machine

Lubrication of SOS Paper Bag Making Machine

10.  Does MTED Support OEM Services?

Yes, indeed. Contact MTED sales and explain your OEM specifications in detail. MTED provides you with both standard and customized machines. Hence, let us know your requirements and demands, and we’ll manufacture your machine accordingly.

Contact us whenever you want, and we’ll get back to you shortly.

OEM services flow

OEM Services Flow

11.  Is MTED SOS Paper Making Machine CE-Certified?

Yes, indeed. The CE certificates have been obtained for all MTED SOS paper bag making machines. We have satisfied our clients in more than 100 countries.

Quality levels are the most essential aspect of our strategy. Our staff at MTED puts a significant emphasis on quality control from start to finish. Our corporation has indeed received ISO and CE certifications.

CE certification

CE Certification

12.  How to Set the Different Bag Lengths on the SOS Paper Bag Making Machine?

A servo motor controls the bag dimension setting.

Within several minutes, you can complete the settings on the system control panel very quickly.

The machine provides you with the digital feature of setting and adjusting the bag dimensions according to your desired size of the paper bags. Once you set the paper bag’s length, all you have to do is sit back and watch the machine produce amazing SOS paper bags in the exact size and width you wanted them to.

13.  What’s the Production Speed of the MTED SOS Paper Bag Making Machine?

The speed of the machine is determined by the version you choose. For example:

  • RZFD-190 can produce up to 240bags/min
  • RZFD330/450 can produce SOS paper bags ranging from 30 – 220/minutes

Other variables, such as paper size and content, will impact the machine’s speed as well.

If you’d like a precise estimate of the actual manufacturing speed of your particular tag on our machine, please contact us right away!

Check out the YouTube video of a high-speed paper bag making machine:

14.  How to Print Inline on SOS Paper Bag Machine?

The majority of inline printing units are accessible in two or four colors.

The ceramic anilox rollers transfer the paper web from the paper roll. These rollers apply the ink on the paper in the required pattern. MTED’s inline printers utilize water-soluble ink, which is the perfect option for printing environmentally friendly bags such as kraft paper bags.

The inline printing machine’s printing speed varies from 5-100 m/min. It allows for accurate printing on both white and brown kraft paper bags.

If you have a small budget but do not want to purchase a stand-alone printer, then the SOS paper bag making machine from MTED is right for you.

SOS paper bag making machine with inline printing

Inline Printing

15.  What’s the Life Span of the MTED SOS Paper Bag Making Machine?

MTED’s SOS paper bag making machines will work endlessly for 48 hours, day and night. You can calculate the benefit it gives you by measuring how many paper bags it creates if it works 24/7.

We offer high-speed, increased quality SOS paper bag manufacture at a low labor cost. Its long life is ensured by its basic but powerful structure.

The heavy-duty cast iron base strengthens the machine’s foundations and ensures its long-term longevity.

Regular maintenance and service can result in increased output and minor system damage. Our SOS paper bag making machines, on average, will last for 30 years. However, with adequate and careful management and repair, you can further extend this life cycle.

16.  What Is the Packaging and Delivery Process?

After the payment, the equipment usually takes about 30 – 90 working days to arrive. The use of eco-sustainable wooden crates in the packaging of the product transport process efficiently avoids international long-distance transportation machinery collisions.

Shipment of SOS paper bag making machine

Shipment of SOS Paper Bag Making Machine

17.  Why Should I Choose the MTED SOS Paper Bag Making Machine?

When you’re initiating a business from scratch, you need to be aware of a couple of things before getting yourself into a complex venture.

Market Demand

The demand for SOS bag making machines is increasing as the market for per bag grows. A great cause for starting a company is to increase your market share and invest in something which is in high demand.

SOS paper bags are becoming highly essential in foodpharmaceuticals, grocery, and decorative packaging. The anti-moisture properties of SOS paper bags, combined with their weight carrying ability, have prompted retailers to use them to package their food and grocery items.

Rather than spending extra money on packaging, consumers choose to place their gifts in eye-catching SOS paper bags.

Fast ROI (Recover on Investment)

What are the chances of getting the money back?

Once you consider starting a company, this is a crucial issue to consider.

As a result, paper bag making is a type of business that gives you a quick return on your investment.

The cost of buying a machine is the most important investment you will make in your company. Cost-effective raw materials and cheaper labor rates allow you not only to sustain but also benefit from your investment in the face of profits in no time.

Less Time More Production

MTED’s SOS paper bag making machine will operate for up to 48 hours. To make money, high-speed production is necessary. Suppose an SOS paper bag making machine creates 200 bags per minute. It can produce 12,000 bags per hour.

Daily production of roughly three lacs paper bags is a compelling point to give it a shot.

profitable business

Profitable Business

18.  Is the MTED SOS Paper Bag Making Machine Cost-Effective?

We are always looking for ways to start a company that needs less investment but produces more revenue. The SOS paper bag making machine is one of those machines that need relatively low production costs.

  • It’s a one-time investment in the machine.
  • Low labor cost
  • Energy intake is reduced
  • Low raw material cost
  • There are a variety of inline choices according to your requirements
  • Low-maintenance
  • Spare parts availability
  • Long-term use

19.  Is It Safe for One Operator to Operate the MTED SOS Paper Bag Making Machine?

Yes. Indeed, it is true that the SOS paper bag making machines from MTED are entirely safe to be operated by one person alone.

The fully automatic SOS paper bag making machine from MTED does not involve a large number of workers. Only one trained operator with a thorough understanding of using the control panel will oversee the entire operation.

If the user has entered all of the required data into the device, the system will operate as anticipated. EPC regulates the friction of the paper web, ensuring that both sides are correctly aligned.

20.  Will MTED Assist Me with Spare Parts If Needed?

MTED is always available to assist you whenever you require it. Before delivering the SOS paper bag making machine to you, we build, testify, and validate it.

For monitoring purposes, we mark all of our machine’s components with unique serial numbers. It is a lifetime opportunity for you to obtain spare parts. We will help you upgrade a part of your machine whenever you want to, even if it’s been years since you bought the machine.

MTED respects your financial commitments and wishes to see you succeed in your endeavors. We don’t want your machine to stop working. Please contact us for services and replacement parts anytime you require them.

spare parts inventory

Spare Parts Inventory

21.  How to Make Plastic Windows on SOS Paper Bag Making Machine?

SOS paper bag making machine with plastic window

SOS Paper Bag Machine with Plastic Windows

You may use window cuts to create a classy paper bag. The plastic window cuts add intensity and oil tolerance to the paper bag while still giving it a beautiful appeal.

Plastic window cuts can be placed in these SOS paper bags, regardless of the type of paper. On these paper bags, you can easily create numerous sizes and forms of windows.

Watch our YouTube video for a better explanation:

22.  What’s the Installation and Adjustment Procedure of SOS Paper Bag Making Machine?

It’s ready to unload and install your machine now that it has been delivered to your place. In a durable wooden box, we ship your machine with a lot of care and safety. To avoid risking yourself or the machine, gently remove the wooden and cardboard case.

The protective layer of nylon can then be extracted. MTED uses nylon as its protective cover because of its high stiffness and oxygen tolerance. After removing the plastic coating, you’ll discover a toolkit, documents, and manual guides.

It’s fantastic if you feel comfortable installing it all by yourself, but if you need assistance from MTED, our trained workers will gladly assist you. If any device malfunctions or fails during the warranty period, we will provide free spare parts to you.

23.  Will MTED Provide Technical Assistance If the Machine Faces Any Problem?

MTED will provide you with extensive technical assistance for each SOS paper bag making machine you purchase.

  • Documents with illustrations and instruction are provided. Your MTED SOS paper bag making machine will come with an English version of the operating guide, a repair manual, and a packing list.
  • MTED’s trained field technicians will provide you with a variety of installation and training facilities at your location or at the MTED workshop.
  • Remote networks are available 24/7/365. Any technical queries you have about your machine can be answered remotely if your machine is connected to the internet, allowing us to optimize and reduce your machine’s downtime and cost of maintenance.

technical support

Technical Support Available 24/7

24.  How to Make 2-Ply SOS Paper Bags?

2 ply paper bags

2 Ply Paper Bags

Two layers of paper, such as Kraft paper, are used to make 2 ply SOS paper bags. They have a side gusset and a solid bottom seal. These paper bags are perfect for delivering oversized, bulky items or preserving food items like flour and rice, for example.

Bulk products such as manure, pet food, soil, dry chemicals, wheat, and cement are frequently shipped in 2 ply paper bags or shipping sacks. Many of them have multiple sheets of kraft papers, including a printed outermost surface and internal plies.

As a water-repellent, insect-resistant, or rodent-bearer sheet, sure SOS paper bags have a plastic cover, sheet, or polyethylene-coated paper coating in between.

You can use the SOS paper bag making machine from MTED to produce amazing two-ply SOS paper bags with great strength, weight capacity, and durability. Check out our YouTube video for further explanation:

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