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Automatic Food Paper Bag Making Machine
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You can instantly claim for maintenance or replacement of a machine component in case you find a damaged part within the warranty time.
20+ Sets/month
Efficient working throughout the year results in mass production, with on-time shipping facilities, provided to MTED’s valuable customers.
45 Minutes Changeover
Fully automatic food paper bag making machines with quick changeover features allow you to create variable food paper bags conveniently.
Operator Friendly
It is a state-of-the-art machine that performs complex functions in simple ways. Feed in the data, sit back, and enjoy watching the making of paper bags.

All Types of Automatic Food Paper Bag Making Machines to Skyrocket Your Business

Whether you need a sharp bottom paper bag or block bottom food packet, laminated or heavy-duty large-sized paper bags, you can get machines that are specified for variable styles. Get one for your business and explore the possibilities!

MTED: Your Premier Automatic Food Paper Bag Making Machine Manufacturer

MTED is serving the world with high-grade automatic food paper bag making machines for over 25 years now. Throughout these years, MTED has evolved from a small factory to an international trademark for outstanding paper bag making machines.

From a vast range of machines, you can choose one for your business. With variable-sized and multiple designed food paper bags you can serve different industries.

It is time to plan and purchase the required machine and serve the world. Feel free to contact MTED for guidance!

  • Food Paper Bag Making Machine Manufacturer
  • Food Paper Bag Making Machine Manufacturer
  • Automatic Food Paper Bag Making Machine Supplier

Industries We Serve

As the name suggests, an automatic food paper bag making machine is a specific machine to serve the food sector. However, with its versatile features and remarkable design, you can serve retail, pharmaceutical, and industrial sectors as well.

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Food Paper Bag Making Machine Manufacturing process 1
Designed for Your Bag

Every client is special to MTED. Each machine is treated as a new project. Your machine is specifically designed according to your demands. You can comfortably talk to our engineers, reveal your requirements, and get the machine of your dreams. You can also get the CAD and PDF files of your automatic food paper bag making machine’s design.

Food Paper Bag Making Machine Manufacturing process 2

Quality Control

Every client is special to MTED. Each machine is treated as a new project. Your machine is specifically designed according to your demands. You can comfortably talk to our engineers, reveal your requirements, and get the machine of your dreams. You can also get the CAD and PDF files of your automatic food paper bag making machine’s design.

Food Paper Bag Making Machine Manufacturing process

Assembly Craftsmanship

Once the components are approved by the QC team, the raw material is handed over to a trained technician. He assembles the machine by keeping in mind the need of the time. Facilities are provided if innovation is needed. Precisely hand-assembled machines are made according to the engineering schematics.

Food Paper Bag Making Machine Manufacturing process 4
Electric Engineering

Automatic functioning is not possible without an adequate installation of electrical components. Appointed electrical engineers ensure an appropriate installation of sensors and wirings. You can seek guidance from the electrical engineers from your facility as well – thanks to the installed VPN connections.

Food Paper Bag Making Machine Manufacturing process 5
Spare Parts Management

You can avail the facility of spare parts lifelong.

How? Each component is marked with a specific number that serves as a tracking ID. Whenever you need a part, MTED can track the number to provide you with a similar component.

Food Paper Bag Making Machine Manufacturing process 6
Factory Test

In the end, to ensure that the automatic food paper bag making machine works at your facility, without a pause, engineers test the machine thoroughly. An in-depth inspection is conducted in the factory workshop that may last for a week. After the verification, the machine is packed and dispatched to meet its owner.



Automatic Food Paper Bag Making Machine – The Complete FAQ Guide

The food industry is the biggest industry working around the world as it is the greatest living source. However, there should be some measures to store that food and paper bags play a very important role in this regard.

It is important to manufacture paper bags that can help your food industry in storing and delivering food without retrieving its properties.

This article will lead you towards the properties, functions, and other details regarding the automatic food paper bag making machine.

Let’s get started!

1. What Is an Automatic Food Paper Bag Making Machine?

Today, technology has advanced, and working with manual machines is a wastage of time and money.

You should invest your money in buying automatic paper bag making machines such as those manufactured by MTED.

Automatic paper bag making machines are a great source of enhancing your business due to their efficiency and less time consumption.

An automatic food paper bag making machine produces paper bags from a variety of paper materials.

The raw material for the food paper bag production machine is a plain or printed paper roll.

This machine has an automatic center that forwards glue, includes printing tracking, sets length and cutting, bottom indentation, folding bottom, and bottom gluing are some of the features.

automatic food paper bag making machine

Automatic Food Paper Bag Making Machine

It’s a machine that can assist you in providing paper bags with handles or plastic windows to your customers.

MTED’s paper bags are both environmentally benign and recyclable, and they pose no threat to wildlife.

If you want to start a food paper bag manufacturing business, then buying a paper bag production machine is the first step.

This machine allows you to offer a range of paper bag forms to your consumers, such as square bottoms, laminated, flat and satchel food paper bags, and so on.

To entice clients, you can utilize an inline printer to produce a range of graphics on the bags.

The machine makes kraft paper bags, which are then sold to bakery stores, restaurants, and other food franchises.

These paper bags can be made in a number of colors, shapes, and sizes depending on the machine configuration.

The automatic food paper bag making machines consume less energy than plastic paper bag making equipment.

Furthermore, your automatic food paper bag producing machine is self-sufficient, which means it rolls, cuts, folds, and glues the paper together automatically.

In a nutshell, it is adaptable equipment that can be used in a range of sectors and aids in client satisfaction.

2. What Is the Role of ServoTech System in the Automatic Functioning of MTED’s Paper Bag Making Machines?

Having an automatic functioning machine is the greatest blessing in modern times.

Keeping in view the great demand and efficacy of the automatic machines, MTED introduces the ServoTech system.

MTED concentrates on establishing a fully automatic system of paper bag production machines in order to break free from the manually driven system of machines.

It developed a ServoTech or Servo-driven system for this purpose.

It is the most cutting-edge technology currently available.

Servo-driven machines provide a number of advantages over conventional machinery.

It is equipped with sufficient motion control systems. It’s a straightforward system to grasp.

The HMI displays the faults and drives messages automatically.

Without the ServoTech system, your machine has the risk of working at a slow speed which is not affordable.

Regulating the system of paper bag making machines has become a lot easier due to the ServoTech system.

servo system of automatic food paper bag making machine

3. What Is the Importance of Eye Mark System in the Automatic Food Paper Bag Making Machine?

The high-quality sensors that MTED installs in the food paper bag making machines allow the machine to work automatically.

MTED also installs an eye mark system in the machines as it helps the machine to perform various functions.

The photocell device works hand in hand with the eye mark sensors. It aids the machine in determining when to cut and fold the paper tube.

Thanks to the eye mark sensors, the machine folds, cuts, shapes, and releases the paper bag autonomously.

4. How Is the Automatic Food Paper Bag Making Machine Serving the Food Industry?

Packaging that is visually appealing is critical for product promotion and sales.

Your automatic food paper bag making machine is environmentally friendly and has a high rate of producing paper bags.

You can also print stunning designs and brand information on the paper bags using an inline flexo printer.

The machine’s performance is enhanced by its high-quality components and servo system.

Food Industry

The automatic food paper bag making machine serves the food sector in the following ways.

  • Paper bags are a convenient way to store food whether it is vegetables, fruits, oats, bakery material, or any other eating item.
  • The food retailers are greatly adapting towards using paper bags for the material used in their making doesn’t harm the food inside.
  • The edibles packed in food paper bags have a longer shelf life.
  • In bakeries, oil-resistant food paper bags are quite popular.
  • You can also keep heavy products such as grains, rice, and flour in paper bags.
  • Bakers like to use the fashionable V-bottom food paper bags with plastic panes to package bread and buns.
  • With the help of plastic windows, you can have a look at what is inside the paper bag. It also attracts the customer and enhances the beauty.
  • When it comes to takeout, most eateries prefer food paper bags.
  • Items like French fries and nuggets are packaged in small sharp-bottomed paper bags.
  • The food delivering companies also use food paper bags to deliver the food to the customer’s house.

Food Paper Bags

Food Paper Bags

The food paper bags also help the food industry in:

Takeout Service

Paper bags are commonly used by restaurants for takeout and delivery. Paper bags are convenient to carry and keep food fresh.

Freshly prepared hot meals are delivered in square bottom paper bags by cafes and coffee shops.

Holding Fresh Food

Fresh food is commonly packed in food paper bags. Paper bags are ideal for packing bread, rolls, cookies, and bakery items.

Paper bags with a square bottom and a plastic window cut or fully laminated square bottom assist prevent the paper from oil. Without opening the bag, you may see the edible via the window slit.

Small and large goods can be carried in a variety of sizes.

Carry Bottles and Drinks

Bottles and refreshments can be carried with the help of food paper bags.

Paper bags with a square bottom are appropriate for carrying weight, and the wide bottom allows you to carry three to six bottles at once. The number of bottles can be increased or decreased depending on the size variation.

You may make customized paper bags with MTED’s square bottom paper bag making machine with D-cut handles. The bottles can be kept upright in these paper bags.

Tool for Promotion

The food sector uses paper bags as a promotional technique. Paper bags with printed brands and names are used by bakeries, fast food chains, small fruit and vegetable shops, and other consumables.

Retailers prefer to get their bags from a vendor who can print the design and colors they want.

MTED aims to help you grow your business, thus it provides a food paper bag production machine with inline printing capabilities.

5. What Are the Other Applications of Automatic Food Paper Bag Making Machine?

You can find the applications of automatic food paper bag machines in the retail, pharmaceutical, and industrial sectors.

The food paper bag making machine does not only make paper bags for the food industry, rather, but it also benefits other industries as well.

Retail Industry

All the retailers around the world rely on paper bags because of their numerous benefits which include the following.

retail paper bags

Retail Paper Bags


Retailers contribute to environmental protection by using paper bags.

As a result, these paper bags are making a significant difference in the retail industry by removing plastic from the climate.


Customers enjoy reusing their lovely and fashionable paper bags. Fortunately, retail paper, commonly known as kraft paper, is sturdy and tear-resistant.

To meet the needs of your customers, you can easily produce brown paper shopping bags.

Easy to Carry

Retail paper bags with handles are convenient to transport. These are enthusiastically carried by customers leaving a clothing store or a shoe store.

Customers may carry their goods more easily using handles. Furthermore, Retail paper carry bags are fashionable.

Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, paper bags help in

  • Transporting chemicals and solvents from one location to another is made easier with heavy-duty brown paper bags.
  • The chemical name and quantity, as well as brand information, can be printed on the paper bags.
  • Small paper bags are used to serve medicines in pharmacies, while laminated paper bags are utilized as waste bags in hospitals.

pharmaceutical paper bags

Pharmaceutical Paper Bags

6. Can I Make Block Bottom Paper Bags with My Automatic Food Paper Bag Making Machine?

Yes, you can make block bottom food paper bags with your automatic food paper bag making machine.

MTED produces the RZFD-190 and RZFD-330/450  models for square bottom or block bottom paper bag machines.

These machines also make food paper bags.

Almost any company can benefit from these bags, including retail, food, and pharmaceuticals.

Because of the square bottom, these bags have more capacity. The bag-per-minute rate varies between 30 – 220.

bottom types of block bottom automatic food paper bag making machine

  • You can make paper bags with square bottoms with flat or twisted handles.
  • Moreover, the square bottom paper bags can be customized.
  • Paper bags with square bottoms come in a variety of sizes and colors.
  • You can also make plain or printed paper bags.
  • D-cut handles are offered on square-bottom paper bags.
  • Bags with a square bottom and are also available with plastic windows.
  • You can also attach inline printing and handle making units with your automatic food paper bag making machine.

7. How Can I Make Sharp Bottom Paper Bags with Automatic Food Paper Bag Making Machine?

Yes, you can definitely make sharp-bottom paper bags with an automatic food paper bag making machine.

  • V-bottom or sharp bottom paper bags are mostly employed in the medical and food industries.
  • The bottoms of these bags are pointy like a V shape (less capacity).
  • Your machine can manufacture 20-700 pieces per minute. Production speed is relatively quick.
  • Paper bags with a V-shaped bottom are made without handles.
  • You may build flat and satchel paper bags out of a variety of papers, both printed and unprinted.
  • The V-shaped paper bags can also be printed with the help of an inline printing unit.
  • Only a few types of V-bottom paper bags are available with handles, such as only die-cut handles can be manufactured on sharp bottom paper bags.
  • In most V-shaped paper bags, there are no handles.
  • You can also make plastic or strip windows on the sharp bottom paper bags.

Sharp Bottom Automatic Food Paper Bag Making Machine

Sharp Bottom Automatic Food Paper Bag Making Machine

8. How to Create Die-Cut Windows with Automatic Food Paper Bag Making Machines?

The demand for food paper bags with plastic windows has increased over time.

MTED doesn’t stay behind from staying up to date with the trends.

Special die-cutters are added to the machine to manufacture a die-cut plastic window. These cutters come in a variety of shapes.

To construct contemporary paper bags, you can use simple geometrical forms as well as some unique creative cuts.

Before the tube is formed, the cutter cuts the desired shape from the paper.

Then the plastic film is glued to the paper using an automatic gluing technique.

In the food paper bag, the plastic film acts as an inner liner and creates a see-through window.

Die-Cut Plastic Window Automatic Food Paper Bag Making Machine

Die-Cut Plastic Window Food Paper Bag Machine

By following the above process, you can manufacture a food paper bag with a Die-cut window with the help of an automatic food paper bag machine.

RZFD-33W/450W is an automatic food paper bag making machine that can also make plastic windows.

It is because Paper bags are made more appealing and fashionable by the use of plastic windows.

This model is made by MTED and can be used to make paper bags with die-cut windows.

MTED can give you a variety of die-cutters to create unique windows in brown paper bags.

9. Can I Attach Handles with My Food Paper Bags?

Yes, you can attach the handles with your food paper bags.

Handle fabrication is an important aspect of the paper bag production process since it gives the strength and elegance of the bag.

MTED provides a fantastic way to connect handles to square bottom paper bags.

Before going to the process of attaching the handles to the paper bags, let me tell you about the types of handles you can take with your food paper bag machine.

Flat Handles

With the help of RZFD-330F/450FA/450FB food paper bag machine, you can make flat handles.

An inline handle and plastic unit are included with the machine.

As a raw material, the machine requires four narrow web roll papers. These rolls create loops with flat handles.

The next step is to glue the paper bags and handles together, resulting in the finished product.

Twisted Handles

By using RZFD-330T/450TA/450TB automatic food paper bag making machine, you can make twisted handles.

It has an inline twisted handle making and pasting unit.

In one minute, it can produce around 220 paper bags.

The machine operates by feeding paper rolls into the machine, which is then glued together.

A paper bag with twisted handles is automatically produced by the machine.

How to Attach Handles?

MTED attaches the handles to the paper bags via a gluing technique.

There are two glue systems which include a Cold glue system and a hot melt glue system.

Cold Glue

The sides of the food paper bags are sealed with a cold glue method.

With the help of a level sensor, the cold glue is automatically administered to the paper from an enclosed high-pressure storage tank.

Hot Melt Glue System

The inline handles unit on the paper bag production machine requires hot melt glue to connect the handles to the paper bags.

MTED achieves optimum bonding uniformity by using a RobaTech Hot Melt Glue Sprayer from Switzerland.

Other than the glue system, there are inline and stand-alone pasting units that paste the handles to the paper bags.

Inline Pasting unit

The handle is pasted on the paper web before the tube is formed by the inline paper bag handle pasting device.

In this method, hot melted glue is employed.

Stand-alone Pasting Unit

The flat and twisted handles are attached to the paper bags using this item.

This is a low-cost handle pasting machine that can paste 25 to 30 handles per minute.

The handles are adhered with water-based adhesive.

automatic food paper bag making machine gluing system

10. What Is the Importance of Laminated Food Paper Bags in the Food Industry?

The use of leak-proof or water-resistant paper bags is gradually increasing among food companies.

MTED uses cutting-edge technology to create laminated paper bags that are oil and water-resistant to fulfill your current needs.

These bags have a larger volume and carrying capacity.

Laminated Food paper Bag

Laminated Food Paper Bag

A tiny hydraulic shaft unwinds a plastic film roll in this machine.

The inner lining is made by bonding the plastic film to the paper using the gluing technique. After that, the paper tube is formed, the bag is cut to the necessary length, and the bottom is formed.

These bags are great for packing pet food and fertilizers, in addition to bakeries. As a sickness bag, they’re also common in hospitals and on airlines.

Raw Material

The following are the raw materials used to make laminated paper bags using a square bottom paper bag machine:


These bags are made from plain paper, printed paper, kraft paper, and cardboard papers.

You can also use newsprint paper for good printing quality.

Films made of plastic

The inside linings of the paper bags are made of plastic films to prevent leaking and make them oil/water-resistant.

Glue Systems

There are two different types of glue systems.

Hot melt glue and Water-based or cold glue that is non-toxic

The gluing component is utilized to seal the bag sides, plastic film, and paper bag bottoms.

Printer Toner

Flexographic ink, which is eco-friendly and non-toxic, is used for inline printing.


The laminated printed bags include handles as well.

To manufacture twisted, flat, and D-Cut handles, a paper roll is utilized.

11. What Is the Application of Heavy-Duty Food Paper Bags?

The heavy-duty food paper bag making machine from MTED can produce double or triple-layered paper bags.

These bags are known as heavy-duty paper bags.

A standard paper bag may hold up to 10 kilograms.

Many-walled paper bags may contain up to 20kg of weight.

These paper bags are ideal for packing and storing rice, flour, sugar, powdered chemicals, and a variety of other things.

Chemicals and solvents can be transported from one location to another using heavy-duty brown paper bags.

Heavy-Duty Food Paper Bag

Heavy-Duty Food Paper Bag

Durability, cost-effectiveness, and great tear resistance are key advantages of the multiwall paper bag producing machine.

It can be used to make multiwall paper bags for construction materials like cement and sand.

It’s also used to make food bags that contain flour, sugar, pet food, or agricultural commodities like plant seeds and grains, as well as chemicals like fertilizers and resins.

12. How Are Printed Paper Bags Making a Difference in the Food Industry?

Industries are on the lookout for enticing, eye-catching, and stylish paper bags to attract clients.

Printed paper bags have proven to be a landmark in the business sector for this reason.

Stackers are hoping for more fashionable and up-to-date paper bags.

The printed paper bags are making the following difference in the food industry.

  • The MTED printed paper bag production machine helps to advertise the food company’s brand.
  • These are not only used for packing, but they are also environmentally beneficial, which increases their popularity among other food retailers.
  • Printing paper bags are recyclable, and as a result of this feature, consumers are increasingly switching from plastic to paper bags.
  • As the demand for paper bags grows, so does the profit in the firm.
  • People are attracted to printed paper bags with brand logos printed on them, and they visit the related stores.
  • They keep the qualities of the things they’re filled with.
  • They can also be used to lift heavy-weight items.

13.  What Are the Features of an Automatic Food Paper Bag Making Machine?

Your automatic food paper bag making machine has the following features.

  • Unwinder unit with hydraulic lifting
  • Servo adjustable tube length
  • Air-conditioned electrical cabinet
  • SICK Photocell registration
  • Automatic tension control
  • Italy SELECTRA EPC web guide control
  • Servo-driven draw-roll
  • Auto twisted handle and flat handle making unit
  • Auto twisted handle and flat handle application unit
  • Servo-driven bottom closing
  • Glue pasting unit
  • Accumulator delivery
  • Suitable for both twisted and flat handles
  • Optional inline flexo printing 2/4/6 Colors

EPC system of Automatic Food Paper Bag Making Machine

14.  Is MTED’s Automatic Food Paper Bag Making Machine CE certified?

Certification is a great way to maintain and build trust in your company. MTED’s machinery and operations offer no room for uncertainty.

It ensures the machine’s dependability, high maintenance, productivity, and safety measures so you can buy it again. MTED’s machines have all received CE certification.

MTED’s roll feeding square bottom paper bag production machine has been approved to meet market standards.

Furthermore, it is appropriate for any country. It opens the road for your company’s speedy expansion. Other important certifications held by MTED include ISO, OHSAS, and work safety certificates.

MTED International Certifications

International Certification

15.  Does MTED Provide After-sales Services with Food Paper Bag Making Machines?

MTED produces high-quality automatic food paper bag machines.

The highly-skilled engineers of MTED inspect the quality and verify that the safety criteria are met throughout the manufacturing process.

MTED offers you before and after-sales services for your convenience.

All of the machines come with a two-year warranty.

Your money is safe with MTED because it provides 20+ years of machine servicing to their valued customers.

Each component of the machine is manufactured and designed under the supervision of a professional.

For tracking purposes, each part is labelled with a unique identification number.

There is also the option of upgrading and changing machine parts.

MTED provides maintenance services for the rest of your life.

MTED can assist you with installation and setup at your location.

You can reach out at any time for assistance. The company engineers are always available to help and support you.

16.  Can I See the Manufacturing Process of Automatic Food Paper Bag Making Machine?

Yes, you can see the manufacturing process of the automatic food paper bag making machine.

You can visit the official website of MTED or you can watch the manufacturing videos from the following links.

Or, if possible, you must visit MTED. Plan a visit to China, and look at the manufacturing process by yourself.

You will have a better idea of the precision that MTED cares about. You can see the manufacturing process before placing an order.

If you already have placed the order you can come and visit MTED for validating the adequate functioning of your machine before packaging and dispatching.

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