RZJD-250J Flat Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine

  • Servotech Design
  • CE Certified
  • Fast Changeover
  • Compact Footprint
  • Save Material

RZJD-250J Flat Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine

MTED RZJD-250J flat bottom paper bag making machine is your perfect choice for making small size flat bottom paper bags. It’s able to make paper bags up to 250mm in the width and 460mm in the cutting length. It’s widely applied in food, medical and industrial sectors.

Thanks to it’s compact dimensions and fast changeover design, RZJD-250J is also ideal for any user who is planning to start his paper bag manufacturing business.

RZJD-250J is suitable for making paper bags with or without gusset, with max gusset 120mm easily adjustable on machine. And no matter plain paper or printed paper, it can work out perfectly with its advanced servotech design and photocell register design.

Cutting length110-460mm
Bag width70-250mm
Paper web width100-780mm
Paper weight35-80gsm
Top speed350bags/mn
Foot print7100 x 3000 x 2200mm







MTED Flat Bottom Paper Bag Making machine The Complete FAQ Guide

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