Your First Choice for Paper Bag Making Machine Supplier in China

  • Cater to your specific industry
  • Customized for your specific paper bag
  • Grow every step with your business
2 Years Warranty
Your paper bag making machine is backed up with 2 years guarantee to be free from any risk of purchasing.
20+ Sets/month
Over 20 sets paper bag making machines are put into production to ensure fast delivery and cut off production cost.
48/h Non-stop Operation
Our paper bag making machine serves for your business day and night without stop.
30 Years Life Span
Heavy duty cast iron frame plus high precision spare parts ensures machine long life span.
45 Minutes Changeover
Minimal changeover maximizes your productivity.
Operator Friendly
Safety and easy operation comes as top priority for the operator.
Function Customized
Machine functions can be customized for your specific paper bag.
Save Cost
99.9% uptime guarantee, save your energy and raw material cost.

MTED: Your Premier Paper Bag Making Machine Manufacturer

MTED is not a simply a paper bag machine maker.

At MTED, we do more than paper bag making machinery. We know who we are and what you need. We are dedicated to provide you up-to-date paper bag manufacturing technology, catering to your products, your capacity and your market. Whatever type of paper bags you want to make, MTED can provide you an existing solution or more customized alternatives. Our mass production capabilities ensure you the fastest delivery time and the most competitive price.

Choose Your Industry

MTED cares about your market. We keep innovated to grow up with your business. Choose paper bag making
solutions by your industry.

Ready to Start Your Project Now?
Designed for Your Bag
Engineers design and illustrate the paper bag making machine drawings according to your specific bags and functions.
Material Quality Inspection
MTED strictly controls quality inspection in every link from incoming materials, process manufacturing to product delivery, according to inspection standards. We take records of the inspection results in uniformity with item number, to ensure that the test results can be traced.
Each paper bag making machine is hand-assembled in MTED. One technician is charge of one machine from the assembling to test running. Craftsmanship is at every stage in the workshop floor of MTED.
Electric Engineering
MTED is teamed up with its electric engineers. We design and upgrade machine software specifically according to each machine’s functions. You are free from electric after-sales worries by reaching out to our engineers at any time.
Spare Parts Management
At MTED, all spare parts are managed by modern ERP inventory system. Each spare parts are marked with a specified code for tracking convenience. In this way you can get spare parts of machine history back to 20 years ago easily.
Factory Test
Each paper bag making machine undergoes factory test before delivery. This test include both mechanical and electrical tests. Each testing step are recorded and signed by different persons who take the responsibility.

How is Your Machine Certified?

Machine Features

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