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  • Compact size, space efficiency
  • User-friendly interface for easy operation
  • Versatile configurations for different trays
  • High OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
Paper Lunch Box Machine
2 Years Warranty
Benefit from a comprehensive 2-year warranty, providing you peace of mind and reliable support.
300 Sets/year
Capable of producing up to 300 sets of machines annually, meeting your high-demand requirements efficiently.
48 Hours Non-stop Run
Engineered for endurance, it can run non-stop for 48 hours, ensuring you uninterrupted production cycles.
20 Years Life Span
Designed for longevity, with a life span of 20 years, symbolizing our commitment to lasting quality and sustainability.

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  • Paper Lunch Box Making Machine Manufacturer
  • Paper Lunch Box Making Machine Manufacturer
  • Paper Lunch Box Making Machine Manufacturer

All Types of Paper Lunch Boxes to Satisfy Your Market

Discover a wide variety of paper lunch boxes that combine style and functionality. Whether it’s for sandwiches, chips, burgers, or fried chicken, you can always find one paper lunch box machine that delights your market with lasting impression!

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Paper Bag Making Machine - Manufacturing Process 1
Designed for Your Box
Irrespective of size, shape, or material requirements, our experts specialize in designing customized paper lunch box machines. We provide designs in PDF or CAD format tailored to your specific paper lunch box needs and functionalities.
Paper Bag Making Machine - Manufacturing Process 2
Material Quality Inspection
We maintain strict quality control for paper lunch box machines at every stage, adhering to ISO9001:2015 standards. Our meticulous inspection process ensures traceability of all test results for your paper box forming machines.
Paper Bag Making Machine - Manufacturing Process 3

Assembly & Craftsmanship

At our manufacturing facility, every disposable paper lunch box machine is meticulously hand-assembled by a dedicated technician. From assembly to test running, craftsmanship is paramount in each stage of production.

Paper Bag Making Machine - Manufacturing Process 4
Electric Engineering

Our experienced in-house electric engineering team ensures that the software of each paper lunch box machine is designed and upgraded to match its unique functions with utmost flexibility. Rest assured, our dedicated engineers are available to address any electrical after-sales concerns, offering support wherever and whenever you need it.

Paper Bag Making Machine - Manufacturing Process 5

Spare Parts Management

Our advanced ERP inventory system ensures efficient management of spare parts for your paper lunch box machine. Each part is assigned a unique identification number for easy tracking, allowing you to access machine history and obtain spare parts dating back up to 20 years with convenience.

Paper Bag Making Machine - Manufacturing Process 6

Factory Test

Every paper lunch box machine undergoes rigorous internal testing at our factory prior to delivery. This comprehensive test includes mechanical and electrical evaluations, with each step recorded in sign-off documentation. This ensures machine delivery within the scheduled timeline.

Certificates -Paper Bag Making Machine

Partners -Paper Bag Making Machine

Paper Luch Box Machine: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are you considering starting a business or expanding your existing paper lunch box production? Look no further! We are here to help you turn your dreams into reality.

As a leading manufacturer of paper lunch box machines, we have been serving the industry since early 2000, providing top-notch machines and solutions to our valued customers. At our company, we understand the importance of your investment. That’s why we offer a comprehensive machine service that extends beyond 20 years.

Join us on this exciting journey as we strive for excellence in the paper lunch box industry.

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1. What Is a Paper Lunch Box Machine?

Paper lunch box machine is a specific equipment designed to automate the manufacturing process of disposable paper lunch boxes. It works to transform paper blanks into ready-to-use lunch boxes.

These machines play a vital role in promoting sustainable packaging solutions by reducing the use of single-use plastic and supporting eco-friendly practices in the food industry.

Disposable Paper Lunch Box Making Machine
KCS-1000 Paper Lunch Box Making Machine

2. How Does a Paper Lunch Box Machine Work?

The paper lunch box forming machine operates by feeding the paper blanks, applying adhesive or heat to shape the box, and folding or sealing the edges. Paper lunch box making machines offer efficiency, precision, and versatility, allowing for customization of box size, design, and material.

Throughout the entire process, the paper lunch box machine runs with precision and speed, optimizing production efficiency. Advanced control systems and sensors ensure accurate positioning, adhesive application, and folding, minimizing errors and waste.

paper lunch box

Take Away Paper Lunch Box

3. What Is the Main Structure of Paper Lunch Box Machine?

glue applicatin of paper lunch box forming machine

Glue Application Unit

A paper lunch box making machine consists of below essential parts:

Blank feeding unit: This unit is responsible for accurately feeding the paper blanks onto the machine. We adopt positioning wheels and servo-driven advancing to ensure proper alignment and smooth movement of the blank sheets.

Heating or glue application unit: Depending on your specific box design, either a heating unit or a glue application unit will be applied to your paper lunch box forming machine.

In the case of a heating system, it uses heat to melt the coated surface on paper blanks, allowing them to be shaped and formed into the desired lunch box structure. On the other hand, a glue application system applies hot melt or water-based glue to specific areas of the paper blanks, creating folds, flaps, and compartments.

Control system: The control system of a paper lunch box machine includes electronic controls, sensors, and programming interfaces. These components allow operators to adjust and fine-tune various settings such as heating temperature, folding patterns, adhesive application, production speed, etc. The control system ensures the paper lunch box machine to run accurately, consistently, and efficiently.

collection system of paper lunch box machine

Collection System of Paper Lunch Box Machine

Collection system: The paper lunch box collection system collects well-formed paper lunch boxes in the stack or via conveyor system to the downstream production line. It facilitates the smooth movement of paper lunch boxes from one stage to another. The collection system ensures a continuous workflow and synchronization with downstream processes by machine intelligent control.

4. What Is the Production Capacity of Paper Lunch Box Machine?

The production capacity depends on various factors, including the machine’s design, lunch box size, as well as the complexity of the lunch box design, and the operator’s proficiency.

Paper lunch box machine with double stations has higher production capacity than single station. It can accommodate more paper blanks simultaneously. KSH-2FS paper lunch box machine with double lanes features double production capacity of KSH-1FS single lane machine.

Paper Lunch Box Machine structure

Paper Lunch Box Machine With Double Stations

The complexity of the lunch box design can affect production capacity. Lunch boxes with intricate folds, compartments, or custom shapes may require more time and precision to produce, potentially reducing the overall production capacity.

The proficiency of the machine operator plays a role in maximizing production capacity. Skilled operators who are familiar with the paper lunch box machine’s operation and settings can optimize its performance and minimize downtime, resulting in higher production output.

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