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Paper Bag Production Machine in China
2 Years Warranty
It is the first step of your long-term trusted relationship with MTED. Your investments are secure. Install, run, and gain profits.
20+ Sets/month
MTED’s experienced engineers and trained staff work effortlessly round the clock to provide you fast and on-time shipments.
48 Hours Non-stop Run
Your paper bag production machine can work efficiently for 48 hours, thanks to the installed, fully automatic ServoTech system.
30 Years Life Span
Not only MTED, but your paper bag production machine also creates a strong bond with you for many years to come.

All Types of Paper Bag Production Machines to Boom Your Business

MTED is a one-stop solution provider for all your paper bag production machines. You can boom your business by making paper bags of square bottom, sharp bottom, printed, with handles, plastic windows, and many more customized paper bags. Variable-sized paper bags facilitate the customers with order flexibility!

MTED: Leading Manufacturer of Paper Bag Production Machinery

Success is not a one-day event, neither is it attained accidentally. Behind the successful MTED, you see today is the continuous hard work of the past 25 years.

A small paper bag production industry came into being in 1995. With consistency, dedication, and a whole passionate team of MTED made it possible to provide you with high-quality machinery.

Your convenience is our priority. For this reason, we provide all the possible solutions that are useful in your paper bag production business.

  • 1-Paper Bag Production Machine Supplier
  • 2-Paper Bag Production Machine Supplier
  • 3-Paper Bag Production Machine Supplier

Select Your Industry Below, and See How We Can Help

With MTED’s paper bag production machine, you can serve all the clients regardless of the industry they belong to. From pharmaceuticals to the food industry and retail to the industrial sector, everyone wants high-quality paper bags.

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Paper Bag Making Machine - Manufacturing Process 1
Designed for Your Bag
MTED’s paper bag production machine is designed according to your desires. You can freely reveal the custom features you want to add to your machine. The highly qualified engineers at MTED will design the machine accordingly with added upgraded options. You can also get a software copy of your machine’s design.
Paper Bag Making Machine - Manufacturing Process 2
Material Quality Inspection

The world’s reputed brands provide all the components used in paper bag production machines. Every part of the machine is tested and verified before assembly. The quality control team ensures that the production is up to the international safety standards. Many national and international certificates are proof of the high-quality output.

Paper Bag Making Machine - Manufacturing Process 3

Assembly & Craftsmanship

Once the engineers approve the quality of the raw material, a trained technician is assigned to hand-assemble your paper bag production machine. Engineering schematics are provided to the technician. According to these drawings, the technician precisely assembles every component keeping the possible innovations in mind.
Paper Bag Making Machine - Manufacturing Process 4
Electric Engineering
Electrical engineers work side by side with the mechanical staff. A precise installation of sensors and motors ensures the smooth automatic operation of your paper bag production machine. Due to the installed VPN device, you can reach out to our engineers whenever you want to get the electrical after-sales services.
Paper Bag Making Machine - Manufacturing Process 5

Spare Parts Management

Thanks to the ERP’s inventory system, you can get spare parts for your paper bag production machine even after decades. The spare parts are organized by putting a specific identification mark on each component of the machine. These particular numbers serve as tracking IDs, and it becomes convenient for us to find a similar part quickly.
Paper Bag Making Machine - Manufacturing Process 6

Factory Test

After the mechanical assembly and electrical connections, the machine is handed over to a qualified and experienced engineer. Thorough testing is conducted by running your machine in the factory. Every component is inspected closely to ensure that the machine works appropriately once installed on your premises.

Certificates -Paper Bag Making Machine

Partners -Paper Bag Making Machine

Square Bottom Paper Bag Production Machine

Flat and Satchel Paper Bag Production Machine (650bags/min)

Paper Bag Production Machine: The Complete FAQ Guide

In a world of ultimate chaos and environmental hazards, it is necessary to produce eco-friendly things.

Paper bag production machines are the most significant achievement in creating harmless and disposable bags, unlike polythene ones.

These bags are used by different clothing brands, warehouses, and sweets/grocery shops to pack the goods.

The bag making machines consist of different designs, layouts, structures, and arrangements depending on the final shape and size of the bag.

Therefore, there should be versatility in the bag manufacturing system to deal with any challenges.

To have a complete know-how of the production machines, let’s move further to its various types and specifications.

1.     What Is a Paper Bag Production Machine?

It is a fully automatic paper bag making machine with high speed and efficient working.

If you are going to start a paper product business, then buying a paper bag production machine is the first step towards success.

This machine helps you serve your client with a variable-shaped paper bag, such as a square bottom and a sharp bottom.

With the help of an inline printer, you can make various designs on the bags to attract clients.

The machine uses kraft paper for making bags which are then used by different retail companies, pharmaceuticals, and other food franchises.

These paper bags can be made of different colors, shapes, and sizes as per the machine’s configuration.

paper bags for food delivery

Paper Bags for Food Delivery

The machine can also make bags with handles.

On the whole, a paper bag production machine is the one that makes versatile paper bags and helps you serve your clients with satisfaction.

2.     How Does MTED Manufacture a Paper Bag Production Machine?

There are different machines with different functioning. MTED manufactures each machine with the same precision and accuracy.

MTED caters to your specific industry and is customized for your particular paper bag.

It makes sure to grow with every step of your business. The machines manufactured by MTED give two years of warranty.

The machines are equipped with the latest technology and speed up to 240 paper bags per minute.

The manufacturing process involves the following steps.

Designed According to Your Choice

MTED is a paper bag manufacturing company that designs the machines right according to your requirements, such as medium or large-sized square bottom bags.

MTED engineers extensively examine the characteristics and layout of your required paper bags.

All the engineers then discuss the functions that they should incorporate into your machinery.

It is made sure that no equipment is outdated.

MTED also keeps into consideration the productivity of the machine and cost-effectiveness.


Quality Control

All the material and spare components of your paper bag making machine are subjected to strict quality control by MTED.

Each item has a unique serial number that MTED may track. Every component is inspected using a micrometer.

The MTED staff pays attention to every little detail on the factory floor. This check and balance make a significant impact on the machine that runs on your site.

quality inspection of paper bag production machine

Quality Control

The machines can work for 48 hours straight, thus giving your business more opportunities. There is a wide range of square bottom machines depending upon their specifications.

Assembly of Components

MTED, due to its upgraded staff and advanced technology, customizes hundreds of distinct parts on time.

MTED has two huge workshops covering an area of 7500 square meters.

All the components of the machine are created in-house and are selected from the trusted partners.

The staff compiles the components of the machines and sends them to the MTED workshops for final testing.

paper production machine Assembly of Components

Assembly of Components

Electric Connections

MTED is fully committed to foster the development of its electrical engineering expertise.

Your MTED paper bag making machine is in the hands of people who are well-versed in both electrical systems and machine operation.

According to your needs, MTED design and installs servo control systems, PLC and HMI controls, automatic alarm systems, product diverse data storage, and so on.

electric connection of paper bag production machine

Electrical Connections

Spare Parts

MTED’s ERP inventory software manages all spare parts for your paper bag making equipment.

As identification, each spare part is imprinted with a unique serial number. It simplifies and streamlines the entire spare parts inventory management process.

Whether you need a large or small quantity of spare parts, MTED can meet your needs quickly.

Web Guiding of Paper Bag Production Machine

Final Factory Testing

Once the assembly is complete, your paper bag production machine is subjected to an internal MTED facility test.

It ensures that all components and controls are functioning correctly per your and MTED’s agreements.

To avoid missing any nonconformities, the entire exam takes about one week.

During each test, MTED’s engineers will make necessary modifications.

Paper Bag production machine final factory testFinal Factory Testing

3.     How Does a Paper Bag Production Machine Work?

Understanding the working of machines is as much important as buying them. Because the whole business depends upon the working of the machines.

Let me give you the details of the working of paper bags production machine.

Paper Roll Feeding

It’s the first step towards the manufacturing of a paper bag.

Paper roll material is fed into the hydraulic roller to start the formation of the paper bags.

Enough friction is provided to the paper so that it gets folded.

paper roll unwinder of paper bag production machine

Paper Tube Formation

This process involves tube formation, setting the paper bag width, and side gusset formation.

The forming template is put according to the predetermined size of your paper bag.

The friction wheels keep the paper tube stretched, preventing the construction of the wrinkled paper tube.

Gluing System 

The automatic gluing system applies water-based glue on the paper web. The side seams stick properly when the friction wheels roll over the paper tube.


After properly sealing of side seams and tube formation, the sharp blade cutters are used to cut down the material to bring it in a proper shape.

You can use different cutters to have distinct shapes and sizes of the bags.

Paper Bags Cutting

Paper Bags Cutting

Automatic Counting

It is no wisdom to count the papers manually, as it consumes more time.

To ensure efficient working, MTED introduces the automatic counting system in the paper bag production machines.

This automatic counting helps to count the number of paper bags manufactured.

The work speed also enhances due to this feature.

Finished Bag Accumulation

After all the above steps are performed, the final step is to collect the finished bags.

The bags of identical sizes and shapes are gathered together.

After preparing the stock, it is packed and delivered to the clients.

4.     Can I Make Square Bottom Paper Bags with a Paper Bag Production Machine?

Almost all the industries prefer paper bags over every other stuff. It just not cuts off the cost but also enables you to sell goods in some beautifully designed paper bags.

Making square bottom paper bags from a paper bag production machine has now become highly feasible.

With the assistance of a Square bottom paper bag production machine customized by some expert engineers of MTED, it is possible to make high-quality paper bags.

It is an ideal choice for making several-sized paper bags, whether small, medium, or large.

RZFD-190, RZFD-330, and RZFD-450 are the three extraordinary models for making square bottom paper bags.

With the adjustment of forming template, you can create variable widths and gusset sizes.

You can also create printed square bottom paper bags or paper bags with plastic windows.

Square Bottom Paper Bags

Square Bottom Paper Bags

5.     Does Paper Bag Production Machine Create Flat and Satchel Paper Bags?

With the help of flat and satchel paper bag production machine, it is now possible to make some extraordinary flat and satchel paper bags.

Paper bag production machines are everyone’s new go-to, and everyone is adapting to this enticing change.

You can make some adequate paper bags with or without gusset, and it can perfectly work with both the printed and plain paper.

Sharp bottom paper bags are popular among the food industry and pharmaceutical industry. V-bottom paper bags with plastic windows are most commonly used in bakeries and to pack food items.

RZJD-250J and RZJD-350J are the two models for making sharp bottom paper bags. You can also get them with an inline printer or inline plastic window-making unit.

Sharp Bottom Paper Bags

Sharp Bottom Paper Bags

6.     How Does a Paper Production Machine Make Printed Paper Bags?

Designing a printed bag via a paper bag production machine has become more convenient. By utilizing a paper bag making machine with printing, you can make some extraordinary paper bags with some beautiful designs.

With a compact structure and high quality, it ensures some distinguished and unique designs.

MTED provides you with inline and stand-along flexo printers. Depending on your requirement and budget you can choose between the two.

Flexo printers can print in 1 – 8 colors.

Printed Paper Bags

Printed Paper Bags

7.     How Many Types of Plastic Windows Can I Make with Paper Bag Production Machine?

You can make die-cut plastic windows and strip plastic windows with your paper bag production machine.

MTED also provides you with (on demand) variable-shaped die-cutters. Imaginative plastic windows make the paper bags look out of this world.

8.     Does Paper Bag Production Machine Support Handle Making Units?

Yes, you can make twisted, flat, and D-cut handles (patch handles) with your paper bag production machine. The specified square bottom paper bag production machines for twisted and flat handles are:

  • RZFD-330T/450TA/450TB
  • RZFD-330F/450FA/450FB
  • RZFD-330TF/450TFA/450TFB

RZFD-330D can make plastic windows on your square bottom paper bags. Handles make the paper bag look more trendy and easy to carry.

9.     What Is the Importance of Paper Bag Production Machine in the Retail Industry?

Retailers prefer using paper bags rather than plastic bags. It is because of the advantages paper bags offer to the world. These advantages are:

  • Paper bags are environmentally friendly
  • They are reusable and recyclable
  • Paper bags look stylish and trendy
  • Printed paper bags are help promote the brand
  • You can get custom paper bags for your product
  • Stylish paper bags with plastic windows add beauty to the utility
  • Paper carry bags make it convenient for the customers to carry their belongings

10.  How Is the Paper Bag Production Machine Serving the Pharmaceutical and the Food Industry?

Food and pharmaceuticals are the two main domains of our lives, and we can’t think about living without them.

To store the food and medicines at a moderate temperature, the packaging is the biggest challenge.

Some food and medicines can be stores in metal containers, aluminum papers, and plastic bags.

Some of them require dealing with care, or otherwise, you may mess with them.

The production of paper bag making machines has made the life of both the food and pharmaceutical industries easy.

Various famous brands store their food and medicines in paper bags.

Moreover, the food delivered to our doors also comes in paper bags as it is eco-friendly and easily portable.

Food paper bag production machine

Paper Bag Machine for Food Industry

Food Industry

Food paper bag production machines make paper bags for:

  • Restaurants Services
  • Take away

These machines can also make single-layer paper bags or double-layer paper bags, wine paper bags, or gourmet paper bags, depending upon your choice.

MTED Square bottom paper bag making machine is also designed to make food paper bags with 260 paper bags per minute.

Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is entirely dependent on the production of paper bags.

The paper bag production machine, while manufacturing the pharmaceutical paper bags, make sure that the paper bags are

  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Free of bacterial activities.
  • Confirm the efficacy of the medicines.

In this way, the paper bag making machines owing to the food and pharmaceutical industries to help their products retain their properties.

11.  What Are the Advantages of Buying a Paper Bag Production Machine?

In this pandemic world, the demand for paper bag making machines has increased due to the increased online business.

It is because people started buying online instead of going to the stores.

Online buying also involves packaging goods, and there is no other attractive and helpful packaging than paper bags.

However, there are other technical reliabilities at MTED which add to the advantages of the paper bag production machine.

48-hours Non-Stop Run

MTED’s paper bag production machine works 24 hours a day, seven days a week for your paper bag manufacturing business.

It is an ideal machine working system that can help your business to grow.

30-years Life Span

MTED ensures a 30-year life span which means you don’t have to buy another machine for 30 years.

The MTED paper bag making machine will last a long time because it is equipped with heavy-duty cast iron frames and high-precision spare components.

Variable-Sized Paper Bags

MTED is fully committed to bringing variety in the shapes and forms of paper bags.

The MTED paper bag production machines are designed with servo control and high production to make different paper bags ranging from small, medium, to large paper bags.

Fast ROI

The paper bag making machines give you a fast ROI (return on investment).

It means that due to the fast and continuous working of the machines, you can earn a hefty profit in time.

The profit made helps you to deal with your business investments.

Fast Production Speed

The paper bags made manually are indeed excellent, but the process is time taking.

If you receive a bulky order with a shorter deadline, you will not complete it.

The paper bag making machines are a great alternative and can work with excellent efficiency.

These machines save time and are a lot quicker than the manual system.


MTED is fully committed to foster the development of its electrical engineering expertise.

Your MTED paper bag making machine is in the hands of people who are well-versed in both electrical systems and machine operation.

Eco-Friendly Paper Bags

Eco-Friendly Paper Bags

12.  What Are the Main Features of Paper Bag Production Machine?

The MTED paper bag making machines have a wide range of features, which make them stand-out.

These features include:

  • PLC and HMI Control
  • Unwinder unit by hydraulic lifting
  • Perforation unit
  • Germany SICK photocell registration
  • Automatic Tension control
  • Tube forming unit
  • Glue pasting unit
  • Bottom folding unit
  • Delivery table
  • Air-Conditioned electric table
  • Servo-driven draw roll
  • Servo-driven separation unit

13.  What Is the Raw Material Used in Paper Bag Production Machine?

You can divide the raw material into two categories:

  • Direct raw material
  • Indirect raw material

Direct Raw Material

By direct raw material, we mean the primary material you need to manufacture paper bags. It is the material that you can see after the production is completed.

  1. Paper

The primary raw material needed for the production of paper bags is paper.

You can use numerous types of paper to manufacture paper bags. For example:

  • Kraft paper (white/brown)
  • White cardboard
  • Coated paper
  • Laminated paper
  • Offset paper
  • Newsprint paper
  • Recycled paper

Laminated Paper Bag Production Machine

Laminated Paper Bags Production Machine

All these papers have different qualities. You can choose the appropriate paper according to your client’s demands.

For example, if your client wants a strong paper that can hold up to 10kg weight, we’ll recommend you choose kraft paper (also called khaki paper or brown paper).

Got an imaginative client?

MTED suggests you choose offset paper. You can print various patterns and prints precisely on this paper.

It is a lightweight paper that gives you high-quality printing results.

  1. Handles

The second primary raw material you need for your paper bag production is the handles. You can use three types of handles in your paper bag production machine.

Paper Bags with Twisted Handles

Paper Bags With Twisted Handles

  • Flat handles
  • Twisted rope handles
  • Patch handles (Die-cut handles)

The best thing about these three handles is that you can make them in your facility with the same raw material used in your paper bag production.

MTED facilitates you with handle making units that can make flat handles and twisted handles.

Indirect Raw Material

By indirect raw material, we mean that the things necessary to produce your paper bag, but you cannot see them in the final product.

For example:

  • Glue
  • Ink

MTED uses water-based, non-toxic white latex glue for sealing side seams and paper bag bottom. Hot glue is also used to make paper handles and to paste them.

Flexographic ink is used in flexo printers. It is an environmentally friendly ink that is non-hazardous to health.

14.  How Is the Fully Automatic Paper Bag Production Machine Different from the Manual One?

MTED manufactures automatic paper bag production machines. We recommend you install these machines in your facility to get maximum benefits.

Let’s provide you some reason in support of our recommendation.


  • An automatic paper production machine has a hydraulic paper roll unwinder. It is a convenient way to load the heavyweight paper roll onto the shaft. The roller then automatically unwinds the paper to form the paper web.

On the other hand, you need to put the paper into the machine in manual paper bag production machines by yourself. It increases the chances of injuries and takes more time to feed the papers into the machine.

  • A fully automatic machine provides you with fast and precise processing. Human hands cannot perform as quickly as a machine can do.
  • HMI and PLC controls are installed in MTED’s fully automatic paper bag production machines. These controls allow you to feed the required data into the machine, and the rest is the history.

On the contrary, in manual machines, you have to inspect every step by yourself. Each step needs your guidance and assistance. You cannot sit back and relax while working on the manual paper bag production machine.

Beautiful Paper Bags

Beautiful Paper Bags

  • Automatic machines can manufacture up to 650 paper bags in a minute. It is beyond imagination while working with a manual paper bag production machine.
  • In automatic machines, you can get precise printing. Whereas setting the paper manually for printing every time can result in minor errors.
  • Accuracy and reliability is an essential difference between an automatic and manual paper bag production machine. You can rely on an automatic machine. It will provide you with the same-sized paper bags as per your instructions on the control panel.
  • Automatic machines create similar paper bags. 100% exact sizes, accurate corners, set creases, and proper gluing. On the other hand, manual work may differ from bag to bag.
  • An automatic machine can run for 48 hours non-stop. Humans cannot work for so long without taking a rest.
  • Continuous and fast working results in immediate ROI. Whereas, with manual machines, it takes time to gain profits.
  • Automatic machines tend to use the calculated amount of raw material. Moreover, there are minimal chances of error. In manual machines, due to human error, there are more chances of raw material wastage.

15.  Is MTED’s Paper Bag Production Machine Roll Fed or Sheet Fed?

MTED manufactures roll-fed paper bag production machines. The automatic hydraulic shafts unwind the paper roll smoothly to form the paper web.

Roll-fed machines consume less time in producing paper bags as compared to sheet-fed machines.

The compact designs MTED provides to valuable customers tend to work fast in less time.

However, on market demand, MTED is working on the manufacturing of sheet-fed paper bag production machines.

Paper Rolls

Paper Rolls

16.  Does MTED Facilitate with After-Sales Services?

Definitely, yes!

MTED values the customer’s convenience. We provide you with:

  • High-grade machines with 2 year warranty time
  • Installation guidance
  • Operation guidance
  • Operator training
  • Spare parts availability
  • Lifetime maintenance services
  • Effective customer services

Lifetime Maintenance Services

Lifetime Maintenance Services

17.  What Is the Benefit of Eye Mark Registration System in Paper Bag Production Machine?

The eye mark registration system helps the sensors to locate the paper positioning. In automatic machines, various sensors are installed to detect the paper’s location and work accordingly.

The sensors sense the eye mark registration, and they determine whether the paper is adequately positioned or not. If not, then the automatic correction devices get activated to relocate the paper.

Similarly, according to the predetermined paper bag length, eye marks help the machine for cutting the paper tube.

Sensors are installed in the whole machine to ensure the proper location of the paper web, aligned edges, and accurate cutting.

It also helps while printing, die-cutting, and handle pasting.

Eye Mark Registration System

Eye Mark Registration System

18.  How to Lubricate Paper Bag Production Machine?

MTED’s paper bag production machines have an automatic lubrication system installed in them. All the rolling parts, shafts, and bearings are lubricated automatically.

All you need to do is to keep a record of the hydraulic oil in the machine. Change the oil immediately if it changes its color.

Lubrication prevents corrosion. Hence, providing you efficient working for ages.

Automatic Lubrication

Automatic Lubrication

19.  Can I Get a Customized Paper Bag Production Machine?

Yes, why not?

MTED not only provides you with standard paper bag production machines but also manufactures machines for your custom bags.

For example, the following are the images of some custom made paper bags. It is a small paper bag production machine that was specifically designed on demand.

Customized Paper Bag Production Machine

Similarly, you can get customized paper bag production machines according to your business requirements.

Custom printers, custom die-cutting units, customized components, and handle making unit, you can get whatever you want.

20.  What Auxiliary Machines Can I Use with the Paper Bag Production Machine?

For your convenience, MTED manufactures auxiliary machines in support of paper bag production machines.

These are:

  • Twisted paper rope handle making machine
  • Flat handle making machine
  • Handle pasting machine
  • Twisted rope making machine
  • Rope rewinding machine
  • Flexo printers

Twisted Paper Rope Handle Making Machine

RZSW-10MA is a specified machine that makes 1000 pairs of twisted handles in an hour. It is a compact machine that can fit in any facility.

You can safely operate this cost-effective machine. Narrow paper rolls are used in the machine to make twisted paper rope.

It is a fully automatic machine that glues the twisted rope to paper patch automatically.

Flat Handle Making Machine

RZBS-180M is a flat handle-making machine. It is a compact machine that makes up to 6000pairs/hour.

It is a fully automatic machine that glues and counts the pair of handles automatically.

Flat Paper Handles

Flat Handles for Paper Bags

Handle Pasting Machine

22RZHP-200 is a specific machine to paste the ready handles into the paper bags. The handle pasting machine is a cost-effective solution to add to your paper bag production machine.

The handle-making and pasting machines work collectively in support of paper carry bags making machines.

Twisted Rope Making Machine

RZZS-20M is a high-speed paper twisted rope-making machine. It is a small, easy to operate, and cost-effective solution for paper rope making.

The double rope production ensures fast working. You can also adjust the diameter of the paper rope roll according to your requirement.

Rope Rewinding Machine

RZFJ-400M is a small, high-speed paper rope rewinding machine. It works along with a twisted rope-making machine.

The machine smoothly wraps the rope quickly in a roll. The machine’s shafts rotate speedily, and the rope from one end to the other is released. It is covered in such a way as to make sure that there are no knots left in the roll.

Flexo Printers

The ZYT series of flexo printers are available in three types:

These printers can print in 2, 4, and 6 colors, respectively. Flexo printers can print 5- 100m/min.

The automatic ink circulation pump releases the ink in a calculated amount to prevent wastage. Ceramic anilox rollers apply the ink smoothly onto the paper to give you precise printing.

Creatively Printed Paper Bags

Creatively Printed Paper Bags

21.  How Many Operators Are Needed to Run a Paper Bag Production Machine?

The best thing about getting a paper bag production machine for your business is its automatic functioning.

You don’t need to have many staff members to operate the machine. A trained operator is enough to put the data on the control panel.

The machine will then perform all the functions automatically. A smooth run is guaranteed from paper roll unwinding to final accumulation – thanks to the installed ServoTech system.

Various sensors like photocell detectors, jam detecting sensors, and traction control systems help smooth functioning.

22.  Does Paper Bag Production Machine Make Multi-Layered Paper Bags?

Here is another fantastic feature of MTED’s paper bag production machine. With the help of two paper roll unwinders, it can make multi-wall paper bags.

These are also called heavy-duty paper bags. These bags are commonly used in pharmaceutical industries to store powdered chemicals.

In the food industry, grocers put in rice, flour, sugar, and spices and store them in inventories. Retailers also pack cement, fertilizers, and pet food in multi-layered paper bags.

You can also make laminated paper bags by pasting plastic film as the second layer. Laminated paper bags are beneficial for food items.

The plastic inner liner makes the bag water-resistant and oil-proof. Multi-layered paper bags can carry more weight than standard paper bags.

Heavy Duty Paper Bags

Heavy Duty Paper Bags

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