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Paper Bag Machine
2 Years Warranty
You are covered by our worry free guarantee. Each MTED paper bag machine is warranted for 2 years of use from the time of delivery.
20+ Sets/month
MTED puts into production 20+ sets of paper bag machines monthly. We assure you the fastest lead time and the most competitive price.
48Hour Non-stop Run
Each MTED paper bag machine is hand assembled by MTED workmanship. It ensures long-time stable running of the machine.
30 Years Life Span
Each MTED paper bag machine is built with a heavy-duty cast iron body and equipped with high-end international electrical components.

All Paper Bag Machines From One Source

MTED company offers a wide range of paper bag machines with a reasonable price. They are appealing in outlook and robust in operation. With or without inline printing, small or big capacity, find your most suitable paper bag machine here for your specific bag design and dimensions.

MTED: Your Reliable Paper Bag Machine Manufacturer in China

Since 1995, MTED opened its door for doing flexible converting business. Till now it has grown into one of the largest paper bag machine manufacturers in China, with happy customers in 100+ countries.

MTED company boasts a wide range of dedicated paper bag machines for various paper bags at an attractive price. We can innovate and customize paper bag machines for your specific requirements at a  low cost.

Send us your inquiry now. We will offer you a solution with the best price within one business day!

  • Paper Bag Machine Manufacturer
  • Paper Bag Machine Manufacturer
  • Paper Bag Machine Manufacturer

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From takeaway food paper bags to retail shopping paper bags or drug paper bags, MTED has tackled extensive paper bags with dedicated machines and lines. Thanks to our decades of technical innovation on paper bag machines, you’ll find a solution with the most reasonable price for your industry here in MTED!

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Paper Bag Machine Manufacturing Process
Customized for Your Bag
Your paper bag machine is tailored for your needs. MTED team turn your idea into the blueprint and put it into production in the workshop floor.
Paper Bag Machine Manufacturing Process
Quality Control
Quality is essential in paper bag machine manufacturing. Thanks to the MTED QC team, every single piece of your paper bag machine is traceable and well-selected.
Paper Bag Machine Manufacturing Process
 Craftsmanship Assembly
Your paper bag machine is hand assembled in MTED. The craftsmanship is throughout the whole process of your paper bag machine assembling. The specific technician who assembles your machine will help you with machine commissioning and set-up.
Paper Bag Machine Manufacturing Process
Electric Engineering
Unlike other paper bag machine suppliers, MTED company has its own electric engineering team of high degree education. We do machine programming and software updating by ourselves. We are able to back up your paper bag machine in a more flexible way.
Paper Bag Machine Manufacturing Process
Spare Parts Management
Thanks to MTED modern inventory management, spare parts of your paper bag machine can be handed to your site within the shortest time. For 10,000+ standard or customized spare parts, we have them in stock and identify them with a unique tracking number. You are free from after sales worries once you choose the  MTED paper bag machine.
Paper Bag Machine Manufacturing Process
Factory Test
Each MTED paper bag machine will go through the factory internal test before delivery. The internal test includes the paper bag machine’s electric and pneumatic systems, tension control system, gluing system, tube forming unit, eye mark registration, etc. Only the qualified MTED paper bag machines are allowed to leave the MTED factory.

Certificates Paper Bag Machine

Partners Paper Bag Machine

Paper Bag Machine: The Complete FAQ Guide

Welcome to the world of paper bags. MTED is a one-stop solution for all your paper bag machines.

Here you can find paper bag machines that manufacture block bottom, flat and satchel, printed, with handle, and with stylish window cuts.

I am here to give you all the helpful information you want to know about paper bag machines. Let’s begin.

1. How Does A Paper Bag Machine Work?

Paper Bag Machine Invention of Margaret E. Knight

Invention of Margaret E. Knight

The eco friendly paper bag machine’s history can be traced back to 1868, when Margaret the E Knight the inventor of the paper bag machine firstly brought it to the world.

The machine afterwards was developed to produce the square bottom paper bags.

Nowadays China has become a manufacturing center of paper bag machinery.

MTED company ranks as the leading supplier and manufacturer in China for innovation and expertise on various paper bag machinery, especially the fully automatic roll fed paper bag machines.

So what’s the eco friendly paper bag machine’s working mechanism?

From our paper bag machine videos, you will see the main working mechanism as below:

Layout of RZJD-350J Paper Bag Machine With Printing

Layout of RZJD-350J Paper Bag Machine With Printing

It normally starts from paper material loading to paper tube forming, gluing, bottom creasing, bottom folding, and finished bag delivery, etc.

Some paper bag machine has different working mechanism and functionality.

It depends on different machine makers’ design and different paper bag types to be manufactured.

Interested in MTED paper bag machine design pdf? Contact us now.

2. What is the Main Structure of Paper Bag Machine?

Simple or complex design, small or big size, the paper bag machine is normally built in the following main structure:

I. Paper Feeding Unit

Unwinder Unit of Paper Bag Machine

The paper feeder can be pre-stack feeder or roll paper unwinder.

The pre-stack feeder is used on the sheet fed paper bag machine.

And the roll paper unwinder is equipped on the roll fed paper bag machine for loading big roll paper.

II. Tube Forming Unit

Tube Formng Unit of Paper Bag Machine

Tube Formng Unit of Paper Bag Machine

The tube forming unit is the key part of a paper bag machine, which comes between the side gluing unit and bottom folding unit.

The paper tube is formed on this station according to your needed bag width and gusset size.

It’s not an easy job to make consistent paper tubes with the easy and fast operation, which does not leave any trace on the paper material.

However, MTED paper bag machine made it possible.

III. Bottom Folding Unit

Bottom Folding Unit of Paper Bag Machine

Bottom Folding Unit of Paper Bag Machine

Creased in vertical and horizontal lines, the paper material goes to the bottom opening and folding unit.

The bottom width is adjustable on the paper bag machine to make a range of bag dimensions on one machine.

We suggest operator training on the bag size adjustment if he does not have related experience before.

IV. Gluing Unit

Side Gluing Unit of Paper Bag Machine

Side Gluing Unit of Paper Bag Machine

There are two kinds of gluing systems frequently used on the paper bag machine.

They are water-soluble adhesive glue unit and hot melt glue sprayer.

Whatever glue unit, it’s of great importance to ensure the gluing uniformity synchronized with the machine running at variable speed.

And the glue system should be easy to control and clean to save the labor cost and material cost.

V. Driving Unit

Electrical Cabinet of MTED Paper Bag Machine

Electrical Cabinet of MTED Paper Bag Machine

The driving unit functions as the heart of the whole paper bag machine, empowering its robust running.

Each paper bag machine factory has its own design.

Either mechanical driving system controlled by gears and chains or servo driving system, you have to carefully check the driving unit is well designed for stable running with low cost of maintenance.

These are the main parts you need to know about a paper bag machine.

With that, we should move to the next segment of our discussion. Shall we?

3. What Are the MTED Paper Bag Machine Specifications?

Before you come to decide on the right paper bag machine, you need to know the key machine specifications.

Among a variety of paper bag machine specifications, here are the most important items:

I. Bag Types

paper-bags on Paper Bag Machine

Paper Bags

There are different bag types on the market including SOS bags, flat bottom bags, flat and satchel bags, pinch-bottom bags, D-cut handle carry bags, recycled bags, bakery bags with hot perforation, party bags with handle, and so on.

Some of them can be used on a complete paper bag machine, while others ask for separate machines.

If you are not sure about which paper bag machine for your specific bag, do consult your paper bag machine supplier for advice.

II. Bag Width

The bag width range varies for different MTED paper bag machine models.

For example, on RZJD-250J model the width ranges from 70-250mm, and on RZFD-450 model, it ranges from 260-450mm.

Different bag width within the range is adjustable on one MTED paper bag machine.

Any question on how to choose the right model, just feel free to contact our MTED team.

III. Bag Length

Bag Length on MTED Paper Bag Machine

Bag Length

Bag length is effected by the bag cut off length. Likewise, the bag length range differs on different MTED paper bag models.

We make maximum bag length 710mm on our standard machine.

The longer bag can also be customized on your specific paper bag machine.

Besides, the bag length is easily adjustable from the touch screen panel if you need to change length.

This only takes several minutes to finish on an MTED paper bag machine.

IV. Machine Speed

Machine speed matters a lot for the fast growing paper bag manufacturing business.

For flat and satchel paper bags, MTED offers you a fully automatic machine with max 650bags/min in single stream and 1200bags/min in double streams.

Different in machine principle, MTED square bottom paper bag machine can reach max 250bags/min for thicker paper material.

With the combination of both high productivity and stability, the MTED paper bag machine stands beside you as a good partner who will make your paper bag production easier, so you just focus on making money.

V. Control System

Powder Brake Web Tension Control on Paper Bag Machine

Powder Brake Web Tension Control on Paper Bag Machine

Talking about the control system, each paper bag machine maker has its own preference.

Equipped with our own highly talented electric engineering team, MTED has developed its consolidated cooperation with the top international brand partners on the automation control.

All main parameters including speed, eye mark registration, cut-off length, web tension control and more can be automatically controlled through the MTED  auto control system.

What’s more, all production data can be recorded in the control panel memory for your further use.

Every MTED paper bag machine supports remote VPN control for easy diagnostics from MTED experts, which ensures your machine optimization with the lowest cost.

4. What Partners Does MTED Paper Bag Machine Work With?

ABB configuration on MTED Paper Bag Machine

MTED is proficient in mechanical and electrical design and development in partnership with reliable top brands, including  LENZE, REXROTH, BECKHOFF, SELECTRA, ABB, SICK, FALA, Becker, etc.

All these international brands are well-supportive on function development and easily accessible wherever you are, whenever you need for convenient after-sales service.

5. What Inline Optional Items are Available on MTED Paper Bag Machine?

Inline Printer of Paper Bag Machine

Inline Printer of Paper Bag Machine

If the standard MTED paper bag machine cannot satisfy your needs fully, we also offer optional items with reasonable price, such as inline printing, flat handle unit, hot melt glue sprayer, twisted handle unit, window unit, D-cut handle unit, labeling unit, etc.

Die Cut Window Unit of Paper Bag Machine

Die Cut Window Unit of Paper Bag Machine

By incorporation of these optional items onto your MTED paper bag machine, you are able to make more diversified paper bags, like paper bags with printing, window SOS bags, D-cut handle carry bags, paper bags with flat or twisted handle, and so on.

The paper bag machine pdf design drawings will be available for your confirmation before order.

6. Does MTED Support Operator Training on Paper Bag Machine?

Hands-on Training Services of MTED Paper Bag Machine

Hands-on Training Services of MTED Paper Bag Machine

Surely yes.

MTED has over 50 field technicians to serve you all around the world.

Our established database of each technician’s skill and familiarity with various MTED machinery models, allows us to quickly pick up and dispatch the most suitable technician to your site.

MTED field technicians help you with the hands-on machine set up and operator training.

What’s more, MTED provides you 24/7/365 after-sales service through knowledgeable online video assistance and remote access programming to ensure you maximize your equipment investment.

7. Which Support Equipments Does MTED Have With Paper Bag Machine?

MTED Flexo Printing Machine

MTED Flexo Printing Machine

In some paper bag manufacturing cases, you need other support equipments to work with the main paper bag machine.

More than a paper bag machine manufacturer, MTED offers one-stop solution to paper bag makers.

Just to name a few, you can also find these support machines at MTED: flexo printing machine, twisted handled making machine, rope making machine, handle pasting machine, etc.

8. What is the Application of a Paper Bag Machine?

Retail Paper Bags on Paper Bag Machine

Retail Paper Bags

The paper bag industry has become one of the most dynamic and innovative industries.

An eco-friendly paper bag is the perfect packaging for a wide range of products, from butter, bakery, wine to clothing, drugs, and electronics.

Paper bag machine is applicable in all those places where you need to pack and carry the belonging.

We all have been using plastic bags for shopping purposes. With the realization of the adverse effects of plastic on the environment, the world is shifting from plastic bags to paper bags.

As a result, the paper bag machine can be applied to the food industry, industrial industry, retail shopping industry, pharmacy industry, etc.

Places where you see people carrying their belongings in paper bags are:

  • Bakeries
  • Fast food chains
  • Restaurants
  • Clothing brands
  • Gift shops
  • Pharmacies
  • Supermarkets
  • Grocery stores
  • Shoe marts
  • Jewelry shops

paper bag machine for Food Paper Bag

Food Paper Bag

Food Industry

Fast-food chains, restaurants, grocery stores, and bakeries all fall under the food industry category.

Most grocers prefer to use block bottom paper bags in their stores. Block bottom paper bags (also called square bottom paper bags) have more volume and weight carrying capacity.

See how it works:

Vegetables and fruits remain fresh for an extended time in kraft paper bags. Kraft paper is a porous paper that allows the fruit to breathe and maintain moisture.

Customers can put a lot of household products in a single paper bag easily.

In bakeries, mostly sharp bottom paper bags are used. They are ideal for carrying bread, buns, biscuits, rolls, and patties.

We recommend you food paper bag making machine for making paper bags for the takeaway or delivery services.

Usually, fast food restaurants use small paper bags, made up of newsprint paper, to serve french fries, nuggets, and chicken hotshots.

Pharmaceutical Industry

MTED’s medicine paper bag making machine is ideal for making paper bags for pharmaceutical companies.

You can make block bottom as well as V bottom paper bags with the help of this machine.

Whether your client wants small paper bags for pharmacies or wants heavy-duty paper bags for storing chemicals, this machine is ideal in both ways.

Pharmacy Paper Bags

Pharmacy Paper Bags

9. Classification of Paper Bag Machines

Manual Paper Bag Machine

Manual Paper Bag Machine

Due to the versatility of paper bag machines, we can classify them from the following perspectives.

From the machine automation perspective, the paper bag machine can be classified into automatic paper bag machine, semi automatic paper bag machine and manual paper bag machine.

They are offered with different prices and working performance.

Some people also classify them according to the paper material applied to make paper bags.

That’s why we have kraft paper bag machine, brown paper bag machine,  khaki paper bag making machine, etc.

Sheet Fed Paper Bag Machine Layout

Structure of Sheet-fed Paper Bag Machine

There are also roll fed paper bag machine and sheet fed paper bag machine in terms of the paper material’s different feeding way.

The sheet paper bag making machine normally adopts sheet paper material such as art paper, white board, ivory board and laminated paper with a thickness of 100-200 gsm normally.

On the other hand, the roll fed paper bag machine is more suitable for eco friendly paper material, including kraft paper, khaki paper, coated paper, brown paper, grease-proof paper with thickness 30-150 gsm.

For example, kraft paper bag machine is very popular in the food industry for its biodegradable and eco friendly label.

Small Paper Bags on Paper Bag Machine

Small Paper Bags

From small, medium to big dimensions, the paper bag machine works for different paper bag styles.

In this way, it can be classified into SOS paper bag machine, flat bottom paper bag machine, square bottom paper bag machine (also referred to as block bottom paper bag machine), flat and satchel paper bag machine, paper bag machine with printing, paper handle bag making machine and so on.

It is also quite popular in some specific countries or areas such as India where people also refer to it as kagaj paper machine, paper bag Mbabane ki machine, paper bag babane wali machine, etc.

10. How is MTED Paper Bag Machine Packed?

Pending Package of MTED Paper Bag MachinePending Package of MTED Paper Bag Machine

We make sure your MTED paper bag machine arrives at your site safely.

They are well lubricated, wrapped, fixed before being packed into the fumigated wooden cases.

Along with them, the toolbox filled with all necessary tools and change parts as well as operational instructions and packing list will be delivered to your hands.

11. At What Speed Does a Paper Bag Machine Operate?

The MTED paper bag machine speed ranges from 30 to 1200 bags/min.

When we talk about machine speed, we need to take into account the machine model you choose, your paper material, your bag size, your requirements on the machine configurations.

You can choose the most suitable solution based on the money you can accept to pay.

12. Which Paper Material Is Used For Making Paper Bags?

Paper Roll Material of Paper Bag MachinePaper Roll Material of Paper Bag Machine

For paper bag manufacturers, the most commonly used paper material is eco friendly paper, including kraft paper, brown paper, coated paper, greaseproof paper, laminated paper, white craft paper, thickness 30-150 gsm.

The paper roll width mostly ranges from 900-1300mm Max., depending on the machine model you choose.

13. What is the Lead Time of MTED Paper Bag Machine?

Thanks to our 6S lean management system and standardized mass production, MTED paper bag machine lead time can be as short as 30 days on the fastest delivery.

For more complicated machine functions, please check with MTED sales experts.

14. What Accessories Are Included in MTED Paper Bag Machine?

Packing List of MTED Paper Bag Machine

Packing List of MTED Paper Bag Machine

Just take a glance at the packing list of one MTED machine to be delivered as above picture shown.

Before your MTED paper bag machine is wrapped up, the accessories and tools will be also verified and placed beside the machine according to an illustrative packing list.

15. What Is the Importance of Paper Bags in the Retail Industry?

Clothing, shoes, jewelry, gifts, and many more fall under the retail industry. Retailers want to present their beautiful products in equally attractive packaging.

Carry with Style

A woman coming out of a shopping mall with trendy paper bags in her hand looks modish and stylish.

Style is not limited only to the product; customers also want to carry it with style. So to attract the customer, you can make stylish paper carry bags with various handle styles.

Enjoy watching its functioning:

Promotional Tool

Retailers prefer colorful printed paper bags. They want to promote their brand in as many ways as possible.

Paper bag is a vital source of branding. It serves as a mobile billboard, promoting the brand’s name and contact details.

MTED’s paper bag making machine with a printer helps you make beautiful and trendy paper bags for retailers.

Gift Packing

Presenting the gifts in stylish paper bags is trending globally. Sometimes you don’t feel like wrapping your gift in sheets. Instead, you just put your gift in a colorful and attractive paper bag and present it to your friend.

We have a paper pouch making machine, and you can make your desired paper bags with it. You can make variable-sized paper pouches according to your customer’s demand.

Use printers to make them even more attractive.

Gift Paper Bags

Gift Paper Bags

16. How Can I Make Trendy Paper Bags with My Paper Bag Machine?

Here is the time to show the creativity inside you.

Are you the one who admires colors?

If yes, then we have our paper bag making machine with a printer for you. Color is a major attention grabber. You can create trendy and eye-catching paper bags with this machine.

Let me give you some creative ideas.

Color – The Attention Grabber

One of the major factors that grab customer’s attention is color. You can use vibrant as well as soothing colors to make your paper bags.

Or, you can use theme colors representing a particular brand. The plain solid color paper bag looks simple yet stylish.

Colorful Paper bags

Colorful Paper bags

Combinations and Contrasts

You can make your paper bag stylish by adding contrast colors to the gusset or handles. Or, you can make matching handles with your printed logos.

You can make special bags according to the occasion or festivals. Theme printing can also make your paper bags attractive.

Contrast Colors

Contrast Colors

Play with Lines

Bring out the artist inside you. Create different patterns with lines. Play with basic shapes. Make checks, use curved lines, and compose shapes.

You will get to know simple lines and shapes that can make millions of designs. Print them in whatever way you want.

Add monotones or make them vibrant; it all depends on your client’s demands and your style.

Play with Lines

Play With Lines

Trendy Handles

MTED has another treat for you. You can make paper bags with handles. Our machines can manufacture flat handles, twisted handles, and D-cut handles.

You can add matching and contrast handles to your paper bags. Having a handle making machine at your facility saves your time and cost by providing handles with the same raw material.

You do not need to go to the market and buy fancy handles for your paper bags.

Trendy Handles

Trendy Handles

Window – An Imaginative Addition

It is another good option to add interest to your paper bags. Plastic windows are aesthetically appealing and useful too.

You can make a plastic window of any shape you want. How about spaghettis packed in a paper bag, showing off from a women’s head-shaped plastic window?

Or, it might be a bread-shaped plastic window paper bag containing bread and bun.

So you can be imaginative in your unique way. Plan your designs, talk to MTED’s highly qualified engineers, and we will provide you with your desired die-cutters.

 Plastic Window Paper Bags

Plastic Window Paper Bags

17. How Is Paper Bag Machine Different From Plastic Bag Machine?

A Paper bag making machine works differently than a plastic bag making machine.

Paper Bag MachinePlastic Bag Machine
  • The Paper bag machine uses a paper roll to unwind and form a paper web.
  • Glue guns spray water-based glue to seal the paper bag sides.
  • The paper tube then passes through the cutters.
  • The cutters cut the paper bag according to preset length.
  • Paper bag bottom forming unit forms the bottom.
  • Gluing system glues the bag bottom.
  • The automatic counting unit counts the paper bags.
  • Finally, it is gathered on the accumulating table.
  • Printing takes place before paper tube formation. You can print variable designs with up to 6 colors.


  • Plastic for bags is made with polymer.
  • The extruder melts it into a soft molten state.
  • The heated polymer is then forced out via a circular die.
  • A blast of cooling air helps it to solidify quickly into polythene.
  • The polythene web is then wound to make a plastic roll.
  • The roll is then fed into the plastic bag making machine.
  • The plastic web is printed at this stage.
  • It can print up to 6 colors and variable designs.
  • After the printing, the plastic web moves further for other specifications like handle cutting and side sealing.



18. How Does MTED Manufacture Paper Bag Machine?

Our paper bag machine’s manufacturing process starts with your demand. We manufacture paper bag machines that produce in-demand paper bags. So it goes like this:

You-and-I Contact

Talk to our trained engineers. Reveal your dreams to them. Give your requirements and leave the rest on them.

Our experienced engineers will work on your demands and will design your desired paper bag machine on CAD.

MTED’s engineers stay up-to-date about the latest trends and innovations. We try to facilitate you will all the features a paper bag machine must-have.

Quality Control

After the design is done, we gather all the machine components we need for your paper bag machine.

Every component is inspected thoroughly. Our QA/QC engineers check every minor detail according to the engineering requirements.

Not only this, but the quality is assured and checked throughout the manufacturing process.

Hand Assembly

Our trained technicians assemble your paper bag machine by hand. It is done with the help of an engineering illustrative.

Every part of your paper bag machine is checked and assembled carefully to ensure quality production.


With the mechanical support, our electrical engineers also play their part efficiently. The electrical engineering team designs the programming of your machine.

In all our machinery, HMI and PLC components are fixed to ensure easy and quick programming.

Final Testing

After assembling your paper bag machine, our engineers take the machine’s full functioning test. We highly value your safety. For this reason, we check that your paper bag machine is up to international safety standards.

Safe operation, fast production, and profitable business are all that we wish for you.

High Quality Paper bag Machine

High-Quality Paper Bag Machine

19. What Are the Main Features of Paper Bag Machine?

We have got a wide range of paper bag machines. Our hot selling paper bag machines are:

All these machines possess the following features:

  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) and PLC control
  • Servo control
  • Photocell registration by SICK
  • EPC system by SELECTRA
  • Automatic hydraulic lifting and unwinder unit
  • Tube length adjuster by Servo
  • Fast format changeover
  • Automatic web tension controlling system
  • Air-conditioned electrical cabinet
  • Servo-driven bottom closing and drawroll
  • Automatic gluing system
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Automatic counting system
  • Flexo printers (optional)
  • Die-cut window unit (optional)
  • D-cut handle unit (optional)
  • Handle making unit (optional)
  • Final bag accumulating table

Pape bag Machine with printing

Paper Bag Machine With Printing

20. What Is a Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine?

Here you are, asking me about the most popular paper bag machine. It is our square bottom paper bag making machine.

It makes paper bags with flat bottoms, side gussets, variable sizes, and (optional) handles.

MTED manufactures the following models of square bottom paper bags:

  • RZFD-190

It manufactures small and medium-sized block bottom paper bags. You can use various types of paper for making small paper bags in this machine.

  • RZFD-190 with printing

It manufactures small and medium-sized paper bags with printing. All the technical data and specifications are the same as RZFD-190. The only difference is that it has an inline printing unit in it.

You can see the machine’s working here:

  • RZFD330/450

These two models manufacture medium and large-sized square bottom paper bags. It can make up to 220 paper bags/min.

  • RZFD-330/450 with printing

It is the same model with a printing option. You can print your large-sized block bottom paper bags to serve many industries.

  • RZFD-330W

It is our square bottom paper bag making machine with a die-cut window. With this machine, you can make stylish plastic windows with the help of die-cutters. It can make up to 150bags/min.

You can make variable-sized and variable-shaped windows in your paper bags. For example, the plastic window size ranges from 60 – 150mm.

This is how it works:

  • RZFD-330D/450D

It is among the paper bag machine’s handle-series. It manufactures square bottom paper bags with D-cut handles. You can also add a flexo printer with it.

It can make 30 – 220bags/min. We use water-based adhesives to paste the handles firmly on your paper bags.

All three machines manufacture square bottom paper bags with twisted or flat handle. means Twisted, means Flat, and TF means Twisted and Flat.

You can manufacture 150 with handle paper bags/minute and 130 without handle paper bags/min with these machines.

You have got wide choice regarding the paper bag length, width, bottom width, and handle sizes.

You can also avail the facility of flexo printers with these machines. Printing is an added beauty to your paper carry bags.

Square Bottom Paper bag Machine with twisted handle

Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine with Twisted Handles

21. What Is the Function of a Flat and Satchel Paper Bag Machine?

It is the second type of our paper bag machines.

It manufactures V bottom paper bags, with or without gusset, with plastic window (optional), and with printing (optional).

A flat bottom paper bag making machine functions in the different way with a block bottom paper bag making machine. The main difference is in their bottom formation.

Hot Selling Models

Firstly, let me tell you about the flat and satchel paper bag making machine models MTED manufactures. These two machines are our hot selling machines. You can have these to serve many industries.

  • RZJD-250J (with or without printing)

It manufactures small-sized flat and satchel paper bags. It is up to your budget and choice that you add an inline printing unit with it or not.

Its production speed ranges from 70 – 350bags/min. You can use kraft paper, card paper, newsprint paper, or coated paper for making flat and satchel paper bags.

See the machine functioning:

  • RZJD-350J (with or without printing)

It can make medium and large-sized flat and satchel paper bags. For making your flat and satchel paper bags trendy, you can add an inline plastic window unit with it.

Die-cut windows and strip windows add beauty along with utility. In bakeries, mostly flat and satchel paper bags with plastic windows are preferred.

Click Here, for understanding more about our flat and satchel paper bag making machine (also called V bottom paper bag making machine).

Flat and Satchel Paper Bags

Flat and Satchel Paper Bags

22. Does Paper Bag Machine Make Paper Carry Bags?

Yes, our paper bag machines serve the retail industry with beautiful paper carry bags.

Paper carry bags with flat handles are popular among shoe stores. Whereas paper carry bags with twisted handles are well-liked by the clothing brands.

We can see D-cut handle bags everywhere. Small-sized paper bags (block bottom or V bottom) look stylish with D-cut handles.

Paper Carry Bag

Paper Carry Bags with Twisted Handle

23. Can I Make Plastic Windows with My Paper Bag Machine?

Yes, definitely.

MTED facilitates you with two types of plastic window units.

  • Die-cut window unit
  • Strip window unit

What is the difference between the two?

The die-cut window unit makes variable-shaped plastic windows on your paper bag. The length and width of your die-cut window can vary between 50 – 140mm.

On the contrary, the plastic strip window unit forms a vertical plastic window all along with the front panel of your paper bag.

You must have seen customers carrying baguettes in paper bags with strip windows. These paper bags are most commonly used in bakeries.

Paper bag Machine with Plastic Window

Plastic Strip Window Paper Bag

24. How Can I Use Printer in My Paper Bag Machine?

If you already have a paper bag machine without a printer, we will recommend having a stand-alone flexo printer. It is cost-efficient and will work along with your existing paper bag machine.

If you are new to the industry and want to buy a paper bag machine, we will recommend buying a paper bag machine with an inline printer.

Printed paper bags are more in demand when it comes to branding and style. So you can use both inline and stand-alone printers with your paper bag machines.

Classification of Printers

MTED manufactures three types of stand-alone flexo printers.

See the video:

Our printer can print in 1 – 6 colors. However, the 6-color flexo printer is usually used as a stand-alone unit.


  • Chamber doctor plate
  • Ceramics anilox roll
  • Ink circulation pump
  • Sleeve type plate cylinder
  • Back to back rewinding

We use flexography ink in our inline and stand-alone printers. It is an eco-friendly and non-toxic ink. It can print 5 – 100m/min.

Design and Print

Design and Print

25. How Much Weight Can a Kraft Paper Bag Hold?

First of all, let’s think about the usage of a paper bag. It is used in the food industry.

How much weight might an edible have?

It must be in ounces, ponds, or kg. In a grocery shop or supermarket, customers usually buy products from 5 – 10kgs (for monthly use). For example, 5 kg flour, 5 kg sugar, or 10 kg rice.

So our paper bags are ideal for this use. Our kraft paper bags can carry up to 10kg weight. The same goes for the paper shopping bags the retailers use in their supermarkets.

Now think about the pharmaceutical industry. In pharmacies, usually, small paper bags are used (block bottom/V bottom).

Customers show their prescriptions, and the pharmacist packs their desired medicines in a small paper bag. You don’t need to make heavy-duty paper bags for pharmacies (unless they demand it).

If you are making paper bags for the pharmaceutical industry and storing chemicals or soluble in bulk, you can use large-sized paper bags for this purpose.

However, if you need to carry more than 10kg, our multiwall paper bag making machine can provide you heavy-duty paper bags.

Click the link to see the video:

It produces paper bags with double or triple layers. Unlike a single-layer paper bag, it has two paper roll unwinders that work simultaneously to make a double-layered paper bag.

Similarly, if your client demands leak-proof paper bags, you can use our laminated paper bag making machine. It glues a plastic film inside the paper bag to make it leak-proof.

Now comes the retail industry. We go to the market to buy clothes, shoes, jewelry, and other households. All these things are easily manageable in a paper bag with a 10kg weight carrying capacity.

Or, else you can divide your belongings into multiple paper bags.

Heavy Duty Paper Bags

Heavy Duty Paper Bags

26. What Is the Size of a Paper Bag Machine?

MTED manufactures compact-designed paper bag machines. Let me tell you about the footprints of our various machines.

Paper Bag MachineFootPrints
RZJD-250J (without printing)7100 x 3000 x 2200mm
RZJD-250J (with printing)9600 x 3000 x 2800mm
RZJD-350J (without printing)7300 x 3000 x 2200mm
RZJD-350J (with printing)12000 x 3000 x 2800mm
RZFD-190 (without printing)8500 x 3200 x 1700mm
RZFD-190 (with printing)12500 x 3200 x 2800mm
RZFD-330/450 (without printing)10000 x 3700/3800 x 1900mm
RZFD-330/450 (with printing)12500 x 3700/3800 x 1900mm
RZFD-330W11000 x 3700 x 2000mm
RZFD-330D/450D12000/13000 x 3750 x 2000mm
RZFD-330T/330F15000 x 6000 x 2700mm
RZFD-330TF19000 x 6000 x 2700mm

Polka Dotted Paper Bags

Polka Dotted Paper Bags

27. How to Source a Paper Bag Machine from China?

I know you have made up your mind to buy a paper bag machine, and you are planning to source it from MTED, China.

It is a very simple procedure. Once you talk to our customer service team, we will offer you a quotation based on your requirements.

Make sure you settle down all the details before confirming the order. In trading terms, it is known as Incoterms. MTED usually deals in FOB and CIF Incoterms.

After completing the manufacturing process, you can ask MTED to deliver your paper bag machine to your facility, or you may ask a freight forwarder for help, or you can import it by yourself.

Freight Forwarder

Freight Forwarder

Always choose the option that is most convenient for you and according to your budget. There are three routes a freight forwarder may choose:

  • By air
  • By ship
  • By train

MTED delivers your paper bag machines by ship in most cases. It is the safest and most economical way of transporting machines from one country to another.

It takes almost 30 – 90 days to design, manufacture, test, and deliver your paper bag machine to your facility. We put 20 sets of paper bag machines per month into production simultaneously to save your time and money.

We have shipped paper bag machines in more than 100 countries and five continents:

  • Asia
  • Europe
  • North America
  • South America
  • Africa

All you need to contact our sales team, and we will manage it all for you.

Worldwide Shipments

Worldwide Shipments

28. How Much Does a Paper Bag Machine Cost?

We cannot give you a specific cost for your paper bag machine as it depends on various factors:

  • The functions you want in your machine determine the cost of your paper bag machine. Added functions increase the cost too.
  • Efficient and high-quality things always cost you more. More inline/stand-alone units add to the purchasing cost. However, they increase the benefits and thus the profit as well.
  • The cost of a semi-automatic paper bag making machine ranges from 10,000 – 200,000 USD.
  • Cost of a fully automatic square bottom paper bag making machine is more than a semi-automatic machine. However, it saves your annual labor cost. It costs approximately 50,000 – 500,000 USD.
  • The cost of V bottom paper bag making machine ranges from 18,000 – 99,000 USD.
  • Customized paper bag machines, for example, special die cuts, printing plates, or any other special added feature, may cost you some extra charges.
  • Apart from machine cost, the shipping charges also add to the total cost. The distance of your country determines the shipping charges. More distance, more charges.

All-in-all, whatever the total cost you are paying for your paper bag machine, it will give you a fast ROI (Return on Investment).

Our machines can work for 48-hours non-stop, so you can generate more profit and regain the total machine’s cost.

Cost-Effective Paper Bags

Cost-Effective Paper Bags

29. Can I Visit MTED to See My Machine’s Manufacturing Process?

Yes, why not?

We will be pleased to have you in our factory. You can see the manufacturing process and the final testing procedure conducted under our highly qualified engineers’ assistance.

At MTED, you can look at the working procedures of other paper bag machines. Even if you are unable to visit MTED, you can trust our experienced team.

We want you to boost your business with our paper bag machines. We ensure to provide you error-free, user-friendly, and highly productive paper bag machines.

Error-Free Paper Bags

Error-Free Paper Bags

30. Why Shall I Invest in Paper Bag Machine?

It is one of the major queries people usually have. Let me give you reasons why shall you invest in a paper bag machine:


  • Paper bags are the trending shopping bags globally.
  • Many countries have banned plastic shopping bags.
  • Retailers are diverting from packing their products in plastic bags to paper bags. The increasing demand allows you to set your foot in this widely spreading business.
  • Paper bags are eco-friendly.
  • Paper bags are recyclable and reusable.
  • It needs very cost-effective raw material.
  • You start gaining profit immediately after the installation of your paper bag machine.
  • You don’t need much staff and labor for your paper bag machine’s operation.
  • It is a fully automatic paper bag machine that can work for 48 hours.
  • It consumes up to 40kw of electricity.
  • You don’t need to have an extra-large facility to start your business. The compact design of your paper bag machine can fit in any space effortlessly.
  • It produces a very low sound that is healthy and beneficial for the machine operator.
  • You can get your customized paper bag machine.

Eco Friendly Paper bag Machine

Eco-Friendly Paper Bag Machine

31. How to Start a Paper Bag Business?

Let’s see how you can plan and start your paper bag business.

Business Plan

  • Search the market and see what types of paper bags are popular and widely used.
  • Determine your budget. It must include the location, paper bag machine’s total cost (including shipment), raw material, and installation charges.
  • Buy the best possible paper bag machine within your budget.
  • Choose a location. Whether you own or rent it, make sure it is located in a semi-rural area.
  • Semi-rural areas benefit you with low labor cost, low electricity cost, and easy excess to markets.
  • Recruit the staff you might need for operating your paper bag making machine. Maybe a skilled operator along with a worker will be enough.
  • Complete the official work before starting your paper bag manufacturing process. Get your license and work permit.
  • Gather all the necessary raw material you might need for your paper bag machine.

Paper Bag Business

Paper Bag Business

32. What Is the Future of Paper Bag Business?

Save earth.

Save mother-nature.

Day by day, people realize this reality that we need to change our lifestyles. We need to replace all the hazardous machines and substances with eco-friendly machines.

With this thought, many countries have banned the production and usage of plastic shopping bags.

World Paper Bag Day

To replace the plastic bags come the paper bags. It was a simple invention in 1852 that got fame and popularity many years after its invention.

The authorities have devoted 12th July to paper bags. It is known as The World Paper Bag Day. It shows that the importance of paper bags is increasing day by day.

Its increasing popularity ensures its secure future and your business future as well.

World Paper Bag Day

World Paper Bag Day

Increasing Demand

Retailers, industrialists, grocers, shopkeepers, and pharmacists demand customized paper bags. They want to pack their products in beautiful and trendy paper bags.

Grocers want to give fruits and vegetables in paper bags because it keeps them fresh for a longer time.

The increasing demand shows that you will be getting more clients with bulk orders.

33. What Raw Material Do I Need for Making Paper Bags?

There are four main things you need for making paper bags. There are:

  • Paper
  • Handles
  • Glue
  • Ink

Let’s move further for the details.


We can use a wide variety of paper types in our paper bag machine.

  • Plain or printed
  • Kraft paper (brown/white)
  • Card paper
  • Newsprint paper
  • Coated paper
  • Laminated paper

Kraft paper, also known as khaki paper and card paper, has strong and tensile nature. These two paper types can carry much weight and cannot rip off easily.

You can use printed paper or can print them according to your client’s choice.

For printing purposes, we will recommend coated paper and newsprint paper. These two paper types give you precise printing results.

Laminated paper is appropriate for making oil and water-resistant paper bags.

For customized paper bags, you can use some other paper types as well, like:

  • Butter paper
  • Offset paper
  • Duplex paper (one side white, another side brown)
  • Art paper


The second thing you need for making your paper bag is the handle. MTED manufactures flattwisted, and D-cut handles making machines.

The advantage of handle making machines is that:

  • You are tension-free to go to the market and buy handles for your paper bags.
  • You can use the same raw material for your handles as well.
  • It is cost-friendly and user-friendly.


We use water-based adhesive and hot melt glue for paper bag side gluing, handle making, handle pasting, bottom pasting, and plastic film gluing.

We use white latex glue that is non-toxic, eco-friendly and possesses good adhesive properties.


For printing, we use flexographic inks. It is an eco-friendly ink that gives you precise printing results.

In our flexo printers, you can use 1 – 6 colors.

Stylish Paper Bag

Stylish Paper Bag

34. Is MTED’s Paper Bag Machine CE-Certified?

Yes, your safety is our priority.

MTED manufactures all its paper bag machines up to international safety standards. We get our machines and their components approved by authorities like:

  • CE-Certificate (Conformitè Europëenne)
  • ISO (International Organization for Standardization)
  • OHSAS (Occupational Health and Safety Standard)
  • Work Safety Certificate

35. What After-Sales Service Does MTED Offer?

After-sales service means all the facilities we provide you after selling our paper bag machine to you.

We value our healthy relationship with valuable customers like you. So we offer the following services:


MTED provides a 2-year warranty for all our paper bag machines. Assurance builds trust between you and MTED.

It’s a big investment, and you might be double-minded before taking the step. MTED ensures that your investments are secure with our paper bag machines.

Enjoy the warranty period and claim if you find any damage or fault in your paper bag machine after the unpacking.

Spare Parts

All the components of your paper bag machine are marked with a specific identification number. We mark the components so that it becomes easier to track the spare parts even after decades.

We give you a lifetime offer for the spare parts of your paper bag machine.

Installation and Operational Guidance

For your convenience, MTED offers you full guidance support for installation and operation.

You can send your operator to MTED. Our experienced team will fully guide your operator about the installation and operation.

If you want, we can send our engineers to your facility for installation guidance and machine operating guidance.

Maintenance Support

It is an additional customer service we are offering you. If you want our personnel to visit your facility and conduct your paper bag machine’s maintenance, we will contentedly do that.

MTED is always here to support you in all possible ways. You can contact us anytime. Our customer service team will answer all your queries within 8 hours.

After-Sales Services

After-Sales Services

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