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200+ Sets/year
Every year MTED produces 200+sets of paper bag making machines. Because of the mass production and high market demand, MTED will always have required machinery in fastest lead time.
48 Hour Non-stop Run
MTED khaki paper bag making machines will operate continuously for up to 48 hours without any hindrance. All you gotta do is sit back and relax while your machine does all the work.
30 Years Life Span
MTED has got up-to-date and long-lasting components of your machine. Your one-time investment pays off for the rest of your life in the form of a profitable industry.
30 Minutes Changeover
Changeover of the machine is supported by servo technology. Your khaki bottom paper bag making machine has a convenient alternative for a variety of bag dimensions.

All Types of Khaki Paper Bag Making Machines to Rocket Your Business

There are a number of khaki paper bag making machines available to help you develop your paper bag venture. Regardless of the type of paper you use or the size you require, our machines will serve you right!

MTED: Your Reliable Khaki Paper Bag Making Machine Manufacturer

MTED, which was founded in 1985 in Rui’an, Zhejiang Province, is a leading producer of Paper Bag Making Machines.

MTED have been assisted by a team of qualified professionals who are trained at frequent basis since the founding of our company. They collaborate to maintain a stress-free working climate and manufacture the best paper bag making machines in the market worldwide.

Our online help is available 24/7. Reach to us for any concerns and queries whenever you want and our team will get back to you soon.

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Industries We Serve

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Kraft Paper Bag Making Machine Manufacturing Process 1
Designed for Your Bag

The MTED khaki paper bag making system is custom-made to suit your unique needs.  After a thorough analysis of your requirements and desires, the machine is designed and built with a lot of care and efficiency. We tailor the machine’s features to your individual needs. All of this is achieved by having the lowest possible cost and highest possible efficiency in mind.

Kraft Paper Bag Making Machine Manufacturing Process 2

Quality Control

In the manufacturing of your khaki paper making machine, we guarantee that only the top quality materials are used. We utilize spare parts of the highest standard. All of the parts are given a specific serial number that can be traced back to them. Your khaki paper bag making machine’s overall quality assurance makes a major difference at your end.

Kraft Paper Bag Making Machine Manufacturing Process 3

Precision Assembly

MTED is mindful of the use of cutting-edge manufacturing technology. At the factory, we build precision parts and mount them by hand. The parts for your khaki paper bag making machine were either made by us or purchased from our reliable partners. All come together to form the shape of your khaki paper bag making machine.

Kraft Paper Bag Making Machine Manufacturing Process 4
Electric Engineering

We’re progressing toward your khaki paper bag making machine’s electrical engineering on its own. As a result, MTED generates all of your specifications and integrates them into your machine on its own. Our experts are available to answer your questions about the khaki paper bag making machine at any time. In an event where you need guidance, the wireless VPN links you to our specialists.

Kraft Paper Bag Making Machine Manufacturing Process 5
Spare Parts Management

Over time, MTED khaki paper bag making machine has evolved. To maintain track of the stock, we have the most common ERP Program. The spare parts used throughout the production of your khaki paper bag making machine are included in the stock. Regardless of the element’s size, each product is assigned a unique serial number. It’s also easier to monitor the spare parts you’ve used and to find answers to your questions instantly.

Kraft Paper Bag Making Machine Manufacturing Process 6

Factory Internal Test

When installed, your khaki paper bag making machine is taken in for an internal examination. All of your machine’s capabilities are tested by our tech staff. This is how we look for any errors on the machine. Any necessary repairs will be completed there. We’ll put the computer through its paces to ensure it meets your needs. After that, it’s ready to be delivered to your front door.

Kraft Paper Bag Making Machine Certificates

Kraft Paper Bag Making Machine Partners

Khaki Paper Bag Making Machine: The Complete FAQ Guide

MTED presents an exclusive Khaki Paper Bag Making Machine. It is modified to create flat and satchel paper bags, SOS paper bags from grease-proof paper, kraft paper, white paper, and poster using our extensive industry knowledge and experience.

Confectionery, food, ready-made clothes, groceries, and dry cleaning equipment are all packed in these paper bags. Throughout these years, we’ve been trying hard to enhance and polish our khaki paper bag making machine technology for better and efficient production and user convenience.

To guarantee high level of excellence and quality standards, the super amazing quality and essential equipment used throughout the production of this machinery is bought from industry-certified vendors.

Check our official website to know more about us.

1. In Which Industries Are Khaki Paper Bags Used?

The MTED khaki paper bag making machine is designed to meet the rising demand for paper bags in a range of businesses, including food, recreation, commercial, pharmaceutical, and retail shopping.

Currently, you can find khaki paper bags in take-out food packaging, fresh fruit packaging, dry nuts packaging, flour packaging, confectionary packaging, supermarket shopping bags, and gift books.

Food Industry

Moisture-proof khaki paper bags are available. Bakeries use khaki paper bags to package their tasty rolls, cookies, buns, and sandwiches.

This wrapping is fashionable and aids in the preservation of food for a longer period of time. In khaki paper sacks, fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer. Food deliveries are most often packaged in khaki paper containers. In our food paper bag making machines, we use liquid glue to fully seal the base to avoid leaks.

Food Khaki Paper Bag Making Machine

Food Khaki Paper Bag Machine

Check our machine video for further explanation:

Retail Industry

Khaki paper bags are used in the retail industry for wrapping and as a sign of fashion trends. The focus of the audience is instantly drawn to nicely crafted, personalized, and colorful khaki paper bags.

Handles on small, medium, and large carry bags make it easier to carry the bag. The kraft paper bag comes in a variety of sizes, allowing the manufacturer to use it for a single item or several products.

Retail Khaki Paper Bag Making Machine

Retail Paper Bag Making Machine

Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry would profit from MTED’s khaki paper bag making machine. The khaki paper bags are perfect for storing chemicals and powders. Our medicine paper bags have enough room to transport solvent-filled bottles.

Khaki paper bags are not just a smart pick for packaging raw materials, but they are also a reasonable option for packaging medicines.

pharmacy paper bags

Pharmacy Paper Bags

2. How Is the Quality Control of Machine Production at MTED?

Our most significant approach is quality standards. Since the very beginnings to its very ends, our team at MTED places a high value on quality management. ISO and CE certifications have been obtained by our company.

3. Does the Factory Test the Khaki Paper Bag Making Machine Before Customers’ Validation?

To guarantee the khaki paper bag making machine’s output, we operate it at a production pace. We examine the machine’s reliability, safety alarms, bag consistency, and weight, and etc.

After a thorough factory inner check, our expert engineers run the machine for operation to check if the machine is ready for shipment. It takes around one week to perform this exam.

4. What Auxiliary Equipment Can I Use with the Khaki Paper Bag Making Machine?

In addition to khaki paper bag making machines, we sell some stand-alone machines.

Twisted Rope Handle Making Machine

Twisted-Rope-Handle making machine

Twisted Rope Handle Making Machine

The RZSW-10MA is a system for producing twisted rope handles. With the aid of hot glue, it creates twisted handles.

It’s a small and simple system to set up. It has the capacity to produce 1000 pairs of twisted handles per hour. It’s a machine that’s both cost-effective and easy to use.

You can make fashionable and trendy carry bags with this machine.

Check out our machine video:

Flat Handle  Making Machine

 flat handle making machine

Flat Handle Making Machine

The RZBS-180M is a flat handle creator. It is a stand-alone device that can be used in conjunction with a semi-automatic khaki paper bag making machine. It can produce 6000 pairs of flat handles per hour. MTED has built an automated number system for your ease.

Watch our machine video for visual explanation:

Twisted Rope Making Machine

The RZSW-10MA is a system for producing twisted rope handles. It’s a small and simple machine to set up. It’s a machine that’s both cost-effective and simple to use.

 twisted rope_making_machine

Twisted Rope Making Machine

Flexo Printers


Flexo Printers

Our ZYT flexo printing machines can print in two, four, or six colors. It is ideal for khaki paper roll-to-roll printing. Versatile photosensitive resin plates and rubber plates make up the Flexo printing components. Anilox rollers evenly distribute fluid ink on the printed paper.

Check out our machine video here:

5.  Can I Produce Grease-Proof Paper Bags with Khaki Paper Bag Making Machine?

You can make grease-proof khaki paper bags with the laminated paper bag making machine. It’s a mechanical device that produces khaki paper bags with a full internal plastic lining.

The paper is protected from moisture and vapor drops by the plastic liner. MTED has a remedy for you, if you want to make paper bags for bakeries or pharmacy.

6. Why Should We Choose Paper Bag over Plastic/Jute Bags?

There are multiple advantages for choosing paper bags over jute/plastic bags such as:

  • Internationally, the regulatory climate favors paper goods. Plastic bags have been banned or heavily taxed in almost all nations, rendering them unpopular.
  • Consumers and policymakers are increasingly recognizing paper as a natural, sustainable, and recyclable resource for producing high-performance packaging.
  • As a type of packaging, the paper bag demonstrates adaptability, easily adapting to evolving needs and fashions. They can be reused.
  • A stylish paper bag serves as a walking billboard for retail stores on the High Street.
  • Jute bags, on the other hand, could last longer but are more costly than paper bags and are not considered trendy enough to take over the market.

paper bags VS plastic bags

Plastic Bags VS Paper Bags

7. What’s the Price of a Khaki Paper Bag Making Machine?

For manufacturing khaki paper bags, a fully auto machine will be more expensive than a semi-automatic or manual device. Nevertheless, you can’t ignore the long list of advantages that a fully automated system can have. It’s a one-time expense on purchasing the machine with life time service.

The prices of the MTED machines vary from each other. For instance, the price for semi-automatic paper bag making machine ranges from10,000-200,000 USD whereas a fully automatic square bottom paper bag machine costs around 50,000-500,000 USD.

8. Does Khaki Paper Bag Making Machines Require Manual Assistance for Operation?

MTED manufactures fully automated khaki paper bag making machines. We excel at completing tasks quickly and with a smaller team. Machines can accomplish things more quickly and effectively.

Via a human-computer touch screen interface, this machine is powered by a PC programmable servo motor.

9.  How Effective Is the Printing Quality on Khaki Paper Bags?

Inline printing units are available on some of our khaki paper bag making machines. The majority of inline printing systems are accessible in two or four colors. MTED’s inline printers use water soluble ink. It is the most suitable method for printing environmentally friendly bags such as khaki paper bags.

10. How Does a Flat and Satchel Khaki Paper Bag Making Machine Work?

flat and satchel khaki Paper bag making machine

Flat and Satchel Paper Bag Machine

The paper from the roll creates a paper web. The EPC (Edge Position Controller) regulates the paper alignment and corrects the sides for you.

The fracture device pricks the khaki paper to label the size of the paper bag. Water glue is applied to the sides of the paper by the automated glue method. For plastic window units, the hot melt glue kit is often used.

Following the gluing process, the khaki paper bends into a cylindrical shape. The cutter then cuts the desired length, accompanied by bag creation (on the pricked marks).

Finally, the computer folds and glues the bottom of the paper. On the distribution table or conveyor desk, the system counts and extracts the completed flat and satchel kraft paper bags. The computer automatically counts the khaki paper bags for the operator’s comfort.

Check out our machine video from here:

11. Does MTED Khaki Paper Bag Making Machine Creates Bags with Handles?

It’s a multi-purpose khaki paper bag making machine that can make khaki paper bags with twisted or flat handles. It’s a machine that gives you a lot of options when it comes to making paper bags. It’s a completely automated system that can churn out 150 khaki paper bags with handles per minute.


Paper Bags with Handles

12. How to Unpack and Install a Khaki Paper Bag Making Machine?

Now that your machine has arrived at your location, it’s time to gently unpack and mount it.

We securely transport your machine in a sturdy wooden box. Remove the wooden case carefully to avoid endangering yourself or the machine.

The nylon protective coating can now be removed. Due to its high tensile strength and oxygen resistance features, MTED chooses nylon as its protective film.

You’ll find a toolkit, papers, and instructional guidance after extracting the plastic film.

It is great if you are confident installing it all by yourself, but if you need any help from MTED, our professional staff is indeed happy to guide you.

We provide you with brand new (unused) machines. We will have free replacement parts during the warranty period if any component malfunctions or breaks.

See how paper bag making machines are manufactured at MTED:

13. What Are the Efficient Features of MTED Khaki Paper Bag Making Machines?

Khaki paper bag making machines are manufactured using top quality steel and advanced technology. Due to this, they have longer service life span, accurate layouts, and opposition against rust.

The whole production process is supervised by quality controllers. They ensure that these khaki paper bag making machines are built to the requirements specified by customers.

Their basic important features are:

  • High tensile strength
  • Exact dimensions
  • Fine finishing
  • Simple to maintain

14.  How Can I Make Plastic Windows on Khaki Paper Bags?

You can use window cuts to make an impressionistic paper bag. The plastic window cuts give the paper bag an elegant feel while also adding strength and oil resistance to the paper bag.

No matter what kind of paper bag it is stylish plastic window cuts can be installed in these khaki paper bags. Different sizes and shapes of windows can be made on paper bags.

Khaki Paper Bag Making Machine With Window

Paper Bags Machine with Windows 

15. Does MTED Khaki Paper Bag Making Machine Create Double Layered Paper Bags?

MTED multi-layer paper bag making machine is ideal for your needs.

Two layers of khaki paper or one layer of khaki paper with an upper coating of plastic film could be used to create a double layered paper bag.

With an extra layer of khaki paper, the paper bag’s weight carrying capacity is doubled. These double-layer khaki paper bags are perfect for carrying heavy items such as wheat, sugar, grains, rice, and bottles. Fresh fruit and vegetable sellers can appreciate the improved anti-moisture quality of double-layered khaki paper bags.

A die-cut window khaki paper bag can be made with our double-layered khaki paper bag making machine. A plastic coating is applied to the khaki paper in this paper bag to turn it into oil and water-resistant paper.

double layered paper bags

Double-Layered Paper Bags

16. How to Make Double-Layered Khaki Paper Bags?

The functionality of MTED square bottom khaki paper bag making machine is pretty simple;

  • This paper bag can be made with either printed or plain paper.
  • Two paper unwinder at the same time, whether they are made of two khaki paper layers or one khaki paper and one plastic film sheet.
  • Three hot melt glue guns are used to adhere the two papers together by applying glue to the paper web.
  • Following the gluing of the 2 layers, the paper tube is formed.
  • The sides of the paper tube are adhered with a special liquid glue device.
  • The blunt blades cut the paper bag to the exact size needed.
  • The bottom of the paper bag is shaped and glued automatically as well.
  • Finally, the system counts the paper bags on the conveyor belt and extracts the kraft paper bags.

For further explanation watch the below video:

17. What Other Paper Material Is Suitable for MTED Khaki Paper Bag Making Machine?

So the question is whether the khaki paper is the only material that can be used on the MTED khaki paper bag making machines.

Well no, that is not the case.

The MTED khaki paper bag making machine uses a variety of paper types and not just khaki paper. Glossy paper, coated paper, oil-proof paper, laminated paper, and other options are also available.

The plastic coating had to be installed on the khaki paper bag making machine as well for the food paper bags with a plastic window.

18. What’s the Life Span of MTED’s Khaki Paper Bag Making Machine?

MTED’s khaki paper bag machines can operate endlessly for 48 hours, day or night.

You can calculate the benefit it makes for you by measuring how many paper bags it creates if it works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It produces khaki paper bags at a high rate and of high quality, with the added benefit of lower labor costs.

Its long life is ensured by its plain but powerful structure.

Routine servicing and care can lead to improved output and reduced machine damages. MTED khaki paper bag making machines, on average, should last for 30 years. With proper management and maintenance, this life cycle can be extended as well.

19. How to Compare Paper Bag Business to Non-Woven Bag Business?

Most importantly, paper bags are cheaper than non-woven bags. They are more common than non-woven bags because they are easy to carry and send stuff in.

However, people are switching towards non-woven bags because of the eco-friendly and reusable qualities of the material. But that won’t be such a problem if high-quality reusable paper material is used in your paper bags making machine like at MTED.


Non-Woven Paper Bags

20. What Is the Payment Terms?

Our payment terms is 30% T/T in advance before the production, with the remaining 70% due before shipment.

21.  Is There Any Warranty Given for Your Machinery?

MTED provides a total of 2 years of warranty for their machinery to avoid the hassle and any risk of purchasing.

22.  Are Your Engineers Available to Overseas?

No matter wherever you are, if your machine faces any problem or technical obstacles, our expert engineers and the professional and trained team from MTED will be available overseas for you.

They will help you in every way possible and will fix your machines and solve your problems.

23.  Does Khaki Paper Bag Making Machine Have Thumb Cut Option?


A thumb cutter can be designed into our khaki paper bag making machines. On the opening of the paper bag, it cuts a half-moon-shaped design.

It’s a little feature we provide in our machinery to make the opening of the khaki paper bags easier for the customer.

Thumb Cut Khaki Paper Bag Making Machine

Thumb-Cut Paper Bag Machine

24.  Can I Order Customized Khaki Paper Bag Making Machine?


MTED can provide you with both standard machines and customized ones as well.

Be creative. Share your ideas and desires with us and we will design your khaki paper bag making machines accordingly.

25.  What’s the Resale Value of a Khaki Paper Bag Making Machine?

Machines that manufacture goods that are in high demand indeed have a high resale value. The resale value of your khaki paper bag making machine is determined by the following factors:

  • Condition of the machine
  • Production capacity
  • Years of usage

If you’d like to sell your khaki paper bag making machine for a fair resale price for just about any purpose, follow these steps:

  • Perform routine maintenance and maintain a service record.
  • Replace any damaged parts instantly
  • When placing an order for a khaki paper bag machine, always choose a reputable producer.

26.  Does MTED Provide Technical Assistance for Their Machinery?

MTED will provide you with extensive technical assistance for each khaki paper bag making machine you order:

  • Instructional documents that are illustrative: Within your MTED khaki paper bag making machine kit will be an English edition operating manual, repair booklet, and packing list.
  • MTED service technicians provide a variety of implementation and training services. either at your location or at the MTED workspace
  • Online services are provided 24/7 throughout the year as well. If you have any technical concerns, your computer will obtain our remote diagnosis if it is connected to the Internet, ensuring system efficiency and lower maintenance costs.
  • MTED will reach back to you within 8 hours.

Contact us for your concerns and queries whenever you want.


Technical Support

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