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Burger Box Making Machine
2 Years Warranty
Enjoy peace of mind with our comprehensive two-year warranty coverage.
200 Sets/year
With our capacity, we produce and deliver 200 sets annually to meet your needs.
48 Hours Non-stop Run
Designed for endurance, our machines run non-stop for a full 48 hours.
20 Years Life Span
Built to last, our machines promise a remarkable 20-year life span.

Boost Your Production with the Ultimate Burger Box Machines

Unlock unmatched efficiency with our burger box machines. You’ll marvel at the precision and speed, transforming your production line into a powerhouse. Every box crafted to perfection, ensuring you not only meet but exceed market demands.

Your Trusted Burger Box Machine Manufacturer in China

As your trusted hamburger box machine manufacturer, we’ve seamlessly blended 25 years of expertise with cutting-edge innovation.

You gain access to machinery that epitomizes precision, durability, and efficiency. Our commitment to you goes beyond just selling a machine; it’s about forging a lasting partnership. You deserve the best, and with rigorous quality checks, post-sales support, and a deep understanding of the global market, we ensure you receive nothing less.

With a sprinkle of innovation, a dash of efficiency, and a whole lot of experience, we’re here to elevate your burger packaging game!



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  • burger box making machine Manufacturer

A Spectrum of Choices: Catering to Every Burger Packaging Requirement

Discover a wide variety of paper lunch boxes that combine style and functionality. Whether it’s for sandwiches, chips, burgers, or fried chicken, you can always find one paper lunch box machine that delights your market with lasting impression!

Reach Out for Expertise, Quality, and Service
Paper Bag Making Machine - Manufacturing Process 1
Designed for Your Box
Irrespective of size, shape, or material requirements, our experts specialize in designing customized paper lunch box machines. We provide designs in PDF or CAD format tailored to your specific paper lunch box needs and functionalities.
Paper Bag Making Machine - Manufacturing Process 2
Material Quality Inspection
We maintain strict quality control for paper lunch box machines at every stage, adhering to ISO9001:2015 standards. Our meticulous inspection process ensures traceability of all test results for your paper box forming machines.
Paper Bag Making Machine - Manufacturing Process 3

Assembly & Craftsmanship

At our manufacturing facility, every disposable paper lunch box machine is meticulously hand-assembled by a dedicated technician. From assembly to test running, craftsmanship is paramount in each stage of production.

Paper Bag Making Machine - Manufacturing Process 4
Electric Engineering

Our experienced in-house electric engineering team ensures that the software of each paper lunch box machine is designed and upgraded to match its unique functions with utmost flexibility. Rest assured, our dedicated engineers are available to address any electrical after-sales concerns, offering support wherever and whenever you need it.

Paper Bag Making Machine - Manufacturing Process 5

Spare Parts Management

Our advanced ERP inventory system ensures efficient management of spare parts for your paper lunch box machine. Each part is assigned a unique identification number for easy tracking, allowing you to access machine history and obtain spare parts dating back up to 20 years with convenience.

Paper Bag Making Machine - Manufacturing Process 6

Factory Test

Every paper lunch box machine undergoes rigorous internal testing at our factory prior to delivery. This comprehensive test includes mechanical and electrical evaluations, with each step recorded in sign-off documentation. This ensures machine delivery within the scheduled timeline.

Certificates -Paper Bag Making Machine

Partners -Paper Bag Making Machine

Navigating the World of Burger Box Machines: Your Ultimate FAQ

In the bustling world of food packaging, the humble burger box often goes unnoticed. Yet, it’s an unsung hero, ensuring our beloved burgers reach us in pristine condition.

Behind every great burger box is an even greater machine – the burger box making machine. Whether you’re a seasoned manufacturer or just dipping your toes into the world of packaging, understanding this marvel is crucial.

This FAQ guide is your golden ticket to the intricate workings and features of the burger box making machine. From the basics to the nitty-gritty, we unravel it all.

Dive in and discover how this machine is revolutionizing the packaging industry, one box at a time!

Let’s keep rolling.

1. What’s the Burger Box Making Machine?

You know those sleek, sturdy boxes that keep your burger from turning into a squishy mess? That’s the handiwork of the burger box making machine.

Imagine a contraption tailor-made to churn out these little protective havens for burgers. That’s what we’re talking about!

Fine-tuning of Burger Box Machine

Fine-tuning of Burger Box Machine

2. How Long After Confirming the Order Is the Machine Dispatched?

You order, we hustle! Once you give the nod and we’ve dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s, it takes about 30 working days for your burger box making machine to be dispatched. It’s like waiting for a gourmet burger – totally worth it!paper lunch box

Take Away Paper Lunch Box

3. How Does the Gluing System of the Burger Box Making Machine Work?

glue applicatin of paper lunch box forming machine

Glue Application Unit

Magic? Not quite. The burger box making machine is equipped with an advanced gluing system. Whether it’s cold glue or hot melt, this machine ensures your boxes stick together like best buddies. And if you’re feeling fancy, there’s even an optional autofeeder for the glue!

4. What Features Does the Pusher Unit Have?

The pusher unit of the burger box making machine is like the heart of a champion. With Servotech in the male axis for precision and a servo-driven motion, it’s all about speed and accuracy. And let’s not forget its flex tower with unique spindle adjustment. It’s the unsung hero ensuring each box is flawless.

Paper Lunch Box Machine structure

Burger Box Machine With Double Stations

5. What Are the Functionalities of Burger Box Making Machine’s Control Panel?

Think of the control panel as the steering wheel of a car. It might not be as flashy as a spaceship, but it’s absolutely essential and gets the job done efficiently.

From speed indicators to production capacity trackers, it’s your one-stop dashboard for everything. Plus, it has a memory for box formats and even counts your boxes. Simple, effective, and right at your fingertips.

6. How Does the Accumulator Finished Box Delivery System Work?

Picture this: Your burger box making machine is churning out boxes, and you need them neatly stacked and ready to go. Enter the accumulator finished box delivery system. It counts boxes, inserts paper tapes or pin-markers for batch separation, and uses synchronized motor conveyor belts.

In short, it’s the tidy-up crew!

Pin Marker of Burger Box Machine

Pin Marker of Burger Box Delivery Stacker

7. What is the Purpose of the Swing Away Delivery Stack on the Burger Box Making Machine?

Swing Away Delivery Stacker of Burger Box Machine

Swing Away Delivery Stacker of Burger Box Machine

Imagine trying to pick up  every single burger box from the high-output machine.

Tricky, right? The swing away delivery stack ensures the boxes are delivered at an optimal height, making removal a breeze. It’s all about giving you and your team maximum comfort!

8. What Are the Intelligent Detectors in the Burger Box Machine?

Intelligent Detectors in the Burger Box Machine

Intelligent Detectors on Burger Box Machine

The burger box making machine is no ordinary machine; it’s got brains!

With detectors like blank alignment sensors and overload detectors, it’s always on the lookout, ensuring everything runs smoothly. And if something seems off? It’ll let you know. It’s like having a vigilant watchman for your production line.

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