Box On Demand Machine

  • Right-sizing your boxes for your every order
  • Servo-driven design for fast shift changeover
  • Single/Double wall corrugated sheets or Fanfold/Z-fold
  • Slotting, creasing, scoring, cutting and gluing ALL-IN-ONE
Box On Demand Machine
Up to 1,200 Pcs/Hr
Meet your tight deadlines and boost productivity by producing up to 1,200 boxes per hour. Ensure your ontime packaging without any bottlenecks.
100+ Box Styles
Capable of crafting over 100 different box styles, both standard and custom, to cater to a diverse range of packaging requirements.
Up to 35% Savings
Cut costs significantly by saving up to 35% on cardboard materials and shipping expenses, making your packaging more economical and sustainable.
30 Seconds Setup
Get started in just 30 seconds, allowing for efficient medium to short-run box production across various FEFCO box styles without the need for tools.

Your Ideal Box On Demand Machine Awaits

Facing challenges with scattered box production orders and high material costs? Looking for a versatile and precise solution? Our Box On Demand machines feature quick setup times and customizable box styles to meet your needs. Discover the perfect machine to optimize your packaging process today.

Pioneering Box On Demand Machine Solutions

Drawing from over 25 years of expertise in the packaging industry, MTED leads the way in manufacturing advanced box on demand machines.

Our 100,000 sqm state-of-the-art factory is staffed by 150 skilled professionals dedicated to innovation, quality, and cost-efficiency. Our commitment is to deliver tailored solutions that cater to the diverse needs of businesses worldwide, whether you’re running a box plant, distributing boxes, or needing boxes for your end products.


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Perfect On Demand Machines for Your Business

Tired of one-size-fits-all packaging solutions? Our Box On Demand machines are designed to meet the unique needs of every industry. Whether you’re in e-commerce, wholesale, furniture, cabinet, or automotive, we have the perfect solution for you.

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Box On Demand Machine FAQ Guide

Looking for detailed information about our Box On Demand Machine? You’ve come to the right place!

This FAQ guide provides answers to the most common questions about the BOXER series. From the types of boxes it can produce to its operational features, production speed, and support services, you’ll find everything you need to know to make an informed decision about this versatile and efficient machine.

1. What Types of Boxes Can This Box On Demand Machine Produce?

Various FEFCO boxes

Various FEFCO Boxes

– The BOXER-2500/2800 series can produce over 100 types of FEFCO standard boxes, and it also supports custom box designs to meet specific packaging needs.

2. How Easy Is It to Set Up and Operate the Machine?

Box Making Machine touch screen interface

Machine Touch Screen interface

– The machine is equipped with a user-friendly touch screen interface. Users can easily input or scan the dimensions of the cardboard and the boxes, making the setup and operation process straightforward and efficient.

3. How Fast Is the Production Speed of the Box On Demand Machine?

– The BOXER-2500 series has a production speed of 500-600 boxes per hour, ensuring high efficiency to meet demanding production schedules.

4. How Much Space Does This Machine Require?

– The machine dimensions are 2900x3550x2200mm, and it weighs approximately 4000kg, requiring sufficient factory space for installation and operation.

5. How Can I Store and Quickly Retrieve Common Box Styles and Sizes?

Box Record StorageBox Record Storage

– The machine comes with a storage panel that can hold up to 20,000 records. Each record can be named uniquely and retrieved quickly through keyword searches, saving time on repeated inputs.

6. What Optional Features Can Enhance the Performance of the Machine?

box making machine with inline gluing

 Machine with Inline Cold Gluing

– Optional features include integrated or standalone hot melt and cold glue systems, a miniFLEXO printing system, and additional cutting and creasing tools to further enhance performance and versatility.

7. What Warranty and Support Services Are Provided?

– The machine comes with a standard one-year warranty, which includes free replacement of defective parts and technical support, including remote updates and technical support to ensure optimal performance and customer satisfaction.

8. How Fast Is the Changeover Time of This Box On Demand Machine?

– The BOXER-2500 series boasts a changeover time of less than 60 seconds, making it ideal for short-run production and quick transitions between different box types.

9. What Is Special About the User Interface and Operating System of the Machine?

box design wizards

Box Design Wizards

– The machine features a large touch screen and a user-friendly interface. It supports job queue systems, box design wizards, and integration with MRP/ERP systems for seamless operation and management.

10. What Thickness of Corrugated Board Can the Box On Demand Machine Handle?

– The BOXER-2500A can handle corrugated boards with thicknesses ranging from 1.2mm to 10mm, accommodating both single and double wall materials. BOXER-2800HD can handle heavy duty cardboard max 16mm thickness, suitable for single, double and triple wall corrugated boards.

single, double and triple wall corrugated boards

Single, Double and Triple Wall Corrugated Boards

11. Does the Machine Support Remote Diagnostics and Maintenance?

– Yes, the machine has a built-in secure VPN connection that allows for remote diagnostics, calibration, and updates, ensuring it remains in peak condition.

12. Can Box Dimensions Be Input via Barcode Scanning?

3D scanner of box on demand machine

Inline 3D Scanner

– Yes, the machine supports barcode scanning for inputting box dimensions, enhancing operation efficiency and accuracy. It can also be equipped with 3D scanner and fanfold feeder to make the customized box making procedure a fully automatic production line.

13. Does the Machine Meet International Safety Standards?

– The BOXER series complies with CE/UL standards and is equipped with the CE mark, ensuring it meets international safety and quality requirements.

14. Where Can I Get More Information or Purchase the Box On Demand Machine?

– For more information or to purchase the machine, you can contact our sales team through the provided contact details on our website.

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